Brussels roundtable: Iranian nuclear crisis may be irresolvable
Dan Bentsur
Published: 18.09.08, 23:25
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.19.08)
If Iran has so far refrained from weaponising its Nuclear programme,why are some countriies bent upon stirring them up?In fact,this type of hypes will probably convince the Iranians to excercise their option to face increasing threats by actually diverting their programme.
2. Aw Shucks Mahmood thought Hitler wasn't a threat to the Jews
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (09.19.08)
too. We'll all follow your advice MahMood.
3. Only America and Israel have the potential capacity and ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.08)
Only America and Israel have the potential capacity and will to prevent Iran from attaining nukes. To allow the apocalyptical, jihadist, terrorist Iranian regime the most deadly weapons known to man, is tantamount to inviting an attack which would kill millions. There is no other choice but to deny Iran nuclear weapons. It seems that only America and Israel have the potential capacity and will to prevent Iran from attaining nukes. One of these two great nations must neutralize Iran’s nuclear facilities before it is too late. This, of course, must be done in conjunction with massive funding of Iranian dissident groups and energetic support for Iranian democrats who would like nothing more than to see their oppressive regime toppled. Regime change in Iran would be far superior to a military strike. But, the free world simply cannot take the chance that nukes are acquired before the regime is overthrown. More at :
4. too late
Leonard ,   LA California   (09.19.08)
The round table should be called the square table. Something should have been done years ago. You can't do anything now. Russia is steping in with Syria and will stand with Iran. There is no doubt in my mind. Russia is building it's fleet in the Med.sea using Syria as base. You can thank Georgia for this. Russian bear is rising.
5. To Mahmood 1
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.19.08)
Don't try o fool others. Everyone knowns that the shiite entity has only a Nuclear program for developping a nuclear bomb program. period. All the rest is mere cheap propaganda to hide this. Indeed the ecinomical sanctions will not work, only a massive air attack on these criminal installation will retore the order in the middle east. Iran wants war, he will get what he wan'ts, but not the way he wants. The only answer to this fake regime is to punch it very hard
6. Mahmood not even the IAEA believes Iran anymore
Danny   (09.19.08)
7. Iran Nuclear Crisis
Ziggy ,   Sydney NSW Australia   (09.19.08)
The crisis is caused by the USA and the EU trying to prevent Iran from exercising its legal right under the NPT. Nobody can demand that Iran abandon its legal rights. Of course this whole mess can be resolved - by the USA and EU minding their own business and stopping their coercion, threats and blackmail. It's that simple.
8. To "Ziggy" from Sydney
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.19.08)
don't try to sell us you shiite propaganda. When I hear legal rights about the iranian nuclear program, I find always a Shiite, probably a Lebanese one, posting this time from Australia. there a re no "legal" rights for a country, the Shiite entity, who since its creation 30 years ago, spread around the world terrorism, threats, violence, sectarism and more recently apology of genocide. This sore entity has no rights whatesoever. Does Taliban Afganistan hve "rights" ? Killers hav ethe right to be stopped, by every means. This will be iran's fate; like it or not !
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