Germany: Russia may shun Iran talks
Associated Press
Published: 24.09.08, 19:53
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1. Russia Did Not Invade Georgia
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (09.24.08)
any more than Poland invaded Germany in 1939. Stop reporting lies.
2. #1 i would change your name
boris ,   nyc, usa   (09.25.08)
to jack-a, before you talk, know what you are talking about - germans (russians) tried to prove that it was poland(georgia)attacked them. only after the war world found out who attacked glivice, already on august 15 in"perm news"paper was published article that 58 army was already by tshinvali on august 7, just like in "red star" paper captain dennis sidricty awarded for this war says the same. but article not about this anyway
3. #2 Jerry. Please exlplain. I can't make sense out . . .
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (09.25.08)
of your analogy or any of the facts or parody of the facts you are aluding to. Do you not consider the two provinces that Russia invaded part of soverign Georgia?
4. #2 one word for you: DECAF
ben Ish   (09.25.08)
Make sense please.
5. #2
boris ,   nyc, usa   (09.25.08)
do not judge by yourself
6. how very convenient
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.03.08)
russia will sulk and pout and not come out to play sanctions, until AFTER the bushehr reactor is commissioned AND PAID FOR. how very convenient for russia!
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