Palestinians headed to civil war
Moshe Elad
Published: 22.09.08, 00:50
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1. "Inshallah".
Uzziel   (09.22.08)
Though the reference to a "Palestinian Altalena" is insulting.
2. Give both sides guns and step aside.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.22.08)
3. civil war
colin   (09.22.08)
The sooner the better.A civil war will keep the terorists from continuing trobleing Israel.Acivil war will allow the leftests to know that they are backing the wrong side.A civil war will weaken both sides.A civil war will allow the Americans to see the foolishness of appeaseings arabs.Everything only good LET THE WAR BEGIN
4. Who shall be next?
Prof. Yakov Frankel ,   Afula, Israel   (09.22.08)
Just as Livni and the insane Left tries to commit suicide and destroy Israel again, G-d creates a civil war amongst the Arab Mob to save us. The Left should read the Bible. No matter what they do to fight G-d and the Jewish people they will never succeed. G-d has now sent a civil war to throught their plans. How many hurricanes does America have to receive to stop trying to destroy Israel? G-d who controls the heavens and earth will always protect his beloved people. Let us look at recent history. Rabin gone! Sharon gone! Omlet gone! Who is next? Shall we say Livni gone?
5. Just in time for Obama
Scott ,   Phoenix AZ, US   (09.22.08)
A civil war in "Palestinian". Just in time for Obama to get in and to behind the scenes support the most radical elements (look how he already interfered in Kenya). I would feel more sorry for Israel except for how so many Jews helped Obama get elected. Kind of the chickens coming home to roast here! Your days are so numbered. You only have yourself to blame. Don't worry. Your destruction will be a wake up call for America leading to a great American renaissance. We might be in the dark of night now but the Obama will not last for ever and Palin will come forth to bring morning to America again. From the darkness of Obamaland Palin will lead the way!
6. Let Them Get On With It
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (09.22.08)
As if anyone cares any more. They will continue to find more opportunities to miss opportunities and live up to their predictable dysfunctional reputation.
7. cool - grab the popcorn - let em at it !!
Andrew ,   miami,fl   (09.22.08)
8.  Squeeze play
Joe ,   US   (09.22.08)
Then what is the point in trying to get any peace deal with Fata as Hamas enjoys such popular support. seems Fata loses sooner or later. and hamas on 2 sides of Israel squeezing Israel.
9. Israel, don't interfere. Let them do what they what to.
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (09.22.08)
After it subsides, we will have much better neighbour.
Abs ,   Montreal   (09.22.08)
Let it reign let it reign and may it come again and again cause they all are insane are insane all fight no gain just pain just pain so insane so insane what you have to say Jane?
12. Dream on Moshe!
Palestinian ,   USA   (09.22.08)
13. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people
USA   (09.22.08)
14. And Livni will continue 'peace negotiations' with this bunch
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (09.22.08)
15. I should care, but I really dont
David G   (09.22.08)
My only concern is that the IDF should in no way get involved in this. Let them invade Gaza though Egypt via Jordan. I also have sympathy for the innocent civilians who will inevitably be dragged into this. Besides for that let both sides have at it. If two groups of thugs want to kill each other who am I to stand in their way?
16. Of course; evil has to self-destruct
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.22.08)
It is part of what evil does.
17. Why are we protecting Fatah????
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.22.08)
Let them destroy each other!!!
18. That'll make them forget about killing Jews for around 5 min
hnb   (09.22.08)
19. i'm sad
palestinian ,   Gaza palestine   (09.22.08)
give me abreak,you must be joking you are talking about Dahalan as he wasn't made by israel,for israel at the mosad rooms, he is amosad star!!!!don't you remember?and i'm really sad cause i would have to disagree with most of the talk back commentators,don't you think it would be more practical if we transform our mind to think of peace aren't we neighbours even if we bothsides have stupid and greed who find it more useful to keep in conflict to be able to cover thier corruption.
20. Lets face the facts! They are not even Palastinian!
Jayyy ,   Israel   (09.22.08)
21. We've Been Hearing This For Quite A While
emanon ,   USA   (09.22.08)
For almost as long as Hamas and Fatah have both been around, we've been hearing about this arab civil war that is going to happen. The problem is, after they kill a few of each other, always the "soft liners", notice that, the two sides then kiss and make up and go kill their common enemy, the Jews. I'm almost as tired of this prediction of the arab civil war where they wipe each other out as I am of that nut case in Iran predicting the end of Israel. No. The truth is, they just cull the ones that might have any leaning towards giving in to Israel and actually trying for something resembling a peace. They are just so filled with hate, they see no problem killing one another as long as it does not get in the way of their overruling hatred of anything Jewish.
22. #19 What's stopping you?
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (09.22.08)
I don't know if you are old enough to remember when Arabs in Gaza used to work on the farms of Gush Katif and Jews would go shopping in Gaza City. That was before the rockets started coming down on us! I know there are many Gazans who want Israel back in so they can go back to having a normal life. So, why don't you start by going on Facebook and starting a dialogue with Israelis???
23. #19 is right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.22.08)
The tragedy is that many people such as Dahlan, Abbas and their Israelis friends, made big profits from the "Oslo Peace" while the simple people on both sides suffered and died. Hamas will defeat Fatah because the good Arab people know who gained from the "peace process".
24. Maybe we should support hamas because
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (09.23.08)
then they will lose international support ,and will be easier to isolate and destroy
25. Scott 5 You must be listening to the Prophecy Club to much.
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (09.23.08)
Time wil tell. The folks out of Topeka, KS or prophets of modern Israel's coming demise have never had a very good batting average.
26. We can but hope.
jsm   (09.23.08)
27. Oh goody! Where's the popcorn?
Petra ,   usa   (09.23.08)
Nothing better than to watch these two factions wipe one another out! Can you think of better entertainement or more just cause? A clash of two would be titans who live in a sealed cell. Any and all who die means less terrorists. Let the games begin!
28. #5
Knightarm ,   New York City   (09.24.08)
You have got to be kidding Scott. I'm no Obama supporter, but Palin is going to lead the way? To where? A war with Russia over Georgia (she still thinks we're talking about Georgia of the American South. She is more clueless than Bush. Both are mere cheerleaders and should be on the sidelines at a football or game or hockey match. America will experience a renaissance when Ron Paul becomes President and Joe 6-pack begins to use his cerebrum more. Sorry Scott, Palin ain't it and neither is Obama (or John with Cane). Go Ron Paul!!
29. you are welcomed
palestinian ,   GAZA palestine   (09.24.08)
dear chaya there is nothing is stopping me i have already friends in isreal and they are nice and we comunicate as human not as anations so i donot mind going to any facebook with israelis we all are humans don't you agree with me??!!
30. thank you no23
palestinian ,   GAZA palestine   (09.24.08)
thank you to understand my point hopefully more understanding people .
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