Jerusalem: Professor Ze'ev Sternhell lightly wounded by pipe bomb
Efrat Weiss
Published: 25.09.08, 10:55
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1. "peace now" are anti-semetic, pro-terrorist filth, trash.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.25.08)
2. This smells
moriah ,   sacramento, usa   (09.25.08)
It smells like a set up. The Left aren't averse to hurting or damaging their own in order to sully the "Right." They are as sick and twisted as the Islamists. Remember, you have to crack a few eggs to make an omlet.
3. It's started
Moriah ,   sacramento,USA   (09.25.08)
Remember how the 'Settlers' in Gaza were vilified by the media before they were thrown out of their homes? Every day they were made out to be nothing short of baby-raping serial killers who were responsible for the conflict with the Arabs and all the problems in the MidEast. THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN!
4. This professor supports terror against Jewish settlers
Meir Weinstein ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.25.08)
Why does this professor get a prize in Israel. This professor has asked the Arabs to attack Jews that live in the settlements. He should not get any honour for that. He should enjoy the right to live his life without fear of violence against him but he should also not call on Arabs to use terror violence against Jews in the settlements. The reaction from Peace Now is digusting.
5. just an other Leftist plot . Sternell is irrelevant
Rivkah Rybak ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
"Law enforcement authorities must abandon their lenient policy when it comes to law-breakers from within the settler community and their supports before we see another politically-motivated murder in Israel," said Oppenheimer. WHAT ABOUT LAW BREAKING ARABS, WHY ONLY SETTLERS!
7. Thou shall not kill !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.25.08)
Is'nt this one of the ten commandments ? I don't agree with some of the "peace camp" words . I oppose messianic jews , missionaries , but to try to kill them for their ideas only shows the unworthy arguments those fanatic opponents have .
8. Better learn quickly
Israeli, not Settler ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
Those criminals as well as most of those fanatics commenting here must learn they are nothing but a minority. The day when the tale waved the dog are over. The problem is they are getting close to a point where Terror becomes an option for them. This would then distance the majority even more. Wake up, start building the country instead of terrorizing Jews and Arabs.
IS IT PURIM?   (09.25.08)
10. MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima) is correct
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (09.25.08)
I don't support Kadima, but Otniel's words against creating a climate of right wing 'witch-hunting' appears correct. I am 100% against the vilification of right wing ideaology by highly emotive, dangerous left wing individuals. They are dangerous because they illicit inflamatory statements, as evident even in this comments section. No Jew should advocate or justify violence against another Jew, period! That includes harsh words spoken by the professor and also any physical attacks against him in retaliation. I accuse anyone that seeks to further divide Am Yisroel, by exploiting right & left wing divisions with such malice, as akin to aiding the enemy's interests in time of war. Our people must learn to connect with each other. The left craves peace at a price that the right feels would undermine Israel's well being. In that sentance we have potential for dialogue between Jews. 'Craving peace' and 'Israel's well being' are both legitamate concerns...Who has the brains to share a serious forum to discuss these key issues with intelligent words and without mindless violence or creating hatred on either side?
11. I don't like the professor's conclusions...
Michael ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.25.08)
But if we're still a democracy, then he has the right to his opinion and his right to speak it. If we justify attacks like this, then we justify those who call us fascists and worse. Whoever the perpetrators are, and whether this attack was real or staged, must be investigated and brought before a court. Murdering a person who doesn't agree with you is NOT democracy... and staging an incident like this to "prove a point" is also NOT democracy. Whether we like his ideas or not, he has the right to express them in a democracy. What will it be? Are we a democracy or not?
12. Move to Gaza if you feel safer there
Zion   (09.25.08)
13. The extremist left use peace in a bogus context
JAyjay ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
14. #1 Bunny
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (09.25.08)
"anti semitic trash" What's your point? Does that make it okay to injure them and maim them. If we disagree with people should we try to kill them. With attitudes like yours we don't need the Arabs , we will annihilate ourselves.
15. slippery slope
Bullshit detector ,   Southwest Asia   (09.25.08)
There is a danger in awarding the accouterments of royalty to commoners, and yes, the Secretary General with the capitalization is no more than a private citizen. What we see here is the descent into rule of the NGOs and other lackeys of the New World Order gang. When Oppenhhimer speaks of the threat to "Israeli Democracy", he is referring to threats to the thugs of the Left and their agenda. We are long past democracy ( and perhaps never were) and the thugs of the Left are running with the ball.
16. Rule of Law
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.25.08)
"Peace Now" is correct that the rule of law in Israel is almost non-existent. Olmert was illegally appointed Prime Minister instead of Netanyahu. Convicted murderers such as Samir Kuntar are released, making mockery of the judicial system. Police violently assault protestors but can't be identified because they illegally do not wear name tags. "Machsom Watch" interferes with soldiers work, leading to the blinding of an Israeli soldier this week. "Peace Now" itself illegally claimed tax-free status without being prosecuted. Let us hope the police have more success in finding the Sternhal bombers then they had in finding the apparently non-existent right-wing olive tree destroyers.
17. Bomb attack
R' Dr M. Sloman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.25.08)
This was a cowardly act that is clearly forbidden in the Jewish religion. No one has the right to cause harm to another person because of political differences.
18. unity
zakkaih   (09.25.08)
Remember the disunity that killed the second temple .
19. an another provocation from the left ?
yariv   (09.25.08)
20. When arabs bomb Jews.It is okay,we
jason white ,   afula,israel   (09.25.08)
do not have enough police. But we have enough to protect the enemies of the state. Where are the calls for the government to stop rockets and mortars falling on Jews in the Negev? peace now sides with the terrorists. Where are the police to go after organized crime? Instead of awarding a known enemy of the state with the Israel prize,strip him of his citizenship along with the other leaders of peace now. barak talks about this bombing,yet is silent about the rocketing and mortaring of the Negev. I hope that the Jews that contribute money to Hebrew Univ. see what their money is spent on. They are paying the salary of an enemy of Israel. Stop the contributions till Heb. Univ. gets rid of this professor and no more students who did not serve in the I.D.F.!
21. To Bunny #1: So, do you justify terror?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.25.08)
Terrorism is terrorism and that's that. Yes, I agree that these leftist organizations and the people who support them are a disgrace and in many cases their actions could even be called treason. However, to carry out "pogroms" against them is lowering ourselves to the level of the Islamic Fundamentalists and those who carried out "pogroms" in Russia, Eastern Europe and other countries and still do so today. Is this sort of behavior any different to that of Klu Klux Klan? One might take into consideration that while we condemn the "Liberal Left" we, the Jewish people who have been persecuted by so many and have suffered for so long should remember that it is because of the liberal attitudes of many Left Wingers and Human Rights activists that we Jews can hold our heads high. While the attitude of Peace Now and B'Tzelem is despicable and deserves our total condemnation, contempt and scorn, we cannot condone acts of terror against anyone!
22. #1 Bunny Boy and his "arm chair zionism"
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (09.25.08)
Well at least they live in Israel unlike you, who chooses to sit in the comfort of your home in LA telling everyone how to run their lives here in Israel. When you live in Israel, work in Israel and pay taxes as well as serving in the IDF, then you can talk of democracy until then i suggest you keep your big mouth firmly shut!
23. he who sows the wind...
Itshak ,   Jerusalem   (09.25.08)
... reaps the whirlwind
24. Proof
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.25.08)
First prove that it truly was an attack and not staged so that these anti-State leftists will have one more item to blame on those that wish the State to survive!
israela ,   europe   (09.25.08)
you tellme whatis the difference between some of us and some of them???? our cousins???
26. #1
sad ,   israel   (09.25.08)
before you say anything - live here. it's easy to preach from far.
27. Set-Up
secularsabra ,   kibbutz, Israel   (09.25.08)
This does seem like another set up. I am a secular Kibbutznik, but vote Right wing because I do not trust those on the left. Me & Mine remember who is selling out our country.
28. Stern Hell? That's one helluva name!
israeli ,   israel   (09.25.08)
29. Growing Phenomenon?!!! This is the first attack
Michael Berg ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.25.08)
I've ever heard of committed by the right against Israelis. Also, its only the seccond I know that was committed at all, the first being baruch goldstein. Although I have heard numerous things that beztelem has done against Israelis. There was that case when a Jewish woman working for them stood by and told a soldier that he deserved it when he was stabbed in the neck by a terrorist. Secondly, because of this, I find it ridiculous to think that it was really committed by anyone on the right. It is more likely in my eyes that it was a set up. But then again, the whole thing is weird. A set up itself is not enough of an explanation. Maybe a fellow professeur, somebody who hated him and also was a leftist saw the oppurtunity to achieve two things at once.
30. #8, I've got news for you.
Jake   (09.25.08)
Sternhell, Oppenheimer, and their fringe-left disciples are not even a minority. They are not even a minority within a minority. And the expression you used 'the tail wags the dog" describes them very well. Since they found no support among their own people, they acted as talebearers to the wider world, and constantly incited against "the settlers" in the media. Sternhell advocated the use of violence against settlers. Whatever happened here is the result of the toss of his own coin.
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