'Olmert could go to prison'
Aviad Glickman
Published: 08.09.08, 02:00
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1. I hope he goes to prison. Here is why:
Chiam ,   Israel   (09.08.08)
He (Olmert) is a self -serving leftist lying egocentric puppet of Bush who if left to his own devices would sell Israel down the river just so he could make a phony peace to those neighbors who wish to throw us to the sea. All so Bush (who upon leaving Israel declared: Take good care of Olmert) could have a so-called legacy of me peace ( of appeasement) at any cost to Jewish blood. I have never been so ashamed in my life. Furthermore, as a duel citizen I voted for Bush twice thinking I did the right thing only to find out the Bush Olmert combo was as deadly and bad for us as it could get. ........and while Bush/Cheney and company decided they would not sell Israel the much needed aircraft to go knock out Iran nukes, Olmert said nothing. ..........just like now when Olmert meets Cheney and Cheney tells Olmert Russia is selling their mortal enemies arms as if this had not been going on as long as Cheney was in office. Only now when it is convenient for Bush/Cheney to punish Russia the subject is brought up as though it was UNIMPORTANT BEFORE!
2. Olmert's Indictment
Neil Richards ,   Cheshunt Australia   (09.08.08)
Time to rollout another peace inititive, After all Pacifism is the last refuge of the Scoundral.
3. Can it be true, Oilymert is going, going, GONE???
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (09.08.08)
If the Attorney-general refuses to indict....Well...I've read of revolutions caused by less than that. It's true that Mazuz himself deserves indictment, but the Israeli publc has become so diverse, and so lacking in pride about themselves and Israel, and Jews in general, that anything could happen,not neccessarily for the best outcome...which would be a trial and convictions on multiple counts which would put Oilymert in jail for many years.
4. Why are you doing this to this guy?
USA   (09.08.08)
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (09.08.08)
Not for the police investigations of his old crimes but for releasing Sami Kuntar, all the prisoners with blood on their hands and collaborating with a known Jew killer, Abbas! There is not enough room in Israel now for the projected population of the next 20 years among Jewish families and Olmert is giving away large portions of land without the approval or consent of the population! In very simple terms Olmert is a traitor! We understand his surreptitious, underhanded and anti-Jewish activities in the context that he more than likely is receiving large amounts of cash for selling out Israel. Spies who do far less against Israel get many years of imprisonment.
6. Enough. Leave him alone or he may give away Jerusalem before
Rivkah   (09.08.08)
he leaves office.
7. could go?
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (09.08.08)
You mean Olmert SHOULD go to prison and they should send his Vice Premier or is it Premier in charge of Vice the convicted sex offender Ramon to join him. Just think they can have a whole wing for teh crooked politicians, Olmert, Omri Sharon, Ramon, Hirschson, Hanegbi, Itzik Mordechai,Katzev, and the otther as yet unindicted criminals roaming the Knesset!
8. Reuven Predicts:
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.08.08)
Mr. Mazuz will do nothing. Never has....
9. This situation is too sad to comment on
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (09.08.08)
10. Olmert in prison
DT ,   TA   (09.08.08)
What could be better and I hope for a very long time.
11. i cant understand why he isnt gone already?
birdy   (09.08.08)
what is taking so long for us to be rid of olmert?
12. Not only should Olmert go to prison for
Leah ,   Israel   (09.08.08)
fraud related charges but also for crimes against the Jewish people. Throwing Jews out of their homes, and using brute force in doing so, releasing murderers of babies, leaving Shalit in Gaza, allowing Israel to go to war when he KNEW that the captured soldiers were dead thus responsible for murdering more soldiers because the army was not ready for that war.
13. #4 - what is it you don't understand ..
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.08.08)
Olmert is easily the most investigated PM in Israel's history. Politically he has only around 2-3% support. Under the above circumstances your question is a very strange one. You didn't leave your name. Are you perhaps one of his sons that is hiding in the US? Mike
15. Let's face it - there aren't any David Ben Gurions
mr ,   israel   (09.08.08)
or Menahem Begins to run the country - truly honest, upright men. However, I vote against imprisonment of Olmert.
16. To #1 Chaim: So which PM has not kowtowed to the U
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.08.08)
From 1948 to today Israel has "had to be flexible" and bend to the whims of the US State Department and the the White House. No Chaim, that is no the reason that Olmert must go to jail. The reason is that he is ALLEGED (he is NOT guilty until proven otherwise) to have taken bribes and a played number of dirty tricks. That is the reason and the only one. The problem is that our Judicial System is up the creek without a paddle. We have lazy judges and a Supreme Court which is inept and totally closed to reform. The President of the Supreme Court, like her predecessor, is totally egotistical and she will not see that the people have lost confidence in the Judiciary. Which judge in this country is going to put him in jail? Olmert, well, he will probably cop a plea and pay a fine. The main thing is that he will be out of Government and politics and the judges will breath easily. Chaim, if you really want to put someone in jail, then what about Katzav? Fiddling and diddling are one thing but rape and sexual assault, well, that's not only a disgrace but it is disgusting and what is worse is that Mazoz is still Shilly-shalling on that matter! As for being a "leftist", well that is nonsense as we all know that Kadimahniks are basically Likudniks in disguise!
17. To #13 RedMike: Leave his kids OUT OF IT
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.08.08)
Would you like someone to blame YOUR kids for your sins? Yes, politicians and fair game but their families aren't! Many Israelis have kids who live overseas. That is called freedom of choice and you don't have the right to tell anyone where he may live! You might not be aware of the fact but many of us Israelis who live in the North of Israel feel that you folks in Tel Aviv are living in another country and that you couldn't care a damn abut the lack of services and facilities here in the Galilee. You live on the fat of the land while people here eke out a living and hope that our naughty neighbors don't fire rockets at us! Yeah, Olmert is a bad guy and must go but he should be joined by others, both on the left and the right, who have betrayed the people of this little land! Just remember, Bibi signed the Wye agreement and gave away Hebron and Zahava Gal-On stood shoulder to shoulder during the last war with the enemies of our country!
18. #17 - Olmert's kids are 'fair game' in their own right!
redmike ,   Holon :-)   (09.08.08)
His whole family is a total disgrace to Israel and the huge majority are greatly embarrassed by it. Shaul signed a petition of the pacifist organization Yesh G'vul, which calls for soldiers to refuse specific orders or serve in the Israeli military all together. Ariel reportedly refused to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces Danna is active in Machshom Watch Aliza Olmert reportedly is a member of Israeli Women in Black Your kind of people? I worked in Kibbutzim, came here twice during wars, and now work in Hasbara - not everyone in TA is a bad guy :-) Mike
19. Guilty until proven innocent
zach ,   Us   (09.08.08)
Congratulations you have all been swept up in the media's political coup. The democratically elected Prime Minister has been thrown under the bus because the media decided to see how influential they can be. They convinced everyone that he is guilty, so now even if the police found nothing they need to indict him because they would be considered puppets otherwise.
20. nice try
alexi   (09.08.08)
Olmert is pulling out all the stops getting his legal buddies to pressure mazzuzz not to indict. olmert cannot get out of it in the tours case, its too obvious and anyone who likes fancy rooms and expensive cigars is the type who would double bill. Ehud cannot escape indictment on this one. Try as you might, Ehud will be indicted, I gurantee it. What you should try to do, is to keep him out of jail in return for a full confession, his desisting from any furthur negotiations in so called peace talks and performing 2000 hours of community service with the victims of rocket attacks which he has helped to cause by his appeasement policies.
21. how much do you want to bet he will survive
zionist forever   (09.08.08)
I will put money on him surviving this and not being prosecuted. There is a history in Israel of letting criminal politicians stay out of jail. Moshe Katsav should have been charged with rape but he did a deal and agreed to plea bargin for sexual harrasment but he would be given a suspended sentence and he continues to get his presidential pension and 24 hour security provided by Shin Bet paid for by the tax payer. Sharon managed to worm his way out of things instead his son took the fall. Olmert is also a master at getting out of tight spots otherwise he would have been gone the day after the Lebanon war ended but despite many no confidence motions, threats of calling for early elections he has done deals or looked for legal loopholes to get things his way. There is no way Menachem Mazuz will prosecute the great survivor Olmert.
22. The whole KAdima, Shas and Labor should go to prison!!
Jayyy ,   Israel   (09.08.08)
They are all selfish crooks that have committed treason by supporting Olmert!
23. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (09.08.08)
and I hope he does go to prison.
24. ohlmert
das ,   israel   (09.08.08)
25. What goes around comes around. Mr. Olmert and Mr. Peres did
Rivkah   (09.08.08)
nothing while Omri Sharon was singled out and prosecuted while others who do the same thing were not prosecuted. The object was not justice, but to break an old man's heart. But there is another purpose. It is called ostracism which originally was a Greek phenomenon and word. When someone becomes too powerful, a charge of some kind is leveled at the person to drive him/her from the city, thus diluting their influence.
26. 15: Read the book about Sharon called,"WARRIOR"
Rivkah   (09.08.08)
and you will find Ben Gurion was an adulterer with an actress. He was not perfect, either. Former US President Richard Nixon said the best leaders will not be eligible for office if people with no character faults are not considered. Look at Barak Obama. For him to run for US President and have a chance of getting the nomination, several homosexuals in the Black LIberation Church Obama went to for twenty years had to be murdered. Was that because they were lovers of Obama and they had to be silenced? Why were several murdered around the same time? Sarah Palin has a fornicator for a daughter who so far has refused to marry or give up the boyfriend who impregnated her without supporting her. John McCain was an adulterer in his first marriage but justifies it by saying he was separated. Anciently, King David succumbed to an affair with Batsheva and that resulted in the death of their first child. But after that, God blessed the children of Batsheva and David. Solomon became King after David. Nathan is in the line of the Messianic Jewish Messiah, Yehoshua who came as a servant to graft onto the Jewish faith, the Gentiles. But within three hundred years, the Gentiles rejected the Jewish roots of the faith and became apostate in their sabbath change and in the persecutions of Jews, even the persecution of the family of Yehoshua who were descended from his half brothers, sons of Mary.
27. Olmert should be indicted for Treason, not fraud
Jake   (09.08.08)
And let the punishment fit the crime!
28. ohlmert
fcd ,   israel   (11.27.08)
he should rot there with his charming wife aliza.
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