5 former US state secretaries urge Iran talks
Published: 16.09.08, 07:39
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1. Israel being sold out
observer   (09.16.08)
Israel is slowly but surely being sold out by its greatest friend, the United States of America.. If we should have learned anything at all from history, it was that we can never count on anyone else to guarantee our security In the meantime, we have unifil in southern lebanon doing a poor job, a proposed plan for more foreign troops on the gaza/egypt border and the US forcing concessions in the west bank and jerusalem on us by the end of 2008 Its time to thank the United States for all they have done for us in the past, cut the foreign aid they give us and get back our sovereignty so that we may do things which benefit our own national interests.
2. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.08)
A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran should not be postpones. A nuclear Iran has become an increasingly contentious issue as Ahmadinejad will not have any moral consideration keeping him from using the atomic bomb. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, will be a severe blow to world terrorism and will reduce significantly our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hizbullah and Hamas. It will also remove the threat of a nuclear missile attack on Europe, Russia, China and India. The population in the West, as well as in the other peace loving countries will feel safer again. Learn more about Iran at:
3. No problem; just wait for that madwoman Palin to take over.
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (09.16.08)
Then you can have all the wars you like - destroy the whole world - in anticipation of the return of the messiah. What fun.
4. Agreed, No easy options. But why not just say US is weak
5. Iranians will never stop now - Why would they?
US is weak cant and wont do a thing until Iran has the bomb and starts holding the world to ransom. Pointing nukes at Iran wont change a thing - they are already targeted. What a load of BS.
6. A Convocation of Appeasers
Laura ,   Israel   (09.16.08)
Just call them "The Sellout Group". Feh!
7. déja vu
michel ,   france   (09.16.08)
once again the nations turn the back to the jewish people when endangered and once again they will suffer after him.
8. Jews urge Iran talks
observer   (09.16.08)
Albright. & Kissinger are supporting Obama's plan to have talk with Iran because Washington's military options against Islamic Republic are unsatisfactory; for what? for protecting Israel? Obama you are Great.
9. Stands to reason
Cy ,   Reading Berks   (09.16.08)
1. Ahmadinejad is throwing money at an unprecedented rate at nuclear and military arms and development and at arming Hezbollah, Hamas etc at something in the region of 25% GDP!!! $ 60bn to $ 100bn per annum! 2. FOR WHAT!!!! What do Iranians get out of all this? Oh yes. A bomb! Thats just great when there are not enough jobs, no petrol, poor housing, poor healthcare, poor infrastucture? 3. We cant eat a nuclear bomb. And were Ahmadinejad were to use a nuclear bomb as a threat to other countries or to further his territorial ambitions that would be the end of Iran 4. So who is to blame for this utter mess? One word. LOUD AND CLEAR. AHMADINEJAD. The LAUGHING STOCK OF IRAN 5. Yet I would not put it past him to try to engineer a coup were his position to be threatened because there is absolutely no love lost between him and Khamenei
10. Baker and Kissinger - the experts!!!
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (09.16.08)
Baker and Kissinger, 2 big losers who were supposedly Republicans, but sold out the free world. Who can forget how naive Kissinger was with the agreement with the North Vietnamese. The end was so humiliating for the USA on the roof of the embassy in Saigon. And the great Baker was so wonderful in dealing with Saadam in Iraq!! Losers, shut up!!!
11. MIlitary intervention unsatisfactory ?
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.08)
12. No surprises here....
gedaliah   (09.16.08)
state dept never had a strong history for backing Israel....actually, the opposite.
13. to #1 thru #12
Chuck ,   USA   (09.16.08)
Instead of worrying about what the U.S. is gonna do, do something for yourself. We cant take care of every country on the planet.
14. To # 13: I agree
Fed-up Reader   (09.16.08)
Israel cost at least $ 5 Billion of US tax-payers' hard earned money, per year. These donated US $ funds support: - continuous barbaric occupation of Palestinian that started more than 60 years ago by usurping their land, and violation of UN Resolutions, Geneva Convention and International and humanitarian Laws. -anti-US feelings all over the world - conflicts, wars, torture, terrorism - and now the breakdown of the US financial market When Americans will demand the END OF US AID TO ISRAEL, SANCTIONS AND BOYCOTTS OF ISRAEL?
15. No comment from Neville Chamberlain?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.16.08)
I'm surprised they didn't quote him on the subject of appeasement & surrender. I guess it would draw too much attention to the result.
16. #14 What a simplistic little person. Go cry to mummy .Moron
17. The hub of evil has spoken!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.16.08)
These five clowns are five of the stupidest people in the U.S. Kissinger screwed up S.E. and millions died. baker defended the saudis in court against the families of the victims of 9/11. Powell told bush 41 to stop the first iraqi war too early. So there was another one. Christopher looks like a Ferengi from Star Trek. Everyone knows they were evil. Albright denies her Judaism. She did not even know she was one of us till a decade ago. These former secretaries of state did more harm to the U.S. than all our enemies combined. They are almost as big a group of enemies to Israel as kadima/ labor/ sh-ass!
18. (mega )fatal error
tony ,   socal   (09.16.08)
Even before senility took hold of these individuals, it has been established with absolute certainty and proven that they have made catastrophic errors in judgment leading to the unnecessary loss of life and put in jeopardy true lasting peace . The specific instances have been mentiond already above by numerous comments. What is certainly going to take place is a daily increase in the fissile material that these lunatics are amassing and will never voluntarily cease in producing. The bet that they will stop their nuclear ambition is greatly flawed and cannot be substantiated by fact by anyone. If you do talk , do in quick, otherwise the future life of millions of innocents you will lose with this wager .
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