Terror attack in Jerusalem, 17 wounded
Efrat Weiss
Published: 23.09.08, 00:17
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1. Enough!
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (09.22.08)
Please!!! Let somebody inform Tzipi Livni that the only answer now is to wake up Abu Mazen and tell him to go to hell. Who in earth, who can promise that if we give this dogs what we own this wont happen again? Mrs. Rice, it is not only that you are stupid, your hands are dirty with blood and you continue dreaming about achievments for your failed carreer!
2. God Thanks To Armed Civilians...
Eli ,   Natanya   (09.22.08)
God Thanks To Armed Civilians... They are protecting us better than the police !!! Thank you again. We wish a better police with less politicized chiefs looking for ranks.
3. Yet another sick, demented satanistic act by a zombie
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (09.22.08)
Lets have a guessing game - what do you think this terrorist yelled just before driving his car into those persons?
5. #1 Ricardo Macher
Jared ,   New York, USA   (09.23.08)
What does "Ms. Rice" have to do with it? Let's not forget: Ms. Rice is not the prime minister of Israel. She may make demands, but it's Israel that obeys them like a good dog. Besides, what does Israel's inability to stop its own citizens from East Jerusalem from committing terrorist attacks have to do with Rice's demands that Israel *give up* those neighborhoods? Israel gave East Jerusalem Arabs Israeli citizenship and ID cards on its own volition. America never told them to do it. The fact that they are able to roam freely around all of Israel is Israel's own fault. There's no blood on Rice's hands for this. And another point about American strong-arming of Israeli leadership: Menachem Begin never acquiesced to threats or demands from America. ...But then again, Menachem Begin was part of a generation of Israelis that still universally believed that their country had a just cause and a right to exist.
Sane As You Are   (09.23.08)
7. if we let them roam all over Yerushalayim
Charles   (09.22.08)
that´s what is happening
8. Dear Israeli People, can I ask you one question
Someone ,   Germany   (09.23.08)
Why do you tolerate arabs so much? Why did you give them a big part of Jerusalem? Just 100 yers ago, there were only 8500 moslems living there? Why do you help arabs , why do you love them so much, while they hate und kill you day after day?
9. "Plowed into pedestrians ... Most injured were soldiers"
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (09.23.08)
Funny how that works out.
10. Thats what you get for your racism
Khaled ,   Israel   (09.23.08)
when will Israel be a state for all its cititzens and not just the Jews ! GIVE US EQUAL RIGHTS !
11. We need more armed civilians
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.08)
Like in Yehuda and Shomron, jerusalem needs to be defined as ishuv kav hatefer, and gun licenses granted to all who have served in IDF and have no criminal record. Same as in yehuda and shomron.
12. number 10 .. you are totally Right ! :)
Tamer ,   jerusalem   (09.23.08)
13. #2 if only you knew
Elchonon ,   Chevron   (09.23.08)
For 3 and a half years I lived RIGHT across the street from there.. I went to misrad hapnim to inquire about getting a handgun license.. they asked me " why do you need a gun?" So I said "Listen lady, I have a concealed weapons permit in the US.. what do I know about WHY I need a gun.. but when I do need one i'll call you which is right before i'm killed"
14. Whoever gives in to a bully deserves the beating they get!
David Schewitz ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.08)
As a jerusalem resident I am ashamed of my government's lack of action and willingness to protect its citizans. It is time to do something about it!!!!! I am a proud Jew and I live in Jerusalem where my children and childrens children will live, in a JEWISH state UNITED!
15. Khaled #10: No matter what we give will not be enough
Steve ,   Fla   (09.23.08)
No matter how many rights you are given Khaled. No matter how much kindness and compassion is shown to you, it will not be enough; because you hate the Jew. You have been taught this from your youth. It's in your religion, in your history and your culture to hate the Jew because he is a despised Jew. Never Khaled will you accept a Jewish state on an equal basis in the Middle East. You cannot, you must not accept this. The Muslim Arab world will never reconcile itself to a Jewish presence in your midst unless it is a subjugated, inferior presence.
16. #10 - And what do you get for your racism?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (09.23.08)
And what do you think you deserve for 1400 years of racism, illegal, brutal occupation and dhimmitude?? Equal rights?? Go back to Syria, where your ancestors illegally immigrated from- maybe you'll get your equal rights there, or better yet, your just desserts...
17. #1 KHALED
Jared ,   New York, USA   (09.23.08)
"EQUAL RIGHTS"? What "rights" do the Jews have but you and other Arab-Israelis do not?
18. GTA Jerusalem
Dag ,   Michmoret   (09.23.08)
Blame it on the playstation!
19. to 18
someone ,   jerusalem   (09.23.08)
you are like me it is palastine not playstation .. you can not spell it .. oh this is the problem between arab and israil arab do not know well english and so israil can not understand the palastinians
20. To #5 Jared
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (09.23.08)
Hi Jared, You live in US? You are an arab? That is why you don't understand that your Rice is promoting this arab terrorists interests! We live here, we see how she presses this lousy government we have. We feel the shame of her conduct in Annapolis. And however ALL of our government is to blame for being "obedient", her declaration that the color of her skin leads her to understand arab suffering is enough for me!
Sane As You Are   (09.23.08)
22. The terrorists house should be demolished+his burial prevent
Common Sense ,   J-m. Israel   (09.23.08)
It aint enough. But it should be just the first step of proper retaliation, punishment and preventive measures - until more stern measures be taken.
23. At the same time, road accidents are killing more israelis
than the palestinians did in maybe 3 or 4 years... Today in : 351 eople were killed on the road in 2007 only... This is also as tragic as what happened today. I would be tempted to say even more. Palestinians are incompetent and incapable. We are largely more dangerous for ourselves unfortunately... This is high time to reduce road fatalities first! Palestinian terrorism is an extremely minimal threat compared to that. I am a of course provocative but this is true : it is unbelievable to see that 351 people were killed...Israli roads are an immense cemetery.
24. Khaled
Adam ,   UK   (09.23.08)
In which Arab country would you have more rights than in Israel? Not one. I think you have it pretty good, better than minorities in Arab states. Anyway, NOTHING justifies or excuses this act of terror.
25. 10
Ronny Judah ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.23.08)
You are sick in the head and have no value for human lives leave allone your own.You all are brain washed and should go and live with your real brothers if they will accept you?They will eat you alive.
26. Come on now
USA   (09.23.08)
What is this? Enough is enough.
27. he was there and said it is only an accident
namira ,   jerusalem   (09.23.08)
28. To No. 23
New Yorker ,   New York   (09.23.08)
Dude, you are not provocative - you are an idiot.
29. #20 RICARDO
Jared ,   New York, USA   (09.23.08)
Yes, I live in the U.S. No, I am not an Arab. I am an Israeli. I still don't get your argument. Even if Rice is "promoting this arab terrorists interests!" (and I agree that she is) how is she in any way responsible for tonight's terrorist attack, as you claimed? You said she had "blood on her hands" for tonight's attack. I don't understand how, that's all. I agree with your statements about her skin color remark, Annapolis, etc. But your argument is totally irrelevant and makes no sense whatsoever. And by the way, not every Israeli government is to blame for being "obedient." Like I said, refer, for instance, to the Begin government. In the end, Israel is an independent country, and whether it chooses to do what other countries demand of it is up to Israel and Israel alone. Remember, Israel does not get the $2.5 billion per year in American defense aid from Bush or Rice. It gets it from Congress, which doesn't push Israel to do anything. Quite the opposite, actually.
30. #10 you are 100% correct
sami ,   son of yaffa   (09.23.08)
so Stop the Israeli Racism & Apartheid
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