Ahmadinejad: Israel like plane without an engine
Published: 23.09.08, 11:13
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1. Something, somebody MUST do something about this guy.
Unbelievable. He keeps pushing , pushing, pushing...
2. Ahmadinejad
Rox ,   Israel   (09.23.08)
What the Heck is he doing in the USA, attending the UN conference, he is dodging theirWeapons inspections at every turn! The man mocks freedom and democracy yet he wants the right to address the UN! He murders hisOWN people, threatens Israel, yet he is allowed to address the UN? Would Hitler have been allowed to Address such a body(if it had exisited)? Well it is too late for him to be stopped now, so I urge all UN members to boycott his speech laced with lies, and perhaps an aircraft"accident" could be arranged on his return flight to Iran, since those type of Accidents are common now a days! The plane could easily dev." engine trouble "over the Atlantic I am sure nobody will miss him. He is a real threat to the entire world and must be stopped now!
3. Good article
Sheridan   (09.23.08)
I rather listening him, then the Israeli / U.S. warmonger propaganda. And actually what he told to LA Times, he is right in many things, regardless do we like it or not. Truth is not depending from our taste, because there is always one truth and sometimes not our view is the good one.
4. READ "Islam Undressed"!!!!
rachel ,   chutz4now   (09.23.08)
The whole world people should know that this is NOT about giving the Arab lie importance, the world population is inviting MORE Islamic terror!!!!
5. Agree with #1
Can we get some special catering for his meals? Come on, it should be possible to take this guy out in NY.
6. Desmond Tutu and Ahmedinejad say the same things
Sergio ,   Israel   (09.23.08)
7. israel
colin   (09.23.08)
Iran says Israel is a plane that lost its engine THE TRUTH HURTS Israel got rid of the last part of the leadership this week.Unfortunately the replacement is completely underpowered.Elections will do a full overall
8. Iran&Russia make tension everytime OIL price drops
Alan ,   SA   (09.23.08)
9. Let iranian mind speaks...
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.23.08)
This usual ugly speach from Ahmadarejendeh, shows the real difference between the West, to wich Israel belongs, and the sick mind of the wicked Shiite entity. They talks, we acts. Iran is already a dying nation. They can't do nothing than insult you and spit on you, but when they will be rightly punched in the face by a obliterating air attack, they will take the usual whinning attitud e they always do with all those who defetaed them in history: Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Mongols, Afghans, British etc.. The fact that the speeches of their "Ape man" is so agressive should be used by Israel to prepare the justification of the futures strikes against the Shiite entity. Let the ape man speak woul d i like to say. He is ugly, he speak rude, but his hate will turn back against his own camp.
10. Why are we tired of this man
jade ,   Geneve   (09.23.08)
I think we should be contr-active in which we are so concentrated on going after this man
11. Ahmadinejad: like a person without .....
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.23.08)
--------- (fill in the blanks)!
12. Islamist-Jihadist Fallacy
Brod ,   USA   (09.23.08)
Ahmedinajad is preaching the same Islamist-Jihadist crap that they have been brainwashed for generations. They think Palestine belongs to Islamist-Jihadists. The fact is Palestine is Ancient Israel and Modern Israel. And GOD has restored Modern Israel in Ancient Israel in the 20th century as a Fulfillment of His Covenant of Restoring Modern Israel in Ancient Israel 2500 years ago. Jeremiah 31:1-17, Ezekiel 36:24-38, Ezekiel 37:21-29, Ezekiel 39:27-29, Amos 9:14-15. In their demented mind, the Islamist-Jihadist world thinks that they have a right to ravage, subdue, dominate, islamize and possess other countries, but the latter have no right to liberate their historic homeland. It is time the Free World tells the Islamist-Jihadist world that they have no right to ravage and subdue other countries. And other countries have a right to liberate their historic homeland from Islamist-Jihadist occupation. It is time Ahmedinejad understands this.
13. #3 Sheridan - Which 'things' he said are 'right'?
Honestly, little heads like you ...why do taint our talkback with stupid stuff? I'll tell you some of what you left out that IS TRUE about this creep and his cohorts. They enjoy marginalizing their population. They are crazed theocrats who will destroy YOUR WAY OF LIFE -- way before the "US/Israeli warmongers" ever will. Oh, by the way they treat women like SHIT .Honor killings, female genital mutilation, gay hangings & stonings...must I go on? Yeah..he's a really nice misunderstood.
14. # 10 My thoughts exactly!
Petra ,   usa   (09.23.08)
The world will benefit when this ugly mini monkey dwarf dies. His people should do it.
15. Ahmadinejad is a CIA agent provacteur
Mark ,   Boston   (09.23.08)
16. 9/11 Was an Inside Job done by Bush
Mark ,   Boston   (09.23.08)
Bush supports Iran to weaken Israel.
17. Bush is more dangerous then Iran!
Mark ,   Boston   (09.23.08)
18. funny, he should talk!
oded   (09.23.08)
so now he """championes"" the palis"" rights? what a hypocrit... there never was a ""palestinian"" entity, land , country, state or as such. they were a raga tag fo clans nomades who settled here in the late 1800s. any invention of"plaestinan" people is a mockery of historical facts. but then again, ahmadinijad, imach shemo, is an expert in that!
19. to Mark
Septimus ,   Rome   (09.23.08)
Nothing is more perverse, nothing is more insidious, nothing is more treacherous, nothing is more murderous and guilty of the evilest crimes than the fake regime of the Shiite entity. This iranian tumor has to be wipped out from the middle ast, and so it will be very soon. period
20. Democracy
Josse ,   somwhere, Germany   (09.23.08)
The basic principle of democracy is: one man - one vote. Your problem is your selective perception of democracy: in human and subhuman. To stick to this wrong view is dangerous and trendsetting a bitterly unhappy future for all men in Israel/Palestine.
21. Israel - Plane without engine?
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (09.23.08)
Ahmadinejad - Head without brain!
22. #21
israeli ,   israel   (09.23.08)
Well done, Cy, almost took the words right out my mouth. I was going to say that if Israel is a plane without an engine, then surely Iran is a plane without a pilot. Oh, and would you really define the thing affixed to A'jad's neck as a head?
23. hitler and ahmadinejad
alexi   (09.23.08)
deos anyone doubt that if hitler had been eliminated before the holocaust, many jews would have been saved. So if hitler were alive today, most jews would kill him without permission from the AG mazzuzz.IDF has to be able to use some ruthless measures that cross somewhat illeglaity. New definitions are needed for the war on terror.Est jerslamem relatives of killers should have their homes blown up and arrested for complicity. This would be a deterrent. Arab desire for safety would balance islamic fervor. Israel should take less captives and elimiate the bad ones. mazzuzz is polite, courteous but hapless, takes forever adn interferes too much.Hire and AG who had substantial courtroom experience, not university professors. In the meantime, eliminate ahmadinejad as he is hitler and it would shut up the rest of the iranian bastards.Ahmadinejad is haman. Eliminate him.
24. Halliburton helped Iran enrich Uranium
MARK ,   BOSTON   (09.23.08)
The real enemy is Halliburton. Who owns Halliburton?
25. lost an engine?
roger ,   brisbane australia   (09.23.08)
Well he would say that, Iran airways has a habit of doing just that, photoshop just isn't sophisticated enough to fix that problem for real!
RSYZ ,   Canada   (09.23.08)
GIUSEPPE ,   GENK - BELGIUM   (09.23.08)
28. Holocaust? Palestinians?
David Knapp ,   Pittsburgh   (09.23.08)
I thought this butthead doesn't believe in the Holocaust. How can he say the Palestinians shouldn't pay for it --- if it didn't actually happen?
29. "Plane without an engine"?
Danny   (09.23.08)
Isn't that the latest Iranian fighter jet?
30. #Sheridan - Ahmadinejad is the proof of why ISRAEL MUST WIN
meir elazar   (09.23.08)
#Sheridan - Ahmadinejad is the proof of why ISRAEL MUST WIN , SURVIVE, AND BLOW UP IRAN's NUCLEAR FACILITIES. 1. AT NO TIME IN HISTORY DID THE PALESTINIANS EVER RULE OR HAVE A GOVT IN ISRAEL. 2. Israel after fleeing slavery and persecution upon G-d instruction conquered Israel and ruled it from 1500 BCE to 70 AD with period of persecution including Babylonian exile, Greeks, and finally Roman destruction. 3. While all of our enemies eventually perished and evaporated, we continued to cling to heritage no matter where persecution forced us to go across the countries of the globe. But we NEVER relinquished our rights to our homeland. 4. After surviving the crusades, Spanish Inquisition, pogroms of Russia etc, and finally the Holocaust, it was time to make our ancient dream and homeland our once more. 5. Palestine was very sparse, largely uninhabited desert. Suddenly Arafat who was born in the 30's in Egypt became a "Palestinian" along with countless others who magically became Palestinians. It is much like the Mujahadin across the globe who are sent to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan although they have no connection other than Arab/Moslem terror fighting anywhere in the world they can. Dying for 72 virgins is more important than living. Killing including honor killing, killing other Arabs, Hamulot, Fatah, anyone is a paramount virtue to them. See the assasination of Benazir Bhutto and the recent bombing in Pakistan, beheadings in Phillipines, Berg, and Pearle, the terrorism in London, Madrid, NY, Washington DC, Bali, Sinai, Jordan, etc. Some was funded by Saddam and more by Ahmadinejad. Saddam is gone and Ahmadinejad should follow. 6. Israel is now a 21st century country, built up from desert, thriving in culture, sport, technology, etc. The Arabs are still stuck in the 7th century and driven by barbaric hatred of Jews, Israelis, and Zionists. 7. Our only recent failings are due to incompetent leadership of Olmert and now he has resigned. Hopefully we will get responsible leadership and complete what must be done in Iran just like we did in Iraq and Syria. 8. Remember that Ahmadinejad has denied the Holocaust, called for the destruction of Israel, etc. 9. WE WILL STAND TALL AND DEFEAT OUR PERSECUTORS.
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