B’Tselem opens Washington bureau
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 25.09.08, 10:09
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1. Reputation for What?
Aryeh Wetherhorn ,   Elazar, Israel   (09.25.08)
Despite the claim made in one of the last paragraphs in this article, BTselem is NOT accurate in much, perhaps even most, of its reporting. It also focuses only on alleged Israeli activities against Palestinians but disregards corresponding actions by Palestinians against Israelis, Palestinians against Palestinians, and Israeli Arabs against almost anyone. It is a pity that those that fund it do not spend their money with other organizations that provide information that is better balanced and more accurate.
2. Good, mayve they can be sued for slander in the USA!
Jay3 ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
3. Would they report all Palestinian HR violations as well?
Tahl ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
Somehow I seriously doubt it, even though the Palestinians hurt their own people much more than the Israelis do. Someone's gotta take these poor, demented Jews suffering from this fatal self-hatred syndrome, for some comprehensive re-education. Maybe it's not too late to save them?
4. Why does the finance ministry
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (09.25.08)
not check the sources of their income ? Who are the people behind them ? Put police at their office , let them take everyone entering there to police station for "long" ID control . This is legal not ? Maybe people will be disgusted to support them .
stude ham   (09.25.08)
Whassa matter with this organization? Can't they make it on their own among the Jewish people? Here's hoping they fail just as miserably among the goyim as they did among the Jews. Israel does not need another enemy of its people.
6. It's the tattle tale bureau so they can rat on Israel
Shira ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
7. Quoted by US State Department?
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.25.08)
So one rabid pro arab organization(US State Department) quotes another rabid pro arab organization(Btselem). Why are we surprised? Why should we care? One thing for sure, Goebels would be very proud to be a member of Btselem.
8. B'Tselem is NOT a human rights organization
JPS ,   Efrat   (09.25.08)
Don't be fooled. B'Tselem is a pro-Palestinian advocacy group that has very little to do with human rights. Human rights is a universal concept, thus to be a human rights group, B'Tselem would have to advocate for human rights for all the human beings in what they call the "occupied territories." But they don't. They ignore human rights abuses against the Jewish population in those areas, many of whom live there legally and legitimately (take Gush Etzion for example, which was legally owned by Jews before the 1948 war and captured by Arabs - if you support the concept that you can't acquire land by force, then Gush Etzion is obviously not a "settlement"). Despite the Palestinian policy of war crimes and human rights abuses and war crimes against Jews, B'Tselem totally ignores the Palestinian abuses. That makes them a pro-Palestinian lobby group, not a human rights group.
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