Memorial service for Rose Pizem held at river bank
Yael Levy
Published: 23.09.08, 10:03
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1. Not just Little Rose
Talula ,   Israel   (09.23.08)
What about the two little boys that were murdered by their mothers? What about them? They were also young and innocent. A memorial should be erected for ALL children who we, as a nation, were not there to help.
2. Redirect your time and money to help living abused kids
Tamar ,   Israel   (09.23.08)
Rose's life and death were tragic, but so is that of many other children in Israel. Instead of investing all this time memorializing a little girl who no one cared about whe she was alive, it would be better for us to concentrate our energies on those who are still alive and suffering daily.
3. WHO ?
lil frogge ,   diepe bulgaria   (09.23.08)
wha ?
Petra ,   usa   (09.23.08)
If your child should die, whould you appreciate this response? Jerk. A life was lost and you act like it means nothing. Can't you read? Have you no heart?
5. Abusive society.
Efroim ,   Washington, DC   (09.23.08)
Many stepchildren in families suffer at the hands of their stepfathers. The mother is often helpless (weak)because she loves her new husband. The child is the one who pays the price. If children are born out the new marriage, the prior kids are treated badly. The kid had NO bloody chance.
6. memorial service for rose pizem
debbie ,   herzliya   (09.23.08)
WHO is this Bulgarian nutcase? Why is he allowed to print here? I thought these talkbacks were being scanned before they were printed for incitement, slander, slurs, etc etc. If you have nothing intelligent to say, don't waste our time and space.
7. #3
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (09.23.08)
Your post is in bad taste. An apology would be great.
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