Iran: Israel incapable of launching wide-scale war
Dudi Cohen
Published: 16.09.08, 13:23
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1. Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!
Wrong hat again?   (09.16.08)
2. He's so wrong!
Jay ,   Afullah   (09.16.08)
"The 'Zionist regime' lacks the diplomatic, economic and social ability to launch a wide-scale war". He's so Wrong! They also lack the Military ability to launch a war. They can't even protect their own citizen's from a tractor, Let alone defend against a Qassam missile! So what if they have the most modern army in the world? As long as they can't actually utilize it, for whatever military, or politically correct reason, they are even worse off than the stone throwing Palestinians... Fact: Tzaha"l Sucks! Yeah I know it hurts, but it's the truth. They still have one strong point though. When it comes to kicking their own brethren out of their homes, that's when their true heroic colors show...
3. He's thinking out loud again - LOL
Israel   (09.16.08)
4. Empty vessels make the most noise...
johnymac ,   Ireland   (09.16.08)
5. The reality in Iran.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.16.08)
The economic situation of the Iranian population is dreadful, Ahmadinejad cannot afford the risk of an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear installations and/or other vital targets – he might face a popular revolution supported by a part of the Iranian army. That could be the beginning of the end of the fanatical Islamic regime. Would Ahmadinejad take such a risk ?
6. Hey Jay from Afulah, go back to where you came from
Aharon   (09.16.08)
We don't need people like you here.
7. Safavi is boring!
Enzo ,   London,UK   (09.16.08)
That war is coming.
9. Wrong direction General...
Mike ,   London   (09.16.08)
...look behind you and worry about Chinese intentions. By the way, nice badges of rank on your epaulettes, perhaps they will be on Ebay soon.
Franklin ,   Paris   (09.16.08)
".......The responsibility for defending the Persian Gulf has been turned over to the Revolutionary Guards' navy....." ????? IF SO...USA & EUROPE MUST CONSIDER IRAN AS A FIST CLASS TARGET. BUT NOT FORGET THE TANDEM PUTINE/MEDVEDEV IN CAUCASUS.
11. Ahemmm ....those 11 million Basij Safavi is talking about
Chezki ,   NY USA   (09.16.08)
Those are the dumb-asses that were used as human mine clearers in the Iran-Iraq War. They would give them plastic keys to Paradise (made in Taiwan). Then they would charge and be slaughtered. The Sick Iranian regime recruited 14 year olds who Khomeini declared can join without their parents permission.
12. I have never heard a country spew SO much crap!
Yonatan ,   USA   (09.16.08)
Stop with the B.S. and do something if you're so tough!
13. after the first Israeli strike they'll start whining on TV
robert renders ,   belgium   (09.16.08)
Wanna bet? It's just like with the Lebanese.
14. Jay
Hertzel ,   Tiberias, Israel   (09.16.08)
I know you are hurting for the IDF due to the fact the you love Israel and that you would like to see the IDF have a free hand in destroying the enemy, I feel like you too. But please attack the Olmert's regime for that demise of deterance and not the IDF.
15. # Aharon
Adi ,   Haifa   (09.16.08)
Ah! So you agree with the expulsion of Jews from their homes by other Jews??
16. Statements by General Yahya Rahim Safavi
Russel Hatfield ,   Pretoria, RSA   (09.16.08)
One has to wonder if the Iranian regime is delusional. They make a lot of bold statements that seem at best overconfident. Perhaps they have forgotten the lessons learned by Arab states in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. I live thousands of miles from the region but I would still be unhappy with a bunch of mad priests in control of a nuclear arsenal.
17. mahmoud and kahmeini
alexi   (09.16.08)
Once olmert is out, we are going to foment counterrevolution in persia. The pople of iran are sick of your bull. The army has a score to settle with khameini. You want to go heaven, baby you are going there. Wait till olmert is kicked out.
18. Alas something truthful from the mouths of those liars
dp   (09.16.08)
i don't it is either, not now, give them a few weeks
19. Empty Vessel???
Alla..h ,   USA   (09.16.08)
If you think that empty vessel make a loud noise but a potential of a heavy damage is there. So why dont we get rid of it now once and for all while it is still cheap to do so. Price of everything has been going up so fast...Just do it now...Make it go backward to thousand years. Use all you have to make it become a country of STONE AGE.
20. Iran
kindo ,   Vancouver   (09.17.08)
Iran has 72 million people. Israel has less than 4 mill. There is no sense in starting a war.
21. Dont underestimate the extremist
Roy Hinkley ,   San Diego, USA   (09.17.08)
Yes in the end Isreal and America will prevail but there will be tough times ahead any confrontation with the extremeist thugs of Iran will not be as easy as Iraq was for us but after the dust settles the world will be a safer place without the Ayatollahs and their hateful rehtoric.
23. decision debunked
Septimus   (09.18.08)
This shows only the lack of trust of the Shiite entity into his own regular army. Giving the control of startegic part of his arsenal to their regime goons Pasadran, shows only they know their tenure on Iranian people is loosing ground. A defeat in a war against the west will make crumble that bundle of lies that this ugly regime is spreading about they alleged strenght
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