Abbas aide threatens to dismantle PA
Ali Waked
Published: 21.09.08, 09:36
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1. The Proper Response
Michael ,   Boston   (09.21.08)
to such an action by the PA is: To ignore it!! Why should Israel be responsible for filling the void these idiots leave. If they do not want an Authority, let there be Tohu V'Vohu; so long as we have The Fence.
2. Anyhow, the Land of Israel is exclusively the land of ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.21.08)
Anyhow, the Land of Israel is exclusively the land of the Jews. The Land of Israel belongs exclusively to the people of Israel. The Jews have the right to build and live freely in their country. Agreements as a result of blackmail and pressure are not valid and will not change historical truth and International Legitimacy (The San Remo agreements). Mistakes done by Israeli government(s) in Anapolis or before should not be respected and should be put right immediately. At the base, the Land of Israel is exclusively the land of the Jews in its entirety as explained at :
3. Great news
Avrom ,   bet shemesh   (09.21.08)
we will then have a one state solution called Israel
4. stupid pali threats...when will the Arabs learn
Hello ,   USA   (09.21.08)
that if if Jews survived the Holocaust, they will surivive the Arab terrorism, Hamas and Pali Authority.
5. PA dismantled
eric ,   Tel Aviv   (09.21.08)
Avrom, You're my man at last meeting someone with a brain... One state solution is the answer, whether you're a leftist: arabs will be taken care of, jobs, social security, law & order and higher standard of living; or whether you're a nationalist: Judea and Samaria to the state of Israel with Jews able to live there, security with official Police and Army control. And for all NO MORE palestinian problem...
6. Can’t purchase Jewish heritage for cash through Olmert?
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (09.21.08)
They need some cheese to go with that whine. Of course they don’t want the corrupt system to change. How much cash did Abbas give Olmert in their weekly meetings? We know the slime ball Olmert is an unremorseful mercenary who would make money on the backs of all those living in Yesha. Kadima was formed expressly to expel Jews and no other reason. Olmert seized an opportunity and government to make even more money. The prospect of having to deal with a negotiator with any type of integrity is very frightening to Abbas and his henchmen!
7. To #3, Call it whatever you want. We are going to no where.
Atmawi ,   Historic Palestine   (09.21.08)
8. #3 You know where you are going ?
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (09.21.08)
To JORDAN like your ancestors ! No more state subsidies to our "cousins" ...
9. as they say in the Nike ad... Just do it
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.08)
abu bluff has bluffed us long enough, stop making empty threats that you don't have the guts to carry out, just do it. But then again teh corrupt "moderates" of teh PA enjoy dipping their beaks into the honey pot provided by the EU, and Rice. May this New Year bring about stern judgment on all those who seek to harm Jews and Israel , May we see a burning Bush and Fried Rice! and may the Americans realize that the difference between OBama and OSama is a little BS
10. Dumb.
Zvi   (09.21.08)
As usual, they're missing no opportunity to miss an opportunity. She can't waste time responding to them at the moment. So this is simply a waste of time. And immediately launching threats when the new government comes into power won't help them. It will just irritate the new government.
11. 8#
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (09.21.08)
you did not understand my post i never said that we should give the arabs of judea and samaria any voting rights etc i meant that the sovereignity of these areas will be Israeli
12. Eric 5# Thanks
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (09.21.08)
Have a KESIVA VECHASIMO TOVA this year is Shmitta year therefore all the illusions and fantasies evaporate and return to reality .Thus the fantasy money loans and mortgages have vanished and the biggest fantasy of them all, the existance of palestine will evaporate
13. Eric 5# you forgot something
Avrom ,   bet shemesh   (09.21.08)
A one state solution called Israel is good for the Arabs as wellThey benefit most from ,jobs ,law and order guaranteed by The Supreme Court and peace and security The only problem is it will put Peace Now and the other leftists out of business and the PA and Hamas torture squads will be unemployed
14. pa doing what it does best - making threats!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.21.08)
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