IDF discovers leftists in West Bank village
Ali Waked
Published: 14.09.08, 08:12
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1. Useful idiots.
Jared ,   New York, USA   (09.14.08)
2. The Oslo peace process?...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.08)
Only a peace process with the acceptance by the Arabs to be resettle in other Arab countries had a chance to bring peace to the region. Financial compensations would be the main reason for the Arabs to accept their resettlement. The best solution for the Arabs would be to leave the borders of "greater Israel," so that Israel could then annex the West Bank and perhaps Gaza. Advancing this solution, daily, at any occasion, might creat a new perception and bring peace. Any different solution presents a risk of an endless war. For more details :
3. Arrived after the even. How do you know that?
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.14.08)
How do you know they arrived after the event? Maybe they were there the whole time and arranged the Palestinian attack. They have provoked before. Why were they not arrested for breaking curfew? And Polak said he'd seen the event so he's either lying or they were there before. .... And did they pay the family of the injured Israeli child to express sympathy? No of course not - the 9yesr old child provoked the Palestinian...
Yakov   (09.14.08)
i guess a jew is not worthy of their time.
6. These "activists" are truly traitors
Millie ,   Israel   (09.14.08)
They'd sell out their mothers and children to defend those who would Israelis harm.
7. Left and Merets are the fifth colume like the enemy must be
robin ,   miami   (09.14.08)
dealt with
8. "Solidarity's" Great Big Behind...!
Roy ,   USA   (09.14.08)
"Solidarity with Palestinian protesters?" NOT! The Liberal Left-wing Lugnuts, Inc. got "caught" in a planning session with violent Palestinian anti-fence "spontaneous protesters," and made up this "solidarity...blah blah, peace...blah blah" excuse on the fly!
AVRUM ,   CANADA   (09.14.08)
10. "our duty to come here and express our solidarity" - NO,...
5th generation ,   Israel   (09.14.08)
they came to avoid any real work or responsibilities, while getting some attention.
11. What about solidarity with the Jewish child they stabbed???
Sarah ,   Israel   (09.14.08)
12. deranged
solo man ,   Israel   (09.14.08)
These dilusional losers are just making the spiritual bones required for their acceptance as DERANGED fully fledged members of their holy order.
13. Illegal entry to PA areas
Jewish grandmother ,   Israel   (09.14.08)
Why is there no report that the interfering Lefties were not arrested by the army? It is a much publicized fact that Israeli citizens are not allowed in the Pal Autonomy areas A & B. They are so arrogant about their political stance they think they can ignore laws meant for everyone? This impotent government should be dealing with real life issues, not debating buying out Jewish villages.
14. Biased article
Keren ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.14.08)
The article mentions "settlers flocked to the village and caused heavy damage" (shattered windows) but fails to mention that the intruder into Yitzhar burnt one house to the ground (destroying all of the possessions of a family who, by chance, was away for the Sabbath) and was trying to set a second house ablaze. The article claims the nine year-old was "lightly injured" but goes on to say he was stabbed 5 times and thrown off a 2-meter high balcony. Hardly trivial - but only mentioned in passing with a short sentence. This article and most of the others - including the statement of our Prime Minister would lead one to believe that the poor Palestinians were the victims here. Olmert even called the defensive reaction of the Yitzhar residents a pogrom!! This is sure to be echoed in the international media and provide more ammunition for Israel's enemies. One can hardly criticize foreign media for biased and inaccurate reporting when we are unable to report accurately and honestly ourselves.
15. To Keren #14
Palestinian ,   Nablus, Palestine   (09.14.08)
Dear Keren, you wrote "...including the statement of our Prime Minister would lead one to believe that the poor Palestinians were the victims here. " My responce to that is that the Palestinians who get punished for what the idiot did to the 9-year old kid are victims since they are punished for something they did not do. Attacks on Palestinians happen all the time by the settlers, this time it happened to be provoked by the idiot who stabbed the 9-year old kid as it says in this article but most of the time it is settlers attacking Palestinians and their houses and olive trees without any provocation and if you do not believe me, then come stay in a Palestinian village which is located near a settlement and see for yourself. I pray for the kid to be well and i hope no civilian will ever be injured/killed again. Please let us not blame all jews or all Palestinians when something happens otherwise we will never see peace between the people, maybe the governments will make peace but what is important is that the people make peace so that we can see eachother as fellow equal humans and perhaps even fellow country men. It is not right that we defend who ever is a jew (for jews) or whoever is a Palestinian (for Palestinians), instead we should look at the incident and judge it by what those involved did and not their ethnic belonging/religion. I believe that if we can stop hating and see the bigger picture of it all, then perhaps we can learn to not only live in peace but to be close friends also. Let us do it for Allah/Elohim. We all worship one and the same God. We should bring glory to his name by coming together, stop all forms of opression, lies, propaganda and condemn whoever does wrong and acknowledge the good of whoever does good, regardless if it is a jew or a Palestinian. /A Muslim Palestinian
16. To #15
Keren ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.15.08)
I welcome your remarks and pray for the day when we can once more visit each others towns in peace and friendship. In the meantime, I would have greater faith in such a future if such idiots (as you call the perpertrator) were not treated as heroes, but as the crominals they are.
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