Websites on draft-dodging to be probed
Aviad Glickman
Published: 15.09.08, 18:48
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1. Wnat a Profile 21 then get a mandated sucide watch
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (09.15.08)
If these people are claiming to be depressed and suicidal then this needs to go into permanent employment and medical record. They should be required to go through therapy and possibly drugs in order to prevent them from harming themselves and others. It should follow them around for the rest of their lives that they have these tendencies and thus be denied some types of work, medical insurance, and a driver's license as they must have a serious problem if they can not do a desk job in the army. There needs to be a clear message that dodging due to these lies will follow the person around for the rest of their lives. When people find out that they pay for not serving then they will think twice about telling a lie.
2. Less drastic than WW2 Canada
C McCoy ,   Canada   (09.15.08)
After conscription arrived in Canada, some people even went so far as to eat some of a bar of laundry soap. You look gray, shaky, permanently ill. Probably not a good trick to pull now though; it'd show up on a blood test, presumably.
3. Jail all those that do not want to serve
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.15.08)
including the legal draft dodgers in national service,yeshivs and peace groups. A nice ten year service in a forced labor camp with no parole, no vacations and just a seven day work week.
4. The charedi will do anything to get out of the army
adam eliyahu   (09.15.08)
Gosh! You mean it is the secular tryng to draft dodge. Well then, I guess that's okay. It's still nota s bad a s charedi draft didging.
5. To #4 - Charedei ??
Mike ,   Memphis, TN   (09.15.08)
If you would take a moment to view the picture of Lotan Raz, he doesn't exactly fit the charedei image. With that being said, why do you feel compelled to fill these pages with your imaginary hate for the charedei. Are you jelous of their religious lifestyle? Do you have children? Do your children respect you? Is your way of life something that you will be be proud of after 120? Will anybody miss you or the hate you spew forth after you die? Think about your childish actions, and maybe you should think about changing your life. Either way, the best of luck after 120!.
6. the realty that is new profile
Arie ,   BaGokan   (09.15.08)
new profile,the wonderment of social justice, is supported financially by the palestinian cultural development centre, an arm of the PA`s ministry of `education` - the same arm that funds the cartoons depicting hook-nosed Jews killing little pali kids for Passover and the same arm that funds the textbooks used in the pali schoolrooms that charge the Jews with using gas to massacre the little kids. Of course, haaretz doesn`t want this out for if it did come out, it would obfuscate haaretz` push to justify the acts of this PA organization
7. to #3
Roli ,   miami beach, USA   (09.16.08)
Seven months after I made Aliyah in 1998, naively thinking that there would soon be a comprehensive peace agreement, and that I would be a part of the last generation that would hear a call for help to fly and defend the motherland, I found myself living in a typical apartment with roommates in Tel-Aviv. One of them was a Kibbutznik with 2 brothers in active duty combat units. I was informed by him that in the cradle of modern Zionism, the Kibbutz, military service was not a yes or no question; it was a question of which "elite" unit to volunteer for. Sort of ironic that I would serve in the Golani infantry while my roommate avoided army service altogether (using some of the techniques described in those websites). At the time, I was sure that he was doing the wrong thing and that I was doing the right thing. The Israel Defense Force began as a group of small militias meant to defend Kibbutzim, Agricultural, and Urban settlements. Today the IDF continues to ensure that we retain our greatest asset, our land. However, to have a beautiful country protected by brave soldiers is not enough. We also need people who have never been and never will be soldiers living in that country as "the majority". That is the ultimate goal of Zionism. That is why every man and woman in the IDF shoulders the burden, for the next generation, for the dream that we will into creation for our progeny. Without that, political mistakes like the disengagement from Gaza will continue to be made in order to "ease the burden" on our forces while taking the wind out of the sails of new conscripts and volunteers...for nothing. Contrasted with the period of the 1st & 2nd aliyot where homeless Jews from eastern Europe found themselves fighting to defend their new land in Israel, it seems like today we are only defending the status of our negotiating position vis a vis the Arabs, Europe, Russia, and the USA, trying to please the ambivalent and the apathetic. I would recommend to any Jewish man or woman below the age of 25 who cares about the future of their people to volunteer for the IDF, so that there will always be a warm place to come home to when the war is over.
8. were they posted by Shaul Olmert?
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (09.16.08)
Aviv Gefen? Shimon Peres to name a few draft dodgers
9. Handicapped young people
Anon ,   Israel   (02.08.09)
As the parent of an Autistic/Pdd young adult who is a 21 profile, I do wish my child was normal and could function in our society.However he can't and I am proud of what he has acheived despite his limitations,and fears. He is a loving young man in an adult's body,his gift is computers he fixes them,but he will never be able to drive or be on his own.,or have friends...and his life is alot harder than any soldier serving in the IDF,so don't prejudge our profile 21 children because alot of them are truly handicapped!
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