Neturei Karta: Ahmadinejad wants peace
Neta Sela
Published: 25.09.08, 13:08
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1. How do you preform an excommunication?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (09.25.08)
Here are 2 people that are plotting to end Israel. They both should be locked up and and have the key destroyed (not just tossed away) with the door welded shut. They are too dangerous to be aloud to run around in public.
2. What Do They Think?
Moshe ,   Givataim   (09.25.08)
Did someone do some "brain washing" to this "spiritual leaders"? I don't believe that they are really believing this "crap"... It is really unbelieveable ... Calling this Mr. Ahmadinejad a man that wants peace, ahh yes he is ONLY an Anti-Zionist. Guys wake up and start looking around, open your eyes and realize that you are living in our country. If you want to be part of us, then act like this. He wants to kill us, and you will stand next to us and say "Well he is a man that wants peace". Get real or lost
3. He blamed Jews for Economic Mess: Idiots
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (09.25.08)
He blamed Jews for the economic mess. These people should be boycotted.
4. No. 1 Eric
NYC Girl   (09.25.08)
While I sympathize with your sentiments, I think perhaps excommunication would be too good for them. Every single one of these fanatics who live in Israel and meet with Ahmadinejad, should be put on trial for treason. It's time to remove the kid gloves when dealing with Naturei Karta and similar ultra-religious extremists because they've been handing a public relations victory to Israel's enemies for far too long.
5. Go'al nefesh!
Ariel ,   Not there   (09.25.08)
6. Iran is developing a new nuclear weapon
Simon ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.25.08)
It's really special, it kills everyone except Neturei Karta. If this wasn't so serious it would be the biggest joke. There is a special blessing the the Amida just for this sort of traitors.
7. I can't believe these people are Jewish.
N ,   Netanya   (09.25.08)
How can they speak like that? They don't get it, ahmedinejad hates the Israeli people because of their Judaism and Zionism. If these people support him, it's very very sad! because killing is not part of the Torah's laws. and this is what ahmedinijad wants to do to the Israeli nation...
8. I can't believe those people!
YB ,   Layton, Utah, USA   (09.25.08)
this is horrible!!! i just can't believe that there are Jewish people like this! i am shocked! they are so stupid! can't they tell he's freaking fake with the WHOLE world?! i promise you, stupid Neturi Carta, that he'd "wipe you off" the map too when your time comes... well all i've got to say is - F*** you!
9. I hope they brought up the issue of Hygiene at the meeting
Chezki ,   NY USA   (09.25.08)
Lord knows both of those sides can use it.
10. Close ties is right
Talula ,   Israel   (09.25.08)
That picture of the Rabbi and the Loonie going in for a full lip lock is still fresh in my mind. And if anyone needs reminding here it is again folks in full colour:,7340,L-3352392,00.html These mental cases should be banned from entering Israel.
11. creative use of Neturei Karta
just thinking...   (09.25.08)
Neturei Karta should make themselves useful for once. Just think: you're a Jew and you have access to Hilter and it's 1937. What do you do? If NK cannot do the deed themselves, Mossad should infiltrate the next joint dinner and do the deed. Both Israel and Iran will benefit greatly from the elimination of mini-Hitler. Once mini-Hitler is dead, we can go back to theological arguments about the land of Israel.
12. How does Notorei Karta....
Tuvia Schertzman,md ,   Betar Ilit   (09.25.08)
explain Betar Ilit, a city of Torah in the truest sense in the "territories". Are all the Rashei Yeshiva, talmidai chachamim, and beiti din crazy? Should we also be nuked?
13. Isn't this guy lucky he doesn't live in Tudor England?
Jake   (09.25.08)
14. judenrat
zichron   (09.25.08)
they have bought themselves a little more time until a new more viscious spirit is revealed in a haman jihad .
15. Deport the bastards!!!
Natan   (09.25.08)
Sent them to Iran!!!
16. Collaborating with the enemy
EG   (09.25.08)
yes.. ALL that collaborate with the enemy should be locked up (or deported) and key thrown away partial list follows: any MK that has UnAuthorized relationships with Syria / Hamas ? PA (read arab list) any and all members of Betzelem any and all members of Neturei Karta living in Israel (we need to create mechanism to deal with the ones living in chutz laaretz) (why only outrage at Neturei Karta ... lets be intellectually honest.. lock up the entire loony contingent)
17. similar cranks
Thunderstrike   (09.25.08)
Neturei Karta and Ahmadinejad are birds of a feathers. they deserve each others. period
18. Naturei Karta's 11th Commandment ...
Bruno ,   telaviv   (09.25.08)
Love thy arch enemy & his nuclear bomb that he will use against you. Curse and hate thy brother.
19. neuturai karta and the iranian
verna m black ,   jerusalem, israel   (09.25.08)
the pictures shown with the jewish men meeting with the present iranian leader are sickening. no other words can describe what this group does to the rest of us who are fighting for our very existence here in this holy land. again the pictures are sickening for obvious reasons.
Well what can you say about these weirdos? Its easy to see why they are a minority, but as with extremists of all persuasion , they can be dangerous to the rest of us when attempting to force their stupidity down our throats. AmadJihad must be really enjoying having these imbeciles fawning all over him.
21. False headline: NK is in no way Ultra-Orthodox.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.25.08)
or if so, then they're ultra-orthodox toward a foreign religion. Colluding with our Nation's enemies makes them utterly unfaithful to our Holy Torah. The Jewish Nation (all its streams including the anti-Zionist Satmar community) has unanimously shunned them and for all effects and purposes has excommunicated them. Ynet... its time you did the same. Please sign this petition of excommunication: Shana Tova and may the Almighty protect us from our enemies from within and without.
22. #1- Excommunication starts here. A Petition to Excommunicate
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.25.08)
23. naturei karta
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.25.08)
They state that the Shoah was G-d's desire to cleanse the Jews; they suport ANY group seeking the destruction of our State - violently or otherwise; they believe the islamonazi goal of eradicating all Jews would be G-d's will if successful so Jews have no right to fight it; they overlook the fact that our forebearers taught us to fight those that would oppress us; AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST-WHY ALL THE ATTENTION? They comprise a few hundred at best living amongst the rednecks of the NY mountains. Stop promoting them and they will wither away
24. It is important to make clear the NK are LEFTISTS
Urel Wissenpisenshaf ,   Austria   (09.25.08)
The maggots that call themselves netura karte ARE LEFTISTS !!! albeit in tradtional garb .... Most are so called hazerim biteshuva - cursed scum that are proud of their leftist nazi views BUT claim to be religious now AND even dress in religious garb ..... The fake hazerim bitshuva should get their skulls smashed ....
25. Naturei Karta
Ben ,   Monroe, USA   (09.25.08)
Since those idiots are so in love with the Iranians, ship them all there. NOW!! Israel has sufficient enemies without them.
26. Neturei Karta: Ahmadinejad wants peace
ee ,   UK   (09.25.08)
it has happened before. Go and ask Nehemiah in the Bible. it is a shame! The Lord willvindicate his own.
27. Naturee carta
Bachrach Andres ,   kfarsaba   (09.25.08)
What an old nomen romanus of this gangster's,who doesn't know limit of their yearning for easy earned money .I know this people.I met them in my galuth life.they went to the local jew hating police to denounce us,cionist youth of the town,beeing komunist and in this time wasn't isral yet. Andi mihakfar.
28. Insane people love other insane people, just natural.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.25.08)
29. They are NOT Jewish.
Nachum ,   golan   (09.25.08)
They are funded by the PLO. They're just Arabs pretending to be Jews to make Jews look like the bad guys.
30. What's He Inhaling At The Hookah?
emanon ,   USA   (09.25.08)
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