Palestinian stabs Yitzhar boy; settlers riot
Efrat Weiss
Published: 13.09.08, 18:45
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1. settlers arrived at village to protest; what kind of protest
observer   (09.13.08)
why only light wounds? I'll tell you: that little rascal was playing with fire and did get hurt himself; self-inflicted light wounds. after treating his wounds, the little devil has to be reeducated. in another incident, more than 20 Jewish settlers had run riot through the Palestinian village of Burin in the West Bank, as they protested at the dismantling by Israeli security forces of a bus being used illegally by them as a mobile home. The closest Jewish settlement to the village is the notably hardline Yitzhar, where a settler was arrested July 2008 for allegedly trying to launch a homemade rocket, also at Burin.
2. Another Arab Peace Gesture
Yakov   (09.13.08)
Stabbing a little boy. something only a Palestinian is capable of doing. I guess this is their way of thanking us for all the Peace gestures we made. Keep it up Olmert lets free more.
3. good reaction !
Tallyho ! ,   USA   (09.13.08)
The riots against the palestinian nearby village is poerfectly justified. An eye for a eye !
4. settlers riot on Shabbath?
observer   (09.13.08)
5. that's the kind of protest on Shabbats
observer   (09.13.08)
settlers moderately wounding two people, lightly wounding two others, and damaging property
6. obvious; Hell's settlers
7. observer, the hater
Myself ,   NY   (09.13.08)
observer, your hate for the jews is growing day by day shut up, or "fight" with palestinians, coward
8. #7 or just lonely, rejected by his own
Israel   (09.13.08)
Look at all the posts made here - on a supposed enemy's board, using enemy computer technology - clearly desperate to start a conversation.
9. # 5 what a way to spend ramadan
Bill ,   US   (09.13.08)
stabbing a 9 year old. Islam means peace. LOL
10. #7, 8
can your comments be taken as approval of the observer's comments?
11. jews
menachem ,   switzerland   (09.13.08)
i hope at least the jews in J & S rsponse to terrorattacks, then i miss this from the goverment side. Israel was then strong , when the hit back every terrorattack but this goverment is thinking the will get respect by talking to murders and terrorist. Good luck for this senseless job. i hope the jews in J & S wil l save the homeland for the jews. Shalom to the jews in J & S and be strong israel needs it.
12. relocation for ideological settlers
observer   (09.13.08)
8/17/2008, Supreme Court orders release of settlers who kidnapped, severely beat Palestinian farmer from police custody, saying house arrest far from their Hebron area will reduce risk they will commit similar crimes. The Supreme Court reversed Sunday a previous ruling by the Beersheba District Court and determined that the three Jewish settlers from the south Mount Hebron area who are accused of kidnapping and beating a Palestinian will be placed under house arrest. Incident at Asael outpost. The presiding judge said the decision to place the settlers under house arrest in Beersheba and Jerusalem was based on the fact that their motive for committing the act was "ideological" and therefore relocating them from the West Bank would reduce the risk that they would commit similar crimes in the future. Palestinians of the village have presented eyewitness for settlers wounding 4 Palestinians. will the court relocate them? after a second thought: No!, the hands of the supreme court have already been tied!
13. why do you call them "palestinian" they're ALL ARABS
dp   (09.13.08)
an Arab, would be better, when you use the word palestinian you give recognition to a made up name for a made up people, they are all arabs and nothing more
14. Where was the boy stabbed Ynet?
Etoile ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.13.08)
According to the account, he was "lightly wounded" thereby it would seem that you insinuate that the injury was not very serious. Hence, would that mean that you think the settler response was disproportional? Why not give a description of the attack and let the reader decide? It seems that you do that whenever the Palestinians are whining with their accusations. Although it is clear to any thinking human being that a stabbing attack, especially on a 9-year old boy, is a serious injury. No matter how "lightly" he was stabbed. The settlers did the right thing. It is too bad the army stopped them. Perhaps then the Palestinians will learn what it feels like to have problems.
15. army protects settlers stealing Palestinians' sheep
observer   (09.13.08)
On 9th August 2008 15:48 At around 15:30 three donkeys which had been stolen by settlers in the morning were released by Palestinians under protection from Israeli police. This took place on land that has been occupied by settlers illegaly for 5 months. The land is owned by Palestinians and has grape, olive and almond treas on it that the Jabar family rely on for income. It has now become impossible for the family to enter this land. On 9th August 2008 at 17:30 the Jabar family were attacked by settlers who threw stones at their house and tried to steal their sheep. When the army arrived at the place they pushed away the Palestinians who tried to prevent the settlers to steal their sheep. The settlers eventually stole 4 of the family’s sheep. On 10th August at 17:30 8 settlers entered the H1 area of Hebron and began to pray. The Israeli army and border police entered and protected the settlers, at the same time they closed all the shops in Bab Al-Zawiya area around the checkpoint and the Beer Al-Saba Street. Later groups of settlers walked from Tel Rumeida checkpoint, through the Beer Al-Saba street, towards an old tomb to celebrate a Jewish holiday. The Palestinians didn’t get access to the street again until around 20:30 when the army and border police left and escorted away the last settlers.
16. Paraphrasing Tibi: Palestinians are two-legged animals!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.13.08)
I guess that MK's Tibi fascist remark fits Palestinian very well, considering that besides the latest stabbing of an Jewish youth, their over 4,000 rockets from Gaza are targeted SPECIFICALLY at civilians. And since MK Tibi has declared himself a "Palestinian", he is also a two-legged animal. Tibi - think twice before you talk and three times before you act. In your case, words and actions will usually boomerang!
17. squinted army
observer   (09.13.08)
The Israel Defense Forces imposed a curfew on Asira al-Kabaliya following the clash. maybe to protect the Palestinian villagers from armed settlers who went on rampages hurting 4 palestinians. but why not placing a curfew on Yitzhar too?
18. the Lier
Myself ,   NY   (09.13.08)
every day, every week, every month "palestinians" (never existed) stabs jews in shomron and judea, Israel lands. Observer, U lier and half-blind. You're here only for hating. A moron life your life
19. Ynet & preliminaries
observer   (09.13.08)
at least the title of the article has to be updated to: Palestinian allegedly stabs Yitzhar boy; settlers riot. how long will it take investigation to be not preliminary; 6 hours, 12 hours? I guess it has to takes its time to let thugs hurt 4 palestinians.
20. hateful observer
lea ,   sherman oaks ca usaO   (09.13.08)
your anti-semitism is loud & clear! Always 'justifying' the militant arabs no matter what.. FYI,Jewish people are not breaking Shabbat when responding to those situations! I'm sure you'd rather nothing be done by these proud strong Jews so there wouldn't be an Israel..NO WAY... Never Again..Kahane was right..
21. #1 observer. Your post is actually really stupid.
Jake   (09.14.08)
Only a moron could write such nonsense.
22. Olmert recently gave 1000 rifles to the terrorists.
David Rubinstein ,   Rockville Center   (09.14.08)
Why does Olmert give guns to baby killers?
23. was he Palestinian 48, or Palestinian 67 ?
observer   (09.14.08)
24. was he Palestinian, at all?
observer   (09.14.08)
25. Entebbe was staged
a child stabbing is much much easier
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