Rose laid to rest in France in quiet ceremony
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 22.09.08, 19:20
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1. These merde people
a sad friend ,   Israel   (09.22.08)
couldn't even be bothered to go to the airport for little Rose's body. What scum. This beautiful little girl received, albeit in her death, more love from we Jews in Israel than in her life, from all the scum who buried her there in merde province. May they forever stay cursed, together with her vile mother and her vile grandfather while we here will cherish Rose's memory for ever, and speak with love and longing for the little princess we couldn't save. La vie en Rose, beautiful child of Gd now.
2. a new so sad
3. Rose - The little girl with the sad eyes
Tracy Divon ,   Israel   (09.22.08)
This has been a heart breaking story that has touched so many. Why this beautiful little girl had to lose her life we will never really know and no punishment seems just for taking the life of a child, any child! My heartfelt condolences go out to her father and family. May justice be served!
4. They cry when the cameras are on
moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (09.22.08)
But they couldn't be bothered until she was dead to show they cared? Losers - from the stupid social workers all the way down to her "family'
5. nr 1, calling yourself so sad,
doreen ,   israel   (09.23.08)
We Jews killed her remember?
6. #5
gal   (09.23.08)
The french merde should have specially designed red bags and thrown into maybe, the Seine?
7. French Courts-her father abused her
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.23.08)
If you look at the (multitude) of background stories, you'll find that Rose's mother was awarded custody by FRENCH courts because of abuse by her father. I guess those may be tears of guilt he is crying now. The Israelis did NOT kill or neglect her. It was a tragedy that happened on Israeli soil. The mother, father, and grandfather ALL seem to be at fault here. Not many family, except for the grandmothers (Israeli&French), seemed to care much about Rose. May she rest in peace.
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