Petition charges Ahmadinejad with inciting genocide
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.09.08, 00:12
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1. what a hypocrite
socalmaverick ,   sunny so-cal   (09.24.08)
gold is the same hypocrite that enjoyed killing women and kids under sharon and called it self defense
Arik Silverman ,   MIlwaukee USA   (09.24.08)
The man has said many nasty things, but he never promoted genocide. If anything, you can say he's guilty of inciting to "Countricide."
3. I can't stand Ahmadingdong myself
USA   (09.24.08)
but the International world has become so sensitive and sadly dependent upon United Nations and World Courts that none of us can even move without their approval. Let the idiot Iranian leader do what he will -- and let his enemies respond. Trying to tie him up with documents and condemnations is just more nonsense peace negotiations, appeasement and whining for the evil in this world to come to their senses. They won't -- not without violence.
4. crimes againt humanity past vs future
azinvaredonya ,   US   (09.24.08)
Now, remind me again, This is about Jenin?? or Sabra & Shatila refugee camps in Beirut?? or is it about cluster bombing of South lebanon in the hours before cease fire??
5. What Are We Waiting For, Obama?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.24.08)
I ask, why are not 100B1 and B2s, and 500 Israeli F15s and F16s, not right now warming up, and being loaded with Cruise Missiles, smart bombs, bunker busters and a few tactical nukes? Why is there any hesitation about bombing 3 nuke sites in Iran? Why, why, why? Why didn't 10m USA folk demonstrate against Ahmad? Iran has 40,000 suicide bombers..who fully intend to wipe US all out..So what are we waiting for, Obama?
6. War criminal?
Jim ,   USA   (09.24.08)
In order to be recognized as a war criminal, you have to actually commit war crimes, such as, starting a war based on lies(Bush), target civilians(Israel). Any other stupid claims?
7. as i watch iranian chanchellor hitler speak
birdy schmecky   (09.24.08)
it makes my blood boil to think that no one does anything to stop him of his gang. i believe in reincarnation and feel i have lived this before in the 1940's it wasnt pretty then and it will not be pretty now soon. why no one knocks him off already i dont know. he needs a face lift botox his sunken eyes tells the story of a deep sick man who somehow got into power when in fact someone should have kicked his ass years ago. you can not reason with this man just like no one could reason with hitler. there is only one end to thisstory and we all know waht that is.
dp   (09.24.08)
this guys resume details 30 years of murder, terror and horrific atrocities against other muslims, especially Iranians, he is been reared not just for martyrdom, but to inspire, persuade & actively lead his entire nation into martyrdom. this is why hamas and the mullahs see eye to eye in general, they both seek the same outcome and have in common the steps needed to achieve it. Step #1 = consistent nuclear production
9. #4 Don't Care About EXORBITANT Moslon on Moslom Violence?
dp   (09.24.08)
I mean here you are, critical, playing the role of a critique, how about examining the disproportional and numerous moslom on moslom violence that drowns out any number of Israeli actions of self defense
10. They're going after the wrong man
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (09.24.08)
They should be going after every Jew in the Israeli government. Israel has been PRACTICING genocide for the past 61 years. Not quite there yet, but they are doing their best.
11. Israelis and Zionists must be very careful when come to...
Persian CAT   (09.24.08)
accusing others of being a war criminal. Israel has been ruled by war criminals through its ENTIRE short history and what you guys are spreading will come back to haunt you. I don't like Ahmadinejad but which war did he start to be labeled a war criminal?!!! Which occupied territories is he overseeing?!!! Which illegal settlements is he building?!!! How many civilians is he killing on daily basis?!!! Let's not forget ALL these are happening in Israel right now.
12. #4
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (09.24.08)
Jenin? The city where four or five suicide attackers came from during one week? Those guys who filled up their own camp with plenty of mines and up to 2000 "booby traps" – which then finally exploded...??! Sabra & Shatila? Those places where Lebanese militias attacked Palestinian camps? While the Palestinians – as always – had done nothing... nothing... nothing... these "always poor and innocent" guys. No, this time we are not talking about Arab crimes – we are talking about Iranian crimes. And while Arab terror groups are always quite perverted – you find Per(ver)sians only in the Mullah state...
13. #4
Roland ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.08)
Jenin - as in the israeli soldiers who were wounded and killed when they entered an area booby trapped with terrorists hiding behind women and children yet were constrained by orders not to hurt 'innocent civilians? Or sabra and shatilla where x-tian and muslim arabs slaughtered each other or the war in lebanon where brave hizbulla fighters hid in schools and civilian areas to shoot their rockets on Israeli citizens (not combatants)? Like the cowards in Gaza that fired 1000's of rockets on Israeli civilians because we gave them all of Gaza? Man you are confused.
14. The Iranian nuclear program is nearing completion!
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.24.08)
According to news reports, U.S. intelligence agencies believe the Iranians may have enough nuclear material to produce a bomb within a year. The world has condemned these activities and must awake to the threat this man poses to all of us. Iran is not only a regional threat; it threatens the entire world. It is the no. 1 state sponsor of terrorism. It sponsors the world's most vicious terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah. Together, Iran and its terrorists are responsible for the deaths of Americans in Lebanon in the 1980s, in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, and in Iraq today. You cannot appease Iran :
15. #11, why?
Danny   (09.24.08)
You make this claim but EVERY SINGLE instance where these claims have been tested in any sort of real court they have fallen at the first post. I believe Iran is hanging several thousand people every year. Lets also not forget the Iranian formented violence in Lebanon and Iraq.
16. Most Iranians would love to see Ahminajad evaporate
Parsi   (09.24.08)
He is bringing a catastrophe on his own people and competes successfully with Hitler in drawing fire from most civilized inhabitants of this planet. The ridiculous thing is how the hypocritical paper lion AKA "The UN" even provides him a podium from which to spread his poison.
17. #11 Too bad you can't be honest
Cynthia ,   USA   (09.24.08)
The Islamic Regime occupies Iran. Since Ahmadinejad took office, public executions have increased. Daily killings are not publicized because this is Iran's dirty little secret. Iran has the worst human rights record. Ahmadinejad is obviously afraid of his own people. He threatens genocide to Israel and rants about the US while attempting to divert attention from his complete failure as president of Iran.
18. #10 Allow us to disregard your racist and undocumented lies!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.08)
19. #6 Yes, WAR CRIMINAL!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.24.08)
In order to be recognized as a war criminal, you have to actually commit war crimes, such as, starting a war based on lies(The War OF Terror Iran has been practicing for decades in the name of Islam's Armaggedon), target civilians (IRAN: hanging Homosexuals and terrorizing the local non-Shia population ). Also calls for destroying a nation and comiting genocide are War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. No need to prove to you anything - just read the Top Monkey's speeches! As for Israel "targetting civilians": by "civilians" do you refer by any chance to ARMED terrorists who launch thousands of rockets into Israeli towns? Are you refrerring by chance to ARMED terrorists who are trying to cross the border on a daily basis? Any other stupid claims, Mr. Racist?
20. # 11
Bill ,   US   (09.24.08)
Iran is responsible for the Lebanon-Israel war in 2006 since their militia started it.
21. to Persian Cat
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (09.24.08)
Ask Bahrain what Iran is occupying, building settlements and using military force to control... Ask them.. before you open your mouth
22. come back
eli ,   right here   (09.24.08)
23. ha ha
Nelson   (09.24.08)
24. Vrulent classical anti-Semitism reminiscent of Goebbels
Dan ,   U.S.   (09.24.08)
The virulent classical anti-Semitism of Ahmadijenad harkens back to the dark days of Julius Streicher and Joseph Goebbels. The genocidal Iranian leader is doing his utmost in preserving the evil legacy of Jew hatred that spanned eras from the inquisitions to the pogroms to the holocaust, the latter of which he denies ever happened while at the same time attempting to instigate a modern day version of it, all in the same breath.
25. I've notice we've got scumbags in SoCal like # 1
Semper Fi! ,   San Diego, CA   (09.24.08)
Are you an arab or an iranian hiding in South California? I check on your message, the Persian Cat whore and other alleged americans, that are in reality scumbags 5th column or lefties that adore the real murderers, liars and genocide perpetrators that we can find in any arab or muslim country. This scum never recognize their barbaric actions for centuries now, and are always accusing Israel or the USA for retaliation for actions they took in the first place. Just check how happy are the masses in the arab world ...If we could we should take all these rats and send them over there.
26. RE:#1 that is called war idiot
daz ,   la, usa   (09.24.08)
27. Hamas, Hizballah members should all be sent to The Hague
Zion   (09.24.08)
Maybe the West will learn what they are.
28. NO! HE IS NOT!
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (09.24.08)
29. #2, #10 - Jews supporting Ahmadinejad
Tahl ,   Israel   (09.24.08)
I can't know whether these people calling themselves "Silverman" and "Cohen" are masquerading as Jews (to stir provocation), or actually real Jews. If it's the latter, then that puts them in the unique company of Neturei Karta and their cuckoo "rabbi" who actually kissed that Iranian monkey, as well as David Duke.
30. He is war criminal please arrest him
sam ,   tehran,iran   (09.24.08)
I kindly request from American and other country that they arrest Ahmadinejad and putting him on trial because of his crimes as he killed 2500 Iranian around 4 years, even in this years he want kill more people it is genocide so it needs world society attention to this situation
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