Israel plays key role in CERN super collider exercise
Ynet and agencies
Published: 09.09.08, 10:23
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1. Hummus in Paris
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.09.08)
Wonder if they went to Mis Va Mis - the best 'Israeli' restaurant in Paris!!
2. Intelligence
Talula ,   Israel   (09.09.08)
They all get along well because they are highly intelligent people. They are not the thick stupid ignoramuses that launch rockets into Israel or the ones who only want bloodshed - They are intelligent, and with intelligence comes understanding and an array of other human tools. It's as simple as that.
3. Goodbye nice knowing you all.
Michael ,   England   (09.09.08)
4. reply to # 2 Talula
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (09.09.08)
Its a two way street, idiot.
5. CERN collider
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.09.08)
Remember Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons"? Science follows fiction or other way around ?
6. Talula, who were the terrorists in 9/11??
m   (09.09.08)
Not exactly "ignoramuses" eh? Stop shooting yourself in the foot. Education means nothing, when you look at the terrorists what do you see Talula: George Habash--a doctor, some of the would be terrorists in Britain, Germany--doctors, engineers (especially engineers, it gives them know how)
7. #6, You sound like you admire them?
Kev ,   London   (09.09.08)
They obviously were not educated in God's ways.
8. I guess we're all the same at the subatomic level :)
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (09.09.08)
Oh, and these worries about this thing ending the world by forming a black hole or something are nonsense. Everything that happens in this collider happens on an unimaginably small scale. If a black hole is created, it will be too small to exist for more than a few millionths of a second. If one did stick around, it could theoretically grow large enough to threaten people's safety, but the time that would take is longer than the current age of the universe.
9. Sam...
Kev ,   London   (09.09.08)
Splitting the atom in order to instigate a nuclear explosion occurs at a miniscule level, too.
10. Bandar , i asked for your references
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.09.08)
regarding those "rabbis" who were sitting in a plane with a girl between them . You have'nt any references ? Certainly an UNTRUE story you told us .
11. LHC
joshua parks ,   sanfransisco, CA   (09.10.08)
The LHC is an unkown expieriment. THe outcome is impossible to know. Our greatest minds cannot for sure determin what will happen.
12. Why LHC Super Collider is not volatile
Peter Ross ,   United States   (09.11.08)
Although the dangers of the Supercollider experiment have all been dismissed as trivial if not silly, none of them have adequately explain in layman terms just WHY the experiment is not a volatile cosmic risk. Although it's been asserted that the mass of the material at the instant of the Big Bang was no larger than a coin, why would the mass of the particles accelerated in the experiment albeit magnitudes smaller than than of a coin not lend to a proportionally similar event? I mean what am I missing here? I mean what's the cosmic relative difference between the mass of a coin at Event Horizon or the instant of the big bang versus the particles and substrates in a supercollider? Is this a dumb question or what? Enquiring minds want to know. Please get one of your Israeli or other CERN scientist to answer me back by email in case I can't surf back here for an answer. Thank you. (
13. After 30 years Iranian and Israelis for big bang test..!!!
sam ,   iran,tehran   (09.11.08)
After 30 years, Israelis scientists and Iranian scientists worked with each other for first time, is this true dream
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