Blair sister-in-law: Gaza world’s largest concentration camp
Noa Raz
Published: 11.09.08, 02:12
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dp   (09.11.08)
they wouldn't have to be confined to Gaza, they could all return to Egypt to be with their relatives they were separated from during the war.
32. oh yes, the analogy
ben Ish   (09.11.08)
She's right you know. Don't you remember before 1939 all the rockets that the Jews fired at innocent Germans in Berlin and Hamburg? Didn't the Jews use suicide bombers to blow up German busses and nightclubs? And how about all those poor German SS soldiers that were kidnapped by ruthless ghetto warlords? hmmm...
33. Right on "other Ron" #4
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (09.11.08)
Why is it the democratically elected leadership is not held accountable? If I recall they need to 1) Recognize Israel, 2) Denounce violence, and 3) honor past agreements. Why does the HAMAS seem to care less then everyone else about the health and welfare of the Palestinians?
34. She blows more hot air so Israel will allow her to escape
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.11.08)
Hamas created Gaza hell.
35. Darfur? then why you are not in Darfur?
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.11.08)
36. What a great place to diet, like a health spa.
Rivkah   (09.11.08)
She can swim to Egypt with her ID's in a zip lock plastic bag in her bra to get out of there when her weight loss is at the desired level.
37. British Anti-Semitism
Mark ,   Boston   (09.11.08)
I would expect comments like this from residents of the UK. The BBC is always blaming Israel for all the troubles of the world. They use Israel as a scapegoat. London is the world center for Islamic terrorism.
38. Bravo posters 1-8
Elad Lending ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
Lauren Booth is a stooge. It makes me sick that she is given a podium such as this.
39. Hey Lauren, get a real life
Rachel ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
instead of the fake one you are leading with your terrorist Islamo-facist friends in Gaza. The people of Gaza VOTED for that monstrosity and your support shows that you actually support poverty, misogyny and fanticism. The people of Israel have no respect for you and you are quite welcome to roast there in the Gaza Strip until you finally leave by raft or through Egypt.
40. She's a citizen of an Enemy State!
Adam ,   UK   (09.11.08)
It's hardly surprising Israel won't let her into their territory. Since she's also "home" let's hope the British Embassy won't lift a finger to aid her either.
41. Another Gazan lie
DT ,   TA Isr   (09.11.08)
If true which is not likely as it is from Cheri's sister (Left wing radicals never tell the truth anyhow) it serves Gazans' right as they have only themselves to blame unlike Darfur.
42.  ..........TONY"S SISTER IN LAW.......
43. Well Said #7
Yaron ,   USA   (09.11.08)
Her comparison is appalling and insulting at best. May she get the same hospitality her Hamas hosts bestow on their Fatah brothers.
44. This is obscene
leah   (09.11.08)
For this woman to compare the situation in the Gaza Strip, as unfortunate as it maybe, to the mass murder and atrocities in Darfur. In less than a decade alone, over one and a half million innocent Sudanese have been slaughtered in the most cruel,inhumane ways by Arab tribesman, women and even young girls have been brutally raped before being cruelly murdered. In less than a decade,some 4,000 Palestinians have died , the majority were armed fighters, suicide bombers, or rioters trying to kill or maim Israeli soldiers or civilians. In the same time period over 1,000 innocent Israelis have died and thousands more were injured most of whom were innocent civilians, blown up, or gunned down by suicidal murderers in cafes, buses,cars, schools, or their own homes. Strangely enough,Mrs.Blair has not one word of condemnation against these atrocities. It seems there is no length to the depths these leftwing extremists will sink to demonize Israel and Israelis who are the victim's in this situation. Their hatred is downright mindboggling. And for her to compare the Holocaust to the often selfinflicted suffering in Gaza, is nothing short of an obscenity. I just hope Israelis never grant permission for this evil and vile woman to step foot inside their borders. I personally would love nothing more than to slap that smug smile right off her ugly face.
45. Blair Sister In Law
Bernie ,   Canada   (09.11.08)
She got into the Gaza area without following legal channels, now she can sit there and rot. Maybe she can take a boat and paddle home?
46. She wants cheap publicity
Bhaskar ,   Canada   (09.11.08)
Check her personal record. She has been no good for UK. Frustated, She is!
47. This is a family of known nutters
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
Her great great grandfather assinated President Lincoln.
48. No food entering???
Shalom   (09.11.08)
There are trucks entering with food every day - give me a break
49. An insult to the Darfurians!
S.   (09.11.08)
50. notice tony not helping her lol wonder why.
harry lavoe ,   orange county ca   (09.11.08)
if tony wanted he could get her out this is staged. I wonder what they paid her.
51. So let them leave!!
Ariel ,   Judean Hills   (09.11.08)
In fact, with the Pinui-Pitzui Law, the timing would be excellent.
52. enjoy the hamas issued passport
david ,   new york   (09.11.08)
that and 2 bucks will get you on the subway.
53. What a worthless moron
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (09.11.08)
Have you ever heard of diplomatic relations you retard? Israel has the right the control her borders.. leave by sea! Btw syria wont let me in.. what facists!
54. All the evil comments come from US Zionists
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (09.11.08)
If Israel didn't have the weight of US Zionists around its neck it could behave like a normal country. Let us hope Obama knows how to deal with this racist fifth column.
55. To #37
D.C.   (09.11.08)
The U.K. is blaming Israel, because they have moral values. Hungarians are also blaming Israel, because they also have moral values and see what you're doing over there guys. Don't make Gaza to a concentration camp and no one will slam you. When you're continuously lying, don't count for friends. Israel is not the scapegoat. It's just a country with a damned big mouth, while the country itself has no moral values at all.
56. Interfering in something you know NOTHING about
zznhl   (09.11.08)
Borders open, busses blow up - Borders closed, NO buses blow up. Why does Eygpt keeps their border closed, why dont they allow free passage for their brother Muslims?
57.  Who cares
Eva ,   US   (09.11.08)
Who, other than herself and Ali Waked & ynet, care what she has to say ! Enough space garbage here about her already.
58. Look at this picture, Booth shopping in Gaza
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.11.08)
This is how a famine looks like:
59. To #55 - Gaza is no "concentration camp"
Laura ,   Israel   (09.11.08)
Your remarks, like those of the fatuous Lauren Booth, are immoral, vulgar and fallacious. If Israel is hated by Brits or Hungarians, it is because they have been swayed by hateful lies. How dare you call Gaza a "concentration camp"! Have you actually seen a concentration camp? Using Holocaust terminology to push vile propaganda is a hallmark of the morally blinded. While Israel has been supplying Gaza with electricity, water, food, medicines and other amenities, including money, Gazans, who launched over 4000 rockets indiscriminately into Israeli civilian areas for 7 years, are smuggling and stockpiling, unhindered, tons of weapons and ammunition to be used to kill and maim Israeli civilians within a 25 km radius from Gaza. Gaza TV broadcasts children's programs exhorting them to kill Israeli children and adults. Their vision of the future, like the vision of West Bank Arabs, is to commit genocide against Israel, which is for them, the Jews. As an Israeli and a Jew, as a mother and a human being, I have the perfect right to demand that my state protect me, my family, my friends and colleagues and my nation from the enemy. You, Ms Booth and others who wholeheartedly swallow vile, anti-Israel propaganda can go spend your precious moments in Darfur, where real atrocities are taking place.
60. Don't give this stupid woman publicity
Zion   (09.11.08)
Since when did concentration camps have roads, cars, fuel, internationally broadcasting satellite/radio channels, internet, restaurants, hotels, bars, fully armed terrorist armies, newspapers, brainwashing schools, beaches.
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