IAEA shows photos alleging Iran nuclear missile work
News agencies
Published: 16.09.08, 23:07
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1. What a BS !
2. Stop the war...
Nuke ,   Iran   (09.16.08)
3. Fact is that :Iran producing Nukleer wepon
Lütfi Altınel ,   Orhangazi - Turkey   (09.16.08)
Iran producing atom bomb and in short time shoud be show to all world!! Who wil stop Iran? Target of Iran is very clear,target is Israel!! Warning !!
4. How about that
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (09.17.08)
5. Answer ro numbers 3
Marvin ,   San Francisco   (09.17.08)
Just like target of Turkey was the Armenians. Considering the damage you Turks did to innocent children youi should refrain from commenting and hide your head in shame...At least the Jews will be able to protect themselves which you didn't allow the Armenians to do
6. fake, until proven
noName   (09.17.08)
subjective, unfounded scare tactic. produce the real report and photos or back off.
7. #5 America's hands aren't exactly clean either
8. To #5: Stupid remark
Khodjali ,   Raanana   (09.17.08)
1. This was a gratuitous remark 2.There was never antisemitism in Turkey 3. Learn history: Armenians started armed rebellion in Eastern Turkey in 1915, egged on by Russia. Close to 500.000 Turks and Kurds were killed, and about 10,000 Jews ( BTW). Turkey expelled Armenians from the area, and no Armenian was harmed in the rest of the country. 4. Close to 600, 000 Armenians died of exposure and epidemics. Kurds avenged murder of their families as much as they could. 5. Google Khodjali ( or Xocali) and enjoy the pics of Azeris slaughtered by peaceful Armenians less that 20 years ago.
9. Nuclear Iran.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.17.08)
Nuclearization of Iran must be discussed in the context of the Islamic Revolution, which was dubbed by Ayatollah Khomeini not merely as a domestic anti-Shah upheaval in Iran, but as a global Islamic movement designed to extricate Islam from its submissive torpor and launch it to prominence as a world power. In this pursuit, Iran has become one of Israel’s most vehement enemies, framing its grievances around religious doctrine and anti-Semitic invective, making conflict with the Jewish state all the more insoluble. Indeed, injecting these elements into an already difficult political situation makes finding solutions seemingly impossible due the absolute demands made by defenders of their faith who refuse to negotiate or compromise as described at :
10. Marvin , San Francisco. I believe we can
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (09.17.08)
safely assume Lütfi Altınel was not even alive when the Armenians were massacred. As such, I believe he'd be acquitted in a court of law of any crime. The sins of the father will not be visited upon the son. You're WAY off base in slamming Lütfi period.
11. Iran has to stopped
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.17.08)
The question has been posed in clear term. Iran has to be soppe dfor the sake of the cvivilized world. Israel and/or the US has to bomb their criminal nuclear program , as I believe will be done very soon. Either someone will have to ensure another more costly way for them, that this terrorist nation won"t hav eteh ability to use terror on the world. A preempotive nuclear strike on the Iranian entity would then become a possibility. But never the Shiite lunatics will not be permitted to play their favorite games: blackmail and terror over the world. If one nation has to wipped from the surface of eearth, it won't be the isrealis. period
12. #9 Robert. Allways right on the mark. good job!!
ari ,   israel   (09.17.08)
13. Answer to Number 5
Ronald ,   Brooklyn, NY   (09.17.08)
I must say that this is not your place to call out hatred towards the Turkish people. What your talking about happened 100 Years Ago. We (Jews) are not sitting on YNET and commenting on every single German who says something. So Please be quiet.
14. OK,SEPTIMUS..................................#11
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.17.08)
We have read enough of your rhetorics in almost everything to do with Iran.Toss a coin to decide who would carry out the action and see where the coin points towards.How soon it will be is your own have certainly been guessing for a while,I believe.
15. Mahmood 14
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.17.08)
Don't like it but this will neverthless be so.. The days of the faked regime of your Shiite entity are numbered. The world will not accept to be hostage of a gang of lunatics who believe in "voices" in martyrdom and in such lunacies never seen in this world. Either you got your senses back, or you will be destroyed. There are no middle way. Time you understand what rank has Iran among the nations, and following their achievements one can easily say, they stay very low in regards with others.
16. DON'T YOU THINK......................#15
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.17.08)
You should be happy about Iran's standing amongst the nation?You should feel more happier that way.The most unfortunate part of your thoughts are that nothing is likely to happen and you may feel more dissapointed,Septimus.Keep track of your talk-backs and just count the number of times you have ridiculed yourself and likely to do so.
17. Septimus, since when...
Persian CAT   (09.18.08)
a bottom dweller single-cell low life like you has been allowed to speak for the world?!!! The sewage authorities must have left one of the manhole covers on a Rome street open for a while. You must crawl back into you hole, and I hope the sewage company workers remember to close the cover.
18. wow
Arbiter ,   waterloo, canada   (09.18.08)
alot of countries have nuclear programs and hate other countries. the US has nukes and they are not exactly in love with every country.
19. pitty western game
observer ,   US- Boston   (10.02.08)
This is ridiculous. It's clear that western folks are fabricating data to keep the pressure on and obtain regular military intelligence through IAEA in the name of nuclear investigation. I think Iran should put an stop onto this game. It's becoming clear that the nuclear bomb claim was not true in the first place.
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