Blair sister-in-law: Gaza world’s largest concentration camp
Noa Raz
Published: 11.09.08, 02:12
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1. "I went to Gaza and all I got was this lousy passport."
Jake   (09.11.08)
What an arrogant melodramatic blabbermouth.
2. Only Gaza?
Ed ,   USA   (09.11.08)
Why stop at Gaza? The whole Arab world-all 22 nations--is a large concentration camp. They are all trapped in hell-holes with no way out--doomed to suffering and despair. And it's all clearly Israel's fault! If only Israel would go away, Arabs could return to peace, freedom, and prosperity.
3. Yet more yellow journalism from Ali Waked...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (09.11.08)
4. It's all Israel's fault!
The Other Ron ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (09.11.08)
Blame is never on the Gazans or their leadership. You'll never see any blame with the Egyptians or other Muslim countries that refuse to aid their Palestinian brothers. And Muslim leaders who don't allow foreign aid to actually be used for the betterment of their citizens, well . . . it's not their fault. I know . . . let's blame the Turks!! Maybe they put something in the water during the Ottoman Empire!! Now how come no one's thought of that?
5. British Whore for Sale in Gaza!
Kuntar ,   cairo, Egypt   (09.11.08)
6. ...and an idiot to boot
jm ,   nacka,sweden   (09.11.08)
i've always been wondering, on which drugs these characters are running. not even "the suffering of her own children" gets her to reflect what she's doing. and like a spoilt, unmature juvenile she draws parallels of unexcusable dimensions, thus fueling the conflict herself, she boasts of trying to help. what a crackpot ! honestly, is their some specific need to allow these people this kins of publicity ?
7. As bad as Darfur?
Jew   (09.11.08)
You f----ing fascist turd! you compare Israel, the only democracy in the middle east, the homeland of the Jews, being bombarded by fascist arab governments whose sole mission is to cause the death of Jews, to the systematic killing of native Africans by arabs and the systematic killings of millions of Jews, who never bombed German civilians???? Is this your comparison, you cretin scum. I hate to offend cretins, but this low-life has her head so far up her ass it's pathetic.
8. waa waa waa - boo hoo hoo - made your bed, now lie in it!
And the same to the ,   whingeing tart!!!!!!   (09.11.08)
9. How many more times will we have to look
Gerald Stone ,   London   (09.11.08)
At this obese and tarty slag.
10. fake controversy
Danny   (09.11.08)
I bet she can leave anytime she wants but after desperate attempts to manufacture a fight of some sort they have come up with this "I can't get out". All the others can get out, including an Israeli. They even took out a few Palestinians with them, so the SISTER-IN-LAW of an ex-PM CAN'T get out. BS. As for the comparison with Darfur - 300,000 dead, couple of thousand dead. Oh and Darfur aren't shelling population centres of Sudan on a regular basis.
11. She is practicing for the future
Malcolm ,   London,UK   (09.11.08)
Sharia infested England
12. That looks like a nazi eagle on the passport
rachel ,   usa   (09.11.08)
13. I bet her brother-in-law Tony Blair hopes she never gets out
Mark Kerlen ,   Canada   (09.11.08)
14. What is it with the Brits?
Magda   (09.11.08)
Why are they all so dumb? Ok, ok, most of them. weird people.
15. “Poor inhabitant of Gaza”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.11.08)
When Israel pulled out of Gaza, the world waited to see what the Palestinians would make of it, as a prelude to their having a full state including the West Bank. The first thing the Palestinians did was smash all the greenhouses the settlers had built, instead of using them to aid their economy. Then they turned Gaza into a mini-terror state, launching a war against Israel that continues to this day. And now they wonder why life in Gaza is so wretched, when it could have flourished. To those who say we should not isolate Hamas: Hamas isolated itself, with its aggression not only against Israel but also against other Palestinians. When the aggression will stop, the isolation will stop. But the aggression will never stop as long as Palestinian extremists continue to enjoy support from their self-righteous cheering section, which has chapters all over the world and in many universities and trade unions as explained at :
16. Yeah, right, Auschwitz was full of celebrities and media
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.11.08)
Lauren Blair, please go to freaking Darfur.
17. Pathetic
Malone ,   Hfx   (09.11.08)
Booth and her leftie,bleeding heart friends couldn't care less about the pals. It's all about themselves and how righteous and heroic they are. Frankly,they make me sick.
18. Lauren Booth left wing loony
Andy G ,   ny usa   (09.11.08)
I can't express my joy in having this lefty loony spend time in Gazastan with her new terrorist buddies. I hope she stays along time. It would be nice to see her put on a burka with that mug of hers! She would be doing us all a huge favor!!
19. Free Shalit
Great White North ,   Canada   (09.11.08)
With all her free time, perhaps she could insist on a visit with Shalit. What about allowing the Red Cross to visit Shalit? Since she is now a Palestinian perhaps she could run for office in the PA. She now has endless opportunities.
20. Got egg, wear it
Great White North ,   Canada   (09.11.08)
21. British w
123 ,   123   (09.11.08)
22. Dumb Brit bigoted Cow Mouthing Off
GZLives   (09.11.08)
It this cow thinks Gaza now is like a concentration camp, its pretty clear she hasn't a clue what they - her fellow Europeans did to us ? Won't someone enlighten our British friend and explain to her the difference between Gaza and a Treblinka so she stops making a complete ass of herself. Then someone from Darfur ought to also give this idiot an education about what's going on down there. Clearly, our British friend is lost in her own bigotry. Sorry your children are missing you bujt I suppose it was more important to you to bash Jews - yes Jews when you dare to compare Gaza to a concentration scamp. Lady ... you BELONG in Gaza with your friends. Have fun and don't forget to get sized for the Burka they have ready for you and enjoy your ride back to the 7th century. Tony Blair must be so embarrassed by this person ...
23. I hope Tony blair teaches her a lesson , by not rescuing her
rachel ,   usa   (09.11.08)
24. What an idiot "as bad as Darfur " Where does get her
rachel ,   usa   (09.11.08)
information?.Shame on her to compare it to the ethnic cleansing of the blacks by the arabs in Darfur ..
25. Who breeds such garbage? She is nasty and viral
Dan ,   USA   (09.11.08)
26. Why would ynet even report about that piece of ............?
Sam ,   USA   (09.11.08)
27. Gaza is not the responsibility of Israel. Stop the terror!
Gail ,   USA   (09.11.08)
28. Cut electricity, phone service and water supply Hamastan!
She is dirt ,   USA   (09.11.08)
29. Lauren said
Chezki ,   NY USA   (09.11.08)
“One Western person is stuck in Gaza and the media turns it into a huge story. A million and a half people are stuck in Gaza, and it's a non-story" hmmmmm..........could that media is covering you because you're such a DUMB-ASS b/c you think of how you were going to leave Gaza once you got there? Could it be that the media is all over you because the rest of us enjoy hearing about what a DUMB-ASS you are.
30. "and the house of saud is paying me alot of money to schill
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (09.11.08)
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