Olmert: Israel should quit most occupied land
Published: 30.09.08, 08:40
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1. Olmert: Israel should quit most occupied land
Yonatan ,   One Jerusalem   (09.30.08)
what a sad begining to the new year, is this your shana tova to the people of Israel? or is this your revenge for being caught stealing and lying ? olmert the great nothing soon to be thrown in the trash bin of history.
2. Only administered land?
Ken ,   South Africa   (09.30.08)
The Islamists will never be satisfied with that, they want Olmerts home(land) also. Here's their "peaceful border map":
3. Olmert shouldn't get any more news coverage
abn   (09.30.08)
He is a nobody.
4. Vast wastelands or towns?
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.30.08)
I don't think it is clear enough in the report whether the PM, Yes #1 he is still PM, is referring to the vast wastelands or to centres of population. From his former statements I believe he is not referring to Maaleh Adumim, Efrat, Bet El, Ariel and so on, but rather to the wastelands of fomenting hatred which should simply be behind a high wall to protect us.
5. EU Payroll Here I come
Abe ,   Eilat, Israel   (09.30.08)
Olmert is just looking to get on the EU payroll once he leaves office and/or jail. What a piece of garbage.
6. Such deception
Juan ,   Spain   (09.30.08)
If the 1967 borders were OK, why did the Arabs attack in 1967?
7. you'll be driven out from ALL occupied Palstn lands
jj ,   usa   (09.30.08)
just as the many occupations before you were driven out of Palestine, and by the way, those occupations were not only supported by superpowers, but they were THE superpowers of their times.
8. OLMERT WHO? (just go..and close the door quietly after you)
This man must be forgotten as quickly as possible , he has distracted us long enough and now his parting comments absolutely nail him as a pathetic dreamer , with no idea of reality clutching to simplistic remedys that will not cure a damn thing but only make the problem even worse. Just sick. Just get off Olmert.. GO!
9. Olmert Should Have Kept Quiet
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.30.08)
Olmert a year ago, set the tone of the negotiations with the Palis..when he, if I recall, also called for the return of over 93 percent of the land won by Israel in 67 and 73. At the time, frankly, I couldn't fathom why he gave the ship away prior to negotiations. Syria has bad recall it appears. Nothing new here. The Palis official is asking for more, the dismantling of all the so-called settlements as part of any deal. Every Palis leader is demanding the return of any Muslim to Israel proper, behind the cease fire lines. A non-starter and he knows it. Israel again, has backed itself into a corner. Olmert, like our Bush, has no power, and no approval. He should have kept quiet..let Livni govern and make the decisions. Israel keeps on shooting itself in the foot..deja vu. Olmert hinted Israel had nukes..a mistake. Carter confirmed shock there. Nothing has been accomplished since Oslo 1 and Camp David. Leaders have come and gone..Israel remains tired, confused, w/o strong, practical leadership. Israelis are perplexed, without focus. Iran's nukes will move the entire area...unfortunately. Israel should talk but no red way or another. They still hold the high ground. When the Arabs attacked them 5 times..they paid a price for it.
10. Olmert the phoney statesman
Cynic #2   (09.30.08)
As with all others, Olmert tries to be a statesman ... be it posthumously The sad fact is that Israel has politicians but not statesmen/women.
11. #7 you idiot! yes the land was occupied...
it was the Jews who were OCCUPIED not the OCCUPIER. you are a complete ignorant fool.
12. To JJ: Don't Tread on US
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (09.30.08)
To JJ: Monkeys will fly out of your you know what before Israel withdraws from it's sacred, G-d given homeland. Unfortuantely, people like Olmert seem not to get it...the Palis don't just want the W. Bk, Jerusalem (all of it), and the right of 5m Muslims to live in Israel..they want it all JJ. But you know that, don't you? We will fight, millions of we Jews and Christians against Sharia law in our Western world, against Islamic terrorists, against Jihadists, and against Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. We have remained quiet until now..but we are finally awakening. We are saying, "Don't tread on me". Don't fool with the Jews.
13. The solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (09.30.08)
If the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were a territorial compromise within Mandatory Palestine, I have no doubt we would have reached this long ago. Instead, from the dawn of Zionism to the present day, the Palestinian leadership has rejected every partition plan proposed, and has reacted violently to all political initiatives seeking a settlement along those lines. This occurred in 1937 in response to the Peel Commission, in 1947 as a reaction to the UN partition plan, and in 2000 when the Palestinians rejected former Prime Minister Barak's proposal at Camp David . More at :
14. Olmert Payroll
yehudi ,   palestine   (09.30.08)
By hearing this enemy propoganda from PM I even afraid to wonder who else pays to this guy. Talansky looks angel comparing to Olmert Jihadist and radical lefties sponsors to be discovered. I won' t be suprised to find him as Asad political adviser in future.
15. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (09.30.08)
just leave the residence of the prime minister. we know what your word means - NOTHING. You had time to do things but you were too too busy with all your deals. Now just keep your mouth shut and disappear from the political arena.
16. Olmert
Roxy ,   Israel   (09.30.08)
Says leave E. Jerusalem,West Bank why should we ,it won't bring peace but simply embolden those that would destroy us. If you give back East Jerusalem they will just use it to launch rockets into the rest of Jerusalem,if you give back parts of the West Bank they will launch rockets into central Israel. Did you forget Mr Olmert that when Israel gave back Gaza to them they didn't chose to settle the land and live there and grow crops, instead they use it as a place to launch rockets into Sderot and Ashdod, so why should we think any differently. MOST IMPORTANT THE KORAN ACKNOWLEDGES THAT JERUSALEM BELONGS TO THE JEWS NOT THE MUSLIMS! THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO IT! So Stop surrendering ISrael, because they just don't want parts of Israel, they want the whole country, from the Golan to Eliat,and from the WestBank to the Sea! So stop your foolish talk it only emboldens the enemy!
17. #7 The occupiers
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.30.08)
Are you referring to the Romans, the Umayyad, the Turks, the British or are you simply ignorant of local history? The Jews were exiled from this land but despite the exile there was still a Jewish majority in Jerusalem in 1822 (Encyclopaedia Brittanica). Abu Dis did not exist on a French map of 1838 excepting 4 Jewish houses!!! When the Jews began to return from their exile and work the land so Arabs from Iraq, Syria and Egypt - the basic make-up of the supposed Palestinian people - came to the area which was suddenly thriving in order to find work. The original Land of Palestine included Jordan and Lebanon - who was here the longest? The answer is - the Jews!!!!
18. Olmert you should be shuned by every Jew in the world.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (09.30.08)
You deny your heritage, Your ancestors must be turning and wailing in their graves. ISRAEL and JUDEA is ours, they have stolen it from US. The Brits are to blame for their giving a sizable chunk of our land to the family of Smukdula Hussain (Jordan and the so called west bank.) West bank of what? Jerusalem is OURS and its surrounding towns and villages. Deport every Arab that denies this to Saudi Arabia, Iran. David conqured the Golan for us over 2000 years ago. Along with Barak, Peres and any other so called ISRAELI that denies our right to OUR land should be excommunicated, and exiled to the lands they love so much. i.e, Iran, Saudi Arabia,and anti-Semetic EU. And leave us that love and cherish our land and its history to honour our Ancestors in true PEACE. I am sickened by such avarice.
20. #6 Arabs attacked in 1967?
isn't it like saying Arabs were occupying the land before 1967?
21. Après moi, le déluge!
FO ,   Belgium   (09.30.08)
In fact, what does Olmert say in his "legacy interview"? Après moi, le déluge! In English: when I am gone, I don't mind what happens! Left ideology succeeded in creating a dumbness society that is unaware of its recent history. Left repentence in front of the Arabs is just a subterfuge to hide the guilt of their total failure during the Shoah. No Mr. Olmert, no Prof. Sternhell, and all the supporters of "Peace Now", the right of those who settle in the West Bank and the Golan Heights is not due to the holy scriptures or military conquests. It is due to the fact that on the 24th of July 1922, the World represented by 51 nations voted UNANIMOUSLY a resolution, joined by a 52nd nation, the United States of America, a resolution that gave the Jewish People the irrevocable right to settle anywhere on the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan, including the Golan Heights, a right unaltered and valid till this day, due to article 80 of the Charter of the United Nations. The same resolution recognized in its preamble "the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and the grounds for REconstituting their National Home in that country". (In fact a Jewish State). Left had no understanding for these resolutions, that would have meant accepting Jewish middle-class immigrants, and Nahum Sokolow wrote in his "History of Zionism" that the Jewish State never was part of the Zionist programme! The Left accepted without protest the British (Mandatory of Palestine) first 2 White Papers and the ceding of the Golan Heights in 1923 to France, the Mandatory of Syria, in total breach of article 5 of the resolutions of the League in 1922. The left ran into panic in 1939 when Britain issued the third White Paper stating that Britain would close the Palestinian borders to Jewish immigration"till the end of the world" after a last quota of 75.000 immigrants. WWII started the 1st of September 1939, and European Jewry, in mortal danger, had nowhere to go, not even to Palestine.The left managed to make the resolutions of the League desappear from Jewish and Zionist literature, and are till today in full panic to disclose the truth. Rather playing repentence to the Arabs, and giving to the Israeli nation, as Olmert is doing, a "legacy interview" that if followed, could lead to a new Shoah. And about a Palestinian State, let us be very clear: on the same day, the 24th of July 1922, the League of Nations accepted the memerandum of the British delegate, and ceded the Palestinian territory from the River Jordan till the Desert of Arabia to full British control (70% of total Palestinian territory), that became later the Arab Palestinian State named Jordan.
22. #20 well Egypt and Jordan were occupying those lands
Danny   (09.30.08)
But I guess we don't care about "international law" when we discuss Arabs right?
23. I know why Olmerde is doing this
Talk is VERY cheap!   (09.30.08)
Olmert is making all these statements now only to make life very hard for Livni. If he'd wanted to do what he says, why didn't he try to implement it long ago? Because he knows that it is impossible to implement it. But for Olmert talk is cheap, he won't have to implement it; he'll be sitting on a deck chair somewhere, or hopefully in a prison cell. He wants to leave a time bomb for Livni, but he doesn't realize that most of the Israelis are with Livni and want to slow down the pace of madness. Olmert is an insane irresponsable egoistic freak occurance in Israeli leadership and will soon be forgotten no matter what he says now. The way I see it is that he is taking revenge on an entire country who hates him (2% "popularity" Pm); that is the petty man he is.
24. Ehud Olmert = Neville Chamberlain
Alon ,   Israel   (09.30.08)
25. Israel shold hold land, like Olmert trying to hold power.
USA   (09.30.08)
26. News Flash!
Gideon Reader   (09.30.08)
Headline Adjustment: "Corrupt Incompetent political malpractician of failed administration offers further finely tuned advice on national suicide." There. Fixed it.
27. Olmert has preempted Israel
Brod ,   USA   (09.30.08)
Olmert has done more harm to Israel than any leader in the history of the nation. By his ultra leftist views and loose mouth, he has preempted or eroded Israel's national security interests and emboldened the Islamist-Jihadists to intensify crusading their Jihadism on Israel. What happened to the corruption charges and indictment on Olmert? Isn't there a Rule of Law in Israel? Israel has to be wary with a loose canon like Olmert who is preempting Israel's national security interests.
28. PM Motives?
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (09.30.08)
This PM is selling out Israel for some reason what that reason needs to be investigated fully and the PM put in jail as soon as possible. Even will to give up pre 67 parts of Israel something is wrong here.
29. Peace? What Peace?
emanon ,   USA   (09.30.08)
Wasn't the promise of peace the reason all the residents of Gush Katif were forced out of their homes? Wasn't that the reason Gaza was turned over to the terrorstinians? Some peace Israel got out of that! Why should anyone believe this will end any differently?
30. All melt
rafi   (09.30.08)
This guy is melting our country our nation and our strenth. We need elections asap befor we got nothing left. my dad fought 3 wars FOR WHAT???? Israel must not get any smaller
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