Bending the truth
Tamar Sternthal
Published: 24.09.08, 19:42
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1. lies
colin   (09.24.08)
It is a very well known fact that bselem are a traitorous bunch of liars.They twist information to bring falsehood in all thier reports The worst culpert is the media that craze for this supposedly untruthful lies to up the ratings and spred these lies for the world press to enlarge the hate against Israel
2. Thanks for reporting this!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (09.24.08)
One of the jobs I assumed the press did (until~ 7 years ago) was research articles before they were published. It's incredible how many lies & much poorly researched data has been published as the truth. I wonder if facts were distorted, and lies printed, because of reporters' laziness -or- if it just fit the world-view of the reporters. How many knowingly reported lies? How many people, pre-internet days, had their opinions formed about issues based on lies and/or faulty data? I'm glad the internet is around today and many websites, like CAMERA, have been checking & exposing supposed 'facts'. It's been a real eye - opener seeing some of the most respected media companies caught misleading the public ... even using doctored photographs!
3. Attempted deaths should be reported too
Zion   (09.24.08)
Thousands of rockets, qassams launched directly towards civilians with no military targets, and failed terrorist attacks are attempted deaths. The Intifada started by terrorists is the main cause of deaths, using human shields and teaching kids to murder Jews, the only reason there are less Israelis dead is because we love life... building defences to combat terrorism, terrorists love death... exploiting any type of human being from foetus to a granny.
4. Liars & Cheats - lied about 88% of Maale Adumim being arab
Smolanim Shakranim   (09.24.08)
5. I stopped believing their stats after Maale Adumim
David G   (09.24.08)
Peace Now (same group) claimed that over 80% of Maale Adumim was built on land privately owned by Palestinians, after investigating the claim was reduced to less than 1%. How do you make such a huge mistake? Maale Adumim is not a small settlement, it is in fact the largest with over 30,000 people living there. This showed me that this group was not interested in reporting facts, but for doing whatever they wanted to push their own agenda.
6. We expect no less of btselem
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.24.08)
7. BeTselem
I. Barr ,   Detroit, USA   (09.24.08)
This radical left anti Israel anti Zionist organization is financed by : British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Christian Aid (UK) Commission of the European Communities DanChurchAid (Denmark) Diakonia (Sweden) Development Corporation Ireland EED (Church Development Service, Germany) Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Ford Foundation (USA) Foundation for Middle East Peace ICCO (Interchurch Organisation for Development Co-operation, Netherlands) International Commission of Jurists, Swedish Section Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation New Israel Fund (Israel) Norwegian Foreign Ministry Shefa Fund SIVMO (Netherlands) Stichting Het Solidariteitsfonds (Netherlands) Trócaire (Ireland) FINANCING IS NOT GIVING MONEY FOR NOTHING. It is that Betselem works for foreign organizations They are not human rights organization, but a surrogate of Israel enemies.
8. It's worse than that
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (09.24.08)
They often seem to act as agents provocateurs. Parading distortions under the guise of protecting civil rights would have been bad enough.
9. unpleasant, but not wrong
observer ,   tel aviv, israel   (09.24.08)
IHL, International Humanitarian Law, that's the guideline. and the never ending line of files claiming ihl-violations by the idf, police and ISA that's what probably botters many of the people around the world
10. This is something we know !!!
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.24.08)
But unfortunately we have'nt the same PR they have . The whole world saw this boy , who was shot , and believed the French reporter who told them it was Israeli fire that killed him . It was too late when the lie came out , we were "the murderers" .
11. Arrest them and jail them
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.24.08)
Close their offices and that of piss now, yesh g'vual and other foreign aided groups.
12. I knew it
Ivan ,   Haifa   (09.24.08)
The videos recorded by cameras donated by btselem where soldiers and settlers abuse palestinian farmers, children, women and ill people are also a fake...Israel is the only neutral and correct side in this conflict, that's why the police and army steal the camera of journalists in demonstrations and when soldiers or policemen are doing something illegal.
13. Btselem
Gilad ,   London UK   (09.24.08)
Btselem has been spamming the YouTube airwaves with anti-israeli videos. You can see them being subscribed to by some of the most anti-israeli ilk, not so much reasonable well-meaning people! This tells you about who wants their misrepresented and sometimes untrue information.
15. B’Tselem is Viciously Anti-Israel and pro-Hamas.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (09.25.08)
Qoute :” B'Tselem reports that Muhammad Zaki Jum'ah al-Najar, killed Nov. 20, 2007 in Khan Younis, "did not participate in hostilities when killed." Yet, Hamas' English website boasts that "today, al-Qassam Brigades mourn the death of the mujahim (fighter): Mohammed Zaki al Najjar. " IT shows that B’Tselem is viciously anti-Israel. IT shows that B’Tselem doesn’t care about Israeli victims of Hamas terror group. ON the contrary, B’Tselem gives unconditional love and glory to Hamas terrorists. And what is hugely ALARMING, Ehud Olmert’s wife is member of that B’Tselem. THE decisions taken by ex-PM Ehud Olmert in the past couple of years -- may have been INFLUENCED by the vision of B’Tselem. SO, it should be no wonder that due to ex-PM Ehud Olmert’s decisions -- Israel was getting crippled, Israel was getting hammered down, Israel was made to bleed.
16. B’Tselem is Extended Limb of Islamic Jihad.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (09.25.08)
Quote :”.. Bilal Hamuda Muhammad Saleh, supposedly "killed while sleeping in a car" April 17, 2008 was the head of Islamic Jihad in Qabatiya, .. “ Quote :”.. B'Tselem's …inconsistencies and blatant falsehoods ...“ B’Tselem would rather protect the Islamic Jihad terrorists -- then fight for the protection of the Israeli civilians. IT means that B’Tselem has become an extended limb of terrorists groups like Islamic Jihad. I think B’Tselem should be prosecuted for acting against the State Of Israel.
17. B'tselem, a Front For Northern European Govts.
Wisconsin Marshall ,   USA   (09.25.08)
Check out the list of B'tselem donors. You will find the British Foreign Office and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, as well as many other European agencies and religious groups. You will also find the Ford Foundation, which is everywhere present in anti-Israeli activities. They all have one goal: to force Israel out of the West Bank.B'Tselem will report any lie, half-truth, or truth to advance their cause. Any information beneficial to Israel will not be reported. Here's my question to Ynetnews. Why don't you reveal the source of B'tselem's funding? Perhaps you did and I missed it. Also, why do you report B'tselem's activities at all (one critical article is OK) and thereby assist them? I would expect this from Haaretz but not from you.
18. Truth from The Left, right!
Gershon Hunt ,   Wexford, Ireland   (09.25.08)
20. Why arent they being sued? Wheres the accountability
freejay3 ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
21. to Ivan the traitor
Arie   (09.25.08)
Steal Cameras ?? 1. If a area is made a closed milatary Area ( Shetach sagur) But the left wing dogs believe that there is now law breaking endangeing buy going on demsonstating. The traiters need a bullet not taking away there camera. Please post the names of the people who are part of Btselm .
22. #9 so why do they have to resort to lying then?
Danny   (09.25.08)
If Israel is so bad....
cristian ,   bs as arg   (09.25.08)
24. b'tselem takes lying to the professional level.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.25.08)
25. Truth from The Left, right!
Gershon Hunt ,   Wexford, Ireland   (09.25.08)
26. Observer , not wrong when they tell lies ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.25.08)
It's the same as you always do . Lying and distorting facts .
27. CAMERA = The Ghost Of McCarthy
Occupation Magazine ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
28. B Tselem finally Unmasked!
Nadav ,   Tel aviv   (09.25.08)
it took this long for an article to appear to FINALLY rebutt the lies spewed by that organization!? The next article should expose their sponsors and Donors, Let's really get to the bottom of who they are, who supports them, and what their real mission is!!
29. Israeli liars !
Sean ,   Derry/Ireland   (09.25.08)
So the countless murdered Palestinian children were all gunmen were they ?
Mikesailor ,   Miami, Fl   (09.25.08)
CAMERA? As an arbiter of truth? You have to be kidding.
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