Olmert submits resignation to president
Ronen Medzini
Published: 22.09.08, 00:38
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DAVID ,   JUDEA   (09.21.08)
Don't let the door hit your tuches on the way out, you piece of garbage. Not that anything will change ,there is lots more garbage waiting in the wings to screw up things even more. Knowing how corrupt the justice system is, he will not be held accountable for his thieving.
2. DING DONG the Warlock's Dead!!!!
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (09.21.08)
And God WILLING ...the WITCH is NEXT!
3. Should be in prison...
PatriotUSA ,   Redmond, Oregon   (09.21.08)
Too little, too late, better late than never I guess. This crook should have been thrown out of office, along with all of sidekicks long ago. The damage he has done to Israel is almost beyond belief. Coupled with what Sharon gave away BEFORE the crooked olmert came in, it is amazing that Israel is still intact as it is today. No more politicians like this are needed. Otherwise Israel's future will be continually given away in the name of "peace" with the islamofacists! We know how well that has worked in the past, don't we!
4. Now....Dont make another govt with Livni..Olmert in lipstick
BJL ,   US   (09.21.08)
5. good bye and good riddance
Mike ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.08)
to bad garbage
6. Is Mazuz as spinless as Olmert or will he prosecute
zionist forever   (09.21.08)
Does Mazuz have enough courage to prosecute the man over any of his crimes now he he no longer has imunity as a serving PM? If Mazuz does have the courage to prosecute will he be willing to go all the way and send him to prison or will he do a deal like he did with Moshe Katsav who instead of being in jail for rape is having a luxury car, offices in expensive areas of Tel Aviv, a presidents pension and security provided by Shin Bet all at taxpayers expense.
8. Shameless
JS ,   NY   (09.21.08)
Shameless fools, the both of them. still with the audacity and ego to have these pictures taken as if where some kind of accomplishement. these two have done more damage to israel then the arabs themselevs. down in history as the worst polititians/leaders in the history of modern israel.
9. Goodbye
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.21.08)
You came uninvited, you stayed on unwanted and you depart unlamented.Israel's citizens deserve the right to be able to choose their leaders. If things go wrong they can then only blame themselves. Livni will enjoy a similar fate for the same reasons. She is not the choice of the People.
10. MAZAL TOV! Ding-dong-the witch, etc.
Gideon Reader   (09.21.08)
Now if the door successfully hits him in the tuchis on the way out, MY day will be a happier one. Showing that I am an eternal optimist, there is several indictments, lots and LOTS of years in jail, and a miserable time for this most miserable of imitation Jews. Lets get to the vengefull part of the story.
11. As difficult as being a head of State is, transferring the
Rivkah   (09.21.08)
mantle of God's authority in Israel has to be a sad day because that power is so wonderful to be a part of and the chief part of in Israel.
12. One bum gone, now Israel get rid of Livni.
Gary A., MD ,   Boston, MA USA   (09.21.08)
13. Olmert thanks country's contribution to him!
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (09.21.08)
14. #11, Atheist Oligarchy is not from Hashem.
Yonatan ,   Nahariyah   (09.21.08)
If there ever could be a more anti-Derekh Hashem government in Israel we would be ruled by Islam. I am even convinced that with our PM’s propensity to take money we have had our rights sold to Abbas for Olmert’s retirement. We know that Peres will pardon Olmert if he is convicted and Olmert will slink away with his gigantic bags of cash. How can this quagmire of duplicitous secular mismanagement be deemed or integrated with anything of Kadushah?
15. For ISRAELS sake....
Galut ,   Selah   (09.21.08)
I pray for G-Ds will to Guide Israel to its New Leader ....
16. How can you ALL be so knaive???
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (09.22.08)
This is just a smoke screen to help Olmert / Kadima stay in control 42 more days for Livni's charade forming a government, and then elections put off another several months... all the while this backward government continues its destructive path...
17. Good Riddance
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (09.22.08)
Don't come back. You were a terrible leader. Livni will be no better.
18. The end of an error
phil ,   Australia   (09.22.08)
19. He should take Peres with him and they both should let the j
Zippy   (09.22.08)
their way in--to Cheder!!
20. Olmert Livni Barak the Same
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (09.22.08)
More of the same another puppet of the United States and the Peace Now foreign controlled Left. What other country is there that 15000 people can elect a PM and claim they represent the views of the people of Israel and the Jewish People.
21. 14: King David said power belongs to God and promotion is
Rivkah   (09.22.08)
from God. People may misuse the authority, but there is no power or authority except of God. Even the devil had to steal the authority God gave to Adam for the devil to control many aspects of the world. But the power was originally from God. King David said God sets up people and puts them down. God can use atheists, but that does not get them into heaven. Daniel in the Bible said God rules in the kingdoms of men and sets up over them the basest of men. Base means lowborn.
22. Thank you Olmert! We need some one much stronger.
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (09.22.08)
23. Bye Bye Oldmerde
Yael ,   Rishon   (09.22.08)
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