What happened to us?
Noah Klieger
Published: 14.09.08, 18:01
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1. don't go off the deep end
bob ,   potomac MD and TA   (09.14.08)
unfortunately, Jews do commit murders---and it's not just in Israreol--have you heaerd of the Leoplold Loeb murders of the 1920s? Just one example--or the the more recentmurderer Sheinbein who dismembered his victim in Rockville, MD, and ists in an Israeli prison (since his scummy dad was an Israeli citizen a tthe time--but th elaw has since changed). Yes, and there are Isreali murederers--and there have been over the years a number of hideous ones--but with the case of Rose, if there is any consolation here, the murderer(s) were not really "Israeli" but rather Eurotrash who happened to be Jewish
2. "gevalt"
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.08)
In 1949 there were about 600,000 Jews in Israel. Today there are close to 6 million and you have to expect a few rowdies. The crudely emotional writer of the article probably missed the recent reports that Israel has one of the democratic world's lowest murder rates. It may surprise him but "we," all us millions of Israeli Jews, did not murder Rose. Nevertheless, he's right that the state of discipline in the schools is dreadful--teachers don't think they have the right to control kids or are too lazy to do it because too lousily paid.
3. You secular got what you wanted
Jew   (09.14.08)
You wanted Israel to be just like the other nations. So we are, with murderers, mafias, and molesters. Not so the religious we strive to be what God wants us to be: A holy nation.
4. So we are all to blame?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.14.08)
If my neighbor is a drunken driver,then so am I? Even though I drank only one beer this year and a half last year? Do not blame everyone,because of a few mentally ill ones. This like saying olmert ad his gang speak for the Jews of Israel. Also in the states, Murder,Inc is credited with 3,000 hits.
5. Quit scratching your ass about Israeli society already....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (09.14.08)
I am so sick of this guilt-ridden, nose picking nonsense about our country on every subject. We are more moral, more just, more idealistic than any mondern state in the world. We have our share of horrors, but that is far less the norm anywhwere else in the world.
6. really now
Duncan ,   US   (09.14.08)
An absurd article. A minimum of research, perhaps 2 minutes with google would have shown the author that the Jewish people are not immune from having criminals and even murderers and never have been. This was truly a horrific crime. However, it is no different from the hundreds of similar crimes in the US every year. All awful and involving persons of every religion and creed.
7. Who said anyone in that entire drama is actually Jewish or ?
Gidon ,   Tel Aviv   (09.14.08)
All of these people are from France. Rose was born in France, her mother Maria is from France, the grandfather is also French as is the missing father. Other than committing the murder here they had little contact with the Jewish State. How these goyim received visas to enter the Jewish State is beyond me. Maria is not a Jewish name and the little girl was not a Jew. SO BEFORE YOU START ENGAGING IN ALL YOUR LIBERAL BREAST BEATING AND MORAL CRISIS AND FINGER POINTING, WHY DONT YOU GO PREACH TO THE FRENCH PEOPLE WHO INFLICTED THIS TRAGEDY ON THE JEWS OF ISRAEL. Last time I checked not to many Jewish father's were stealing their son's wife and murdering his grandaughter. Don't blame us -- Blame the goyim for this one.
8. A new type of Jew is creating a rotten Israel
Gal   (09.14.08)
A disgusting Jew, the smell of whom pervades us all. The type of people our children idolize are mostly un cultured, ignorant, untalented, primitive and vicious in their competitiveness . Our kids look at them and their empty lives, and reach the conclusion, that "I" and 'Me' are the most important things in the world, and the promotion and selling of 'me' is more important than any other value.
9. Making the bed
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (09.14.08)
Israelis wanted to be more like Americans, and the government wanted to invite the ex-Soviets. Congratulations - your fate has been sealed.
10. Murderers were not raised in Israel
rivkah f. ,   Jerusalem   (09.14.08)
Sorry. Rose's mother was French & a Gentile; her father, French with a Jewish father. Only her grandfather, the murderer grew up here (though that is not clear). The two little boys -- Alon & Michael-- were killed by their Russian immigrant mothers. Are they Jewish? We do not know. What is true is that all three were children with special needs. Yes, there is far too much violence in our society and we tolerate it too much among children & teenagers. But let us tell the truth. Not all of them grew up here.
11. #5 and the rest of the blind
Edithann, USA   (09.14.08)
When it's good you all are happy to share the glory..but when it's bad you desert the stinking and sinking ship...that's so typical...as the man said..there is something wrong with Israeli society..why are you denying your culpability...own up to what you've created...and fix it... Palestinians are not your enemy..you stole their homes and lands and tried to drive them out...own up to that too..it's all part of the same!!!!!!! Let's see how brave Yetnews is. TATA.
12. What is Jewish?
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.14.08)
Since we have denied the validity of the ideology which has based our existence for thousands of years, it is no wonder at what has occured. We want to be like all nations of the world. We deny our unique existence and refuse to accept who we are. Therefore, our media are only filled with the worst news, the most masochistic news, as this society kills itself on the roads, in families, and whatever else makes a headline. Look at what we've become! FOR SHAME!!!
13. Mr Klieger
Juan ,   Spain   (09.14.08)
You are kidding yourself: Where are the figures to support your notion? 1. A large majority of the Jewish nation are secular, do not follow the Torah and have no regard for murder or the other 612 laws contained therein. 2. In any society there are criminal elements - even amongst the Israeli leadership - or so it seems. 3. Even King David was a murderer.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (09.14.08)
No my friend Herzelism created the "Israeli" devoid of judaism. Evil exists because of the absence of hashem and that is why the israeli society shows many signs of evil. Just look at the evil way of reporting from the media here it is more then disgusting.
15. spare us the sanctimonius BS
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.14.08)
Just another left winger looking to blame the existence of Israel for all things evil! There have been Jews that have committed murder from the beginning of our existence. I understand that this is a god exxcuse to blame the State for falling morals. What it is quite simply is one abomination! In a population of 7 million, aberations occur! Why don't you stick to reality and stop trying to blame the Jewish State for everything.
16. Foolish Author
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (09.14.08)
It is rare that I am willing to write this outright, but our Author is a fool. Practically every word he wrote is false. That he should smear the Jewish nation because of the apparent misdeed of what seems to be one very disturbed man is a horrendous libel. Mr. Ron is seems mentally ill, and he is no way representative of the typical Jew in Israel who is basically law-abiding and non-violent. Upon close analysis, the objective observer will discern that much, if not most, violent personal crimes which occur in Israel have been committed by the non- or quasi-Jews or among us. Ynet is to be blamed for publishing this sort of rubbish.
17. I thought the same when Rabin was killed
joseph   (09.14.08)
18. 2000 years of Torah-based Jews
The 2000 years of Jewish exile were led by a connection to the ancient and ever-relevant laws of the Torah, upon which our moral codes are based. When the heart is taken out of being Jewish, what are we left with?... We should be proud to be a light unto the nations-- and proud to reflect on our Jewish heritage and Torah-based morality as a gold badge of honor.
19. Jewish murderers
jay   (09.14.08)
Jews were far more involved in violent crime in Diaspora then he would prefer to believe. Murderers like 'kid twist reles,' bugsy siegel, meyer lansky and lepke buchalter - the head of murder inc. were resonsible for hundreds of organized crime related deaths.
20. Israel has become a nation like all others. It was
bound to happen. I'm sorry.
21. Get some perspective
Raoul ,   Israel   (09.15.08)
Aw! Come on, get some perspective. OK, so the halcyon days when you didn't have to lock your door are gone. Anyway, didn't Ben Gurion say when we get our first prostitute, we'll be a normal state. I'm not minimilizing such family tragedy for one moment, but we're now a country of seven million. Tragedy is going to be with us, but that doesn't reflect on our society as a whole. As a volunteer English teacher I see really wonderful high school kids, NOT brandishing weapons, drugs or whatever. As a teenager in SA I saw murder of a Jew by a Jew - and that's in a Jewish pop. of 120,000. Get some proportion!
22. Religious VS Seculare
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (09.15.08)
Growing up in the US, in the fifties. I remember every time there was a crime they would note if the criminal was Jewish or not. I remember the pain they felt during the Rosenberg trial and executions. The embarrassment when Ruby shot Oswald. Here is Israel, there is a difference. When someone commits a crime the question is, whether he is religious, secular or charedi, But here there is another slant. Whoever the perpetrator, the whole group is guilty. Sorry I don't buy it. Child abuse and neglect is not new in Israel. It exists everywhere, in the Savion, Tiberias, Mea SHarim and the Arab villages. But that does not absolve us. Rose fell throught the cracks because the child welfare system failed to do its job.
23. #5 Andy
Jared ,   New York, USA   (09.15.08)
"We are more moral, more just, more idealistic than any mondern state in the world." How so? You're painting the Western world in pretty broad strokes, so I'm curious about what you'd cite as evidence of this assertion.
24. you just rise your eyes and looked first time into Mirror!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (09.15.08)
25. Happened in the Diaspora, too
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.08)
We just had better PR there and gave the impression that we were somehow superior. There were cases of murder and intrafamily rape in the Diaspora, too. Maybe it was a lower rate than some other ethnic groups, but it wasn't 0%
26. I think everyone is missing the point
Eran ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (09.15.08)
As an Israeli-born Jew raised in the USA and now living back in Israel, I think you're all missing the author's point, which is simply that, statistically speaking, as a percent of the population, diaspora Jews don't commit crimes to the same extent that Jews in Israel do. Yes, it's because Israel has become a normal country, perhaps even because in the "gola" Jews need to fly below the radar to avoid attracting too much attention as they are often surrounded by anti-Semitism, but the mathematical fact remains that very likely the largest percentage of Jewish criminals relative to the whole Jewish population is here in Israel. Yes, that is numerically to be expected since it's a Jewish country, but it is objectively sad for precisely the same reason, because it's a Jewish country. We don't need to be religious to obey laws and have morals, nor are all religious Jews law-abiding or even moral, but my growing experience here in Israel indicates that the police force is too small and weak, can't seem to fight crime - much less organized crime - effectively, and the average citizen has little respect for rules or laws unless convenient to him or her at the time. Until there is respect for the law, respect for the police, and a criminal justice system that metes out effective and harsh punishments for crimes, crime here will only get worse, and sadly it will be committed by Jews.
27. Tayfun_Turkey - Have you forgotten what your ancestors did
Barry   (09.15.08)
28. What happened to us?
robert ,   the netherlands   (09.15.08)
Jezus told us that in the endtime the love off many shall grow very cold! Another saying of Jezus which shows to be threw.
29. Murder in Israel
Teresa Jordan ,   North Alabama U.S.A.   (09.15.08)
My heart , too, is broken with you for your country and for mine. Murder is a scourge here in the states. I live in North Alabama, near a well known city. I remember not having to lock our doors when going out--to shop, to worship service, to a neigbor's house, etc. We also knew our neighbors and shared common values. For the most part we still share many things in common, but many more things have changed for us here. I love my country, but I am grieved for what has happened here. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Blessings and Shalom to you from The Jordans in North Alabama U.S.A.
30. Israel
J. Herscu ,   Oakland, Calif.   (09.15.08)
Soon, from Rosh to Yom Kip, Israel will recognize the power of God again. Things are going to change VERY soon, you'll see!
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