Ronny Ron: I didn't murder Rose
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 09.09.08, 18:05
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1. " Marie Renault: I feel like a bad mother "
Joe ,   Ohio, USa   (09.09.08)
Face it, your feelings in this case are fact! I hope this little girls body is found and respectfully laid to rest. Unlike yours!
2. #1: A body? Some of us in la-la land still hoping for ALIVE
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (09.09.08)
3. #2 -Inability to face sad reality
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.09.08)
And do you think that little girl, Caylee, from Orlando, is still alive?
4. They made mamzeirim & killed the legitimate
Sam ,   USA   (09.10.08)
If she was married [a kosher marraige to the son, which she may not have been] then having children with his father would make them mamzeirim, but there again who really knows if the younger ones are Ron's? Now Rose was probably legitimate, and they killed her, one could understand what mamzeirim are all about, look what happens. Again I don't call them mamzeirim, because I don't know the full story, and possibly they are Kosher.
5. #4 - what does all this hocus-pocus
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.08)
have to do with the sad death of this little girl? She was a little girl, she was unwanted, abused. That's the tragedy.
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