Government to approve Aliyah for 1,100 Falashmura
Roni Sofer
Published: 10.09.08, 21:50
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1. Israel needs Aliyah
Mark ,   Boston   (09.10.08)
We need to welcome them ALL home. We need to welcome them with open loving arms.
2. How about letting the Ethiopian Jewish community decide
David G   (09.10.08)
Maybe the original Ethiopian Jews, the ones that never converted to Christianity, and came to Israel several decades ago. They should be put in charge of this mess. Have their leaders judge who of the Falashmura is truly Jewish and can immigrate to Israel. I think they know this community better than anyone.
3. While agreeing with David ,
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.11.08)
that the Falashmura already here should have a say, teher should be no numeric limit on how many come. The government has money to pay traitors like the arab MKs and the corruption of kadima/labour, they should have enough money to finance the Aliyah
4. #2: Sadly, most are not objective
5th generation ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
Many think of their tough times adjusting to a western country when they first came here, and don't want to put any more of their brethren through it. This is a big issue, and what are normally very quiet folk get pretty loud about it. I, myself, think we can't get enough of them, and should redirect some of our sillier efforts to welcoming what could be a very good influence on our country.
5. more non-jews
Ben   (09.11.08)
ye like we really need more non jews in israel.
6. Not again. I thought it was over.
4th generation ,   Israeli   (09.11.08)
Isn't 125,000 enough?? It makes perfect sense, I guess. What Israel needs is MORE crime, MORE povety and more whiners who complain 24-7 about how bad it is for them in Israel, yet they continue living here. How about changing the Law of Return? hundreds of thousands 3-worlders are taking over, only because their religion is Judaism (they're not even cultural Jews). We should start accepting useful non-Jewish immigrants, who are willing to assimiliate, regardless of their religion.
7. Jewish or not?
Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
I agree with David G, #2. The first groups of Ethiopians who arrived here over 20 years ago know who's Jewish and who isn't. Many of these Falashmura who arrived here in the last few years have reverted to Xtianity. Their conversions are false. We have enough non-Jews here as it is. How will we remain a Jewish country if we continue bringing in all kinds of people?
8. Ethiopians
Teresa McKessey ,   Melbourne USA   (09.12.08)
There are still about 1900 Jews in Addis Abbaba alone who never converted to Christianity! There are even more in Gonder. I lived among the Bete Israel community for several weeks this summer in Addis Ababa. They are living in poverty close to the Israeli embassy, came from Gonder years ago expecting to make Aliyah. But what really prompted me to write is that I wonder why Israel calls them falashamura. Falasha is a very derogatory term to the Ethiopian Jews, it is like calling an African American the n -- word! (notice the linked article about not acknowledging Ethiopian culture during assimilation did not use the term, kudos to that writer!)
9. Not happy
Yona ,   Israel   (10.27.08)
I am very sceptical about this. Many of them are Christians with no intention of living in Israel as Jews. Just look at the large number of Ethiopian churches which have opened in the last several years.
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