Shalev becomes Israel's first female ambassador to UN
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.09.08, 08:12
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1. she represents jews in the galut? where did that authority
debra ,   usa   (09.09.08)
come from? she speaks for all jews worldwide? quite a radical idea. i like it. it pulls all of us jews together to fight for our place in the sun.
2. Good luck
Talula ,   Israel   (09.09.08)
Dan Gillerman was an excellent Ambassador for Israel – a great and wonderful man. I hope you follow in his footsteps. One word though - you are representing Israel, a Jewish homeland and everyone that lives HERE and everyone that suffers HERE. Don't worry about Diaspora Jews - they are represented by the Ambassador of the country they choose to live in.
3. Good Luck to Shalev
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (09.09.08)
I hope she finishes off her term in one piece. I predict she will get eaten alive by the wolves and weasels in the UN. Given her political bent she will spend her time apologizing for our brutality etc. instead of defending us. She is yet another foot soldier in the army of those who strive to dismantle our country and turn it into yet another Hamastan!
4. Mazel Tov!! Best to her.
Petra ,   usa   (09.09.08)
5. #1 UH UHHHH!!! No it doesn't!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (09.09.08)
Jews in Israel and Jews living in the Diaspora are two separate issues.
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