B'Tselem: Israel cutting off Gaza from West Bank
Published: 10.09.08, 07:49
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1. thats not all
a palestinian ,   called israeli   (09.10.08)
israel is seperating palestinian families inside the west bank as well , my wife and i live in 2 differant towns 30 minuets appart , and i cannot go to visit her because i hold an israeli citizeship and she cannot come to see me because she holds a palestinian id card , there is nothing worst than the occupation , it is unbeleiveble what we the palestinians are facing on a daily bases ....
3. . . . and the media are our worst enemy
Shalom   (09.10.08)
Can anyone let me know what benefit there is to Israel in having an obviously staged photograph of an Arab family, staring at me from the headlines, or do we need to start a new organization: HonestReporting Israel?
4. @1 Give up your Israeli identity and go live with her.
5. # 1 Simple Solution
Thomas   (09.10.08)
Go live in your wife's town. The Israelis don't want responsibility for your family and I can't blame them. The Arabs in Israel consider it an indignity to work for Israeli Jews and then complain about discrimination and lack of benefits from the very same people they daily insult and assault. Waaaaaaaaaa. Cry me a river.
6. B'Tselem
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (09.10.08)
I don't know who is behind this pro arab group, what I do know that in order to do so much against Israel you need first of all a lot of money and then a lot of hatred, self hatred or against Jews, doesn't matter. This people are simply traitors to Israel and the Jewish people and should be treated accordingly, no space in press, not even talked to.
7. Stop Giving B'Tsalem , Peace now such prominance
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (09.10.08)
Most of your readers do not care what these people have to say. Why must this report get the headline on your website.
8. Notice that the Authors name does not appear
m ,   i   (09.10.08)
This is just another feeble attempt to spread propoganda, weak Y-Net Tabliod reporting, who's surprised
9. thomas the 5 and the simple solution
hanna ,   .......   (09.10.08)
shut the betselem . shut the israili mouth telling the truth and evrything will be okey . it is simple but not easy to the israili rule . you lokk for the easiest not the simple nor the right
10. 'their right for self-definition'
Kim ,   Israel   (09.10.08)
does not limit itself to living in either Gaza or the West Bank. Palestinians, by default, want every Israeli removed from Israel so they can spread out into the Jewish State. Lines have to be drawn and boundaries not crossed.
11. Incredible
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (09.10.08)
Instead of being outraged by this injustice being carried out in your names, here you are complaining to Ynet that you don't want to hear about how despicable your "nation" has become. When human rights groups become labelled as traitors, I think it's time you seriously took a look at what your society has become...
12. They are 2 diffrent populations
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (09.10.08)
The ones in the West Bank are Jordanian Arabs and the ones in Gaza are Egyptian Arabs. There are no such thing as Palestinian Arabs, they are a mistaken label put on a region by the Brits that has been co opted to mean the Arabs but ignores the thousands of Jews who have Palestinian birth certificates.
13. to 6 and 7
hanna ,   ....   (09.10.08)
easy to tell very difficult to do it is the right of palastinians ...this the israil rule .so do not blame ptselem or others it is the sugar over the killing .do nothing but to say that israil is a democratic state .. hey democracy without meaning .a painting democracy .hey it is a false state ..believe me one day this is will be a historical state
14. #6..That's how I feel about Ameircan Jews..
Edithann, USA   (09.10.08)
They're traitors I guess we have the same problems..what would you suggest we do with our dual every Jew is an Israeli firster...should we consider them traitors as you do? I'm all for that!!
15. Expel B’T selem with W.B Arabs population to Gaza
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (09.10.08)
And there won’t be any more separation
16. Wow, those B'Tselem guys are smart
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.10.08)
And the media, of course, are suckers. Here's Fatah and Hamas at each other's throats, killing each other off, and doing all that they can to entrench themselves in Fatahland (west bank) and Hamastan (Gaza). Yet, B'tselem never mentions this very clear and obvious fact - that Gaza is run by a terrorist anti-human rights group called Hamas. The answer is not to blame Israel, but to recognize that Hamas official policy is never to make peace and to wage a constant, ongoing, permanent war. The fallout from that is ugly, but has nothing to do with "occupation", since it is Hamas that runs Gaza, not Israel. Change Hamas policy (or get rid of Hamas), and peace may be possible. Otherwise, live with the fallout from having terrorists running Gaza and wanting to run the west bank.
17. #1 there is nothing worst than suicide bomber
e.m Jordan is Palse ,   s.f   (09.10.08)
18. to #1
Alon Frank ,   Beth Shemesh,Israel   (09.10.08)
instead of blaming the government, look what your people have done over the last 20+ years. in the 70's and 80's (till 87) you could move freely into Israel without problems. it's your leaders fault that we had to protect ourselves against your murderous jihad leaders. I understand that you suffer from it,but if you want it the way it was before, your people should stop murdering Jews and recognize our land as Jewish. then you will be able to live in peace,because we will not tell you to convert into jews. it's take it or leave it. the land of Israel has been given to the jews by Allah. you cannot challenge Allah's decision. Ramadan Karim to you.
19. btselem : the self hating jews
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (09.10.08)
When looking at themselves in the mirror: disgust and denial They should convert to islam to end their suffering ...
20. to # 11
eya ,   israel   (09.10.08)
if your home is bombed and attacked by these violent people..what course would you take to assure the safety of your family?got an idea?dnt tell me that israel is not our home..even in the new testament in Christian was stated that while was walking in jerusalem. He mentioned the word synagogue but never did he mentioned the word mosque..primarily because it did not exist..muslim community did not exist !jews lived here in ancient times.
21. # 11 They're not a Human Rights Groups
Thomas   (09.10.08)
They're an Arab Rights group. If they stood for human rights they would consider that Jews have rights too. Of course if they did that, they wouldn't get paid by the EU and the Ford Foundation. Furthermore, I fail to see any injustices being committed. The Israelis are doing whatever they deem necessary to protect themselves from violent people who consider them less than human. Should I be disappointed that Israelis don't live like the people in southern Sudan or the Copts in Egypt?
22. #1
Talula ,   Israel   (09.10.08)
Pity it has to come down to choices - but that's what you have. It's when you don’t have choices, you should worry. So, you can either go and live with your wife in a no-hoper town with no job - OR you can stay here with your Israeli citizenship and work. I believe it’s your job that is keeping you from your misses.
23. To#17 e.m.: Yes there is: It's called B'Tselem
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.10.08)
OK, so B'Tselem is a Human Rights organization. That would be very nice if B'Tselem was concerned about the human rights of ALL the people in the region and not only those of the people trying to destroy our country and the Jewish People. B'Tselem, where are the human rights of Gilad Shalit? B'Tselem, where were you when Udi Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were "being held in captivity" and their families were subjected to psychological torture by Hezbollah? Where are you, B'Tselem, regarding the human rights of our other MIA's? Where were you when Sderot was being bombed EVERY DAY and its residents were killed and injured? The fact is B'Tselem, you are making yourselves into a bigger sham than Amnesty International. I am sure that had your organization existed during World War II you would have been more concerned about the rights of Nazis in allied POW camps than Jews in the Concentration Camps! It would be wrong to "ban" B'Tselem though as then they would disseminate their hatred against Israel from underground and the world would not have window into the world of Jewish anti-semitism.
24. BTselem
Shulamit ,   Ginot Shomron   (09.10.08)
BTselem are a pro terrorist organization. What have they done to reunite Gilad Shalit with his family? What did they do to reunite Elad & Ehud with their families for the two years that Hizbullah had their bodies? I live in the Shomron, I live in the land Hashem gave to ME and the Arabs had 22 other countries to be resettled in including the Palestinian State of Jordan which occupies 78% of the British mandate and has a Palestinian population of 75%. Reunite the Palestinians there.
25. #11 Khaled - some things they don't teach you in Lebanon:
Talula ,   Israel   (09.10.08)
Israel became a nation in 1312 B.C.E., two thousand years before the rise of Islam. Arab refugees in Israel began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. Arab and Jewish Refugees - In 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to leave Israel by Arab leaders promising to purge the land of Jews. Sixty eight percent left without ever seeing an Israeli soldier. Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews were denied access to places of worship. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths. Khaled, before you write to bitch and moan about Israelis, look around you.......then judge.
26. #5,17,18 one is not enough
does it take only one to give up the Israeli ID?
27. You Must be Kidding!
Aaron ,   Delray Beach   (09.10.08)
You must be kidding! The palaetinians have a form of civil war between Gaza and West Bank and they are blamming Israel. What else is new. They seem to blame Israel for all their problems. I guess they have no clue of the idea of taking responsibility for their actions. God only knows that angels they are not.
28. Ynet, spare me these sickening ...
Nick ,   Sweden   (09.10.08)
propaganda ops with arranged photos of arab families and completely one-sided account of the story. Pathetic. As somebody here pointed out, until the end of the 80:s there has been free passage between Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. B'Tselem uses white lies and Ynet sits pretty as a useful idiot ...
29. #2 Have you ever considered that maybe
Asem ,   ME   (09.10.08)
just maybe they are right !!!???!!
30. #14 Edithann
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.10.08)
Why not expel all those "Israel firsters" to Israel? That way, we get all those brilliant doctors, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, professors, etc.
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