Now tourists can follow 'Jesus Trail'
Galia Gutman
Published: 08.09.08, 14:24
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1. Trail of someone who never existed, never lived, never died.
JMK ,   NYC   (09.08.08)
A mythical god man just like thousands of others, there were no apostles, there was no mark, matthew, mark, luke, peter or paul, all fictionional myths, like Zeus, Osiris, Horus, Krishna, Buddha etc. created in a package called the New Testament that has 450 terrible jew hatreful things to say in only 250 pages.
2. Mercy Seat
charlesrhice ,   Tucson,Az   (09.08.08) Mercy Seat Mercy Seat He that gives his sight unto the blind also has a place for soldiers to be freed to be made whole when the Jewish soldiers entered field they were made to stand alone just stand out in the twilight zone and if by chance a man got caught up in the fight and hurt someone they stood alone and looked to the throne of the Jesus one, the mercy seat of the GREAT I AM the Jesus son. The many soldiers needing life from wounds derived in midst of fight would also go and ask the LORD to trow their plight. To give them life just for one more fight for one more day. They stood by rock and later when the battle was all done they took the tents and riches and the spoils.
3. #1, George Washington never existed
Jake   (09.08.08)
Can you prove, with incontrovertible evidence, that George Washington actually existed?
4. #1 denies BUDDHA existed!?!
Jake   (09.08.08)
Dude, you are one sick puppy. Stay home.
5. To follow in the footsteps of a fictional character?
Galit ,   NY, NY   (09.08.08)
Why not follow the trail of forgeries, fantasy, obfuscations and lies that created the myth of someone who never lived, never died and never existed.
6. #1
Minnie ,   Oregon   (09.08.08)
If you don`t like it don`t go on the trail. Keep your hateful comment to yourself.
7. Just don't tell them...
Simcha ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.08.08)
"Nazerath alone, where Jesus had spent the first few years of his life,...." Just don't tell them that Nazareth didn't exist until 200 years AFTER he supposedly lived there.
8. Following Jesus' Trail
eli ,   Israel   (09.08.08)
Does this end with a crucifixion and resurrection?
9. Simch - also Bethlehem did not exist at that time.
JMK ,   NYC   (09.09.08)
most places in the NT did not exist at that time as well, as for the logic or materiality in proving George Washington existed to help your case is the sign of a cognitive defect because there is absolutey zero evidence that the anthropomorphized god man ever existed anywhere at any time except in the delusions of the rosh katan and even with the 1500 years of dark ages that this religion has brought us with all the book burnings, people burning, massacres, expulsions, exterminations there is still enough to prove how this god man never existed at any time, in any form.
10. footsteps
nossen tzvi ,   J-M   (09.09.08)
It isn't what we believe it is what they believe. The locals in the Ukraine are laughing at our 25,000 Rosh Hashana pilgrims - all the way to the bank!
11. to #1 and #5
John ,   Jerusalem   (09.09.08)
Can you prove that Moses ever existed? Or Abraham, Sarah, any of the others? Of course not! So you're no better than Jesus or Budda!!
12. Of course Nazareth and Bethleheim existed two thousand years
Jack ,   Richmond, vA us   (09.09.08)
ago. The church of Nativity is build on an old cave which was inhabited by humans for probably centuries before the Biblical tale. Beith Sahour did not exist until afterwards, but Bethleheim most certainly did. It is refered to in the Old Testament and Jewish Talmud. Duh. Nazareth also has structures and archeological sites that predate the period in questions. Whether Jesus is G-d or not, does not effect in any way that the places referenced in the gospels and acts existed. For your information, Jehrico is the oldest continuouslly inhabited place on earth, would you argue it does not exist. There are archeological digs all around these places. They existed before Jesus. Without question, they existed before Jesus. What an ignorant thing to say. Do you also asert that Abraham did not exist, although genetics firmly support the proposition that the Jews-and other semites, Palestinians and Arabs- are descendants of the same male ancestor. Genetics also demonstrates the ages of separation of the populations tracking the y-chromosome: Jews and Palestinians separated as populations about 2000 years ago, when the Diaspora occured, the Christian-sect Jews remained (and became modern Palestinians). 2500 years ago Jews/Palestinians separated from Kurds/Turks/Armenians (lost tribes perhaps). And finally, over 4000 years ago, the wider Arab world separated from the Jews/Palestinians/Kurds/Turks/Armenians. (Isrmaelites and Israelites perhaps.) The Bible is based on factual events which are directly supported by genetics, archeology, and some contemporaneous third party histories. Those who wrote the Bible, whether G-d inspired or not, believed in the truth so they told it as best they could. Most of the people in the Bible (whether Jewish or Christian) are likely real people who truly existed.
13. Not true?
Leoanrd ,   LA ca. USA   (09.09.08)
Jesus said there would only be a few who go through the gate. So why don't you folks go with the muslim route. You get 70 virgins, what an orgi. What do the women get? The men who can't handle 70 virgins, the left overs. Sounds like they get screwed( no puns intented.
14. To Jack I am sad for you.
JMK ,   nyc   (09.09.08)
You have said nothing to contradict even the little that that I have presented, you do know that christian creationists believe that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time, and even have seen human footprints within dinosaur footprints, do you believe that, do yourself a favor and use you he mind that you were given.
15. I follow "Jesus Trail" all my life already to br saved
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (09.09.08)
16. #9. Nazareth was inhabited 2000 years ago
Jake   (09.09.08)
Just because it was not mentioned by Josephus does not mean it did not exist. It was probably an insignificant village. As for Bethlehem, it is mentioned repeatedely in the Tanach (Bethlehem-Ephratah).
17. #6 - Right on Minnie!
Andy ,   r hasharon, Israel   (09.09.08)
#1 - JMK is full of you know what (hint: its brown and stinky). Of course he existed - whether we agree that he was divine is another story. But who cares anyhow? Let Christians have their beliefs without mocking them. Can JMK produce evidence that the Red Sea parted? Or that God spoke to Moses? Of course he can't. But nobody mocks those stories. Its called tolerance. So you come to Israel, Minnie, and see where your faith tells you Jesus walked. You will be welcomed.
18. #14 - To JMK I am sad for YOU...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.09.08)
for engaging in stupid, useless debates based on specious arguments. Ever hear of tolerance for other people's beliefs? Plus WTF do you have to do with what does on here from NYC? Why don't you and Galit (#5) with her yoredet Hebrew name STFU and mind your business? There is little historical "evidence" for any belief of major religeons. So why make fun of believers? Just to make them feel bad? Or do you want to show people how smart you think you are?
19. which trail,which book,which myth,,FOLLOW ONE G'D NO OTHER
..............DACON9   (09.10.08)
FOLLOWERS OF other gods will not go to the THE MT OF GD WHEN MASHIACH THE MESSIAH COMES. NOT PERMITTED IN THE HEIGHTS OF HOLINESS FOLLOWING other gods, idols,, graven images the othernations that repent by removing all items crosses statuesetc will have the ultimate reward and they have to return the JEWS TO JUDAISM THAT THE XTIANS MUSLIMS HAVE TAKEN FROM THEIR ONE G'D ONE TORAH. if the missionaries do not return those jews BACK TO OUR ONE HOLY G'D OF ISRAEL ,THEY WILL NOT GET TO THE PROMISED LAND AND THEIR SOULS WILL PERISH FOR ''KILLING THOSE JEWS'' UNBELIEVABLE WHAT I SAID ISNT IT.. GO TO A ORTHODOX TORAH RABBI not a deformed conservative or any variation I CHALLENGE ANY OF YOU.
20. Thought they were talking about Rabin
Larry ,   zefat israel   (09.10.08)
I really thought they were talking about Yitzhak Rabin of blessed memory...He died for our sins and all that.
21. No. 1
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.08)
And you are 100% sure that there never was such a person because...? You can decide that he wasn't a messiah, that's one thing. But to be so sure a specific person existed or not is weird.
22. To Andy: You are a nasty person to talk to anyone like that.
JMK ,   NYC   (09.11.08)
23. #22 - Not at all JMK....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.15.08)
It is your attacks on Christianity and your insults to people who ascribe to those beliefs that are at issue here. Interestingly enough, you have not responded to any of that. Instead of addressing your narrow-mindedness in the name of an acedmic argument, you just call me a meanie. Go back and re-read No. 6, above.
24. jesus never lived?
pamela ,   norhampton england   (09.21.08)
then i will say to you who ever you are you do not exsist at all.. a blade of grass with no faith in you here today for a moment and gone with no everafter... you sound like the jews of christs time who denyed him then. if you deny him now he will deny knowing you to his father. Jehovah you heard of him?
25. I don't think...
TJ ,   Cedarburg WI   (10.27.08)
Jesus said people were supposed to follow Him, but I don't think this is exactly what He meant by that...
26. So many stupid people are here...
Jesus never lived? What an ignorent and hatefull comment.... stupid people.
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