IDF to halt use of US cluster bombs
Published: 30.09.08, 17:26
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2. #1
Invicta ,   Europa   (09.30.08)
Send terrorists chocolates? Do you mean the majority of civilians who were killed in the attack on lebanon? Or do you mean the resistance, Hezbollah?
3. wht did we get from hammas
haim ,   mtl canada   (09.30.08)
or the other skin heads AS USUAL ????? NOTHING ty olmerde TY barak ty leave me ty perez
4. Drop more clusters on the Lebanese border
Zion   (09.30.08)
on a daily basis. They will have to clear them before thinking of kidnapping Israelis, clusters are more useful than the UNIFIL.
5. #2, Hizbullah "resistance", hahahaha!
Jake   (09.30.08)
You really are funny. Such a poor dumb f-
6. to # 2 I meant everybody who hates Israel you included
7. it is Open invitation for Hezbullah & Iran
observer   (09.30.08)
Hezbullah was accused of two Type-81 cluster strikes that took place on July 25 in the Galilee village of Mghar. Five countries produce nine types of 122mm rockets carrying submunitions: China, Egypt, Italy, Russia and Slovakia. Iran is invited to join the industry and Hezbullah finds it effective to use rockets with submunition in future conflict.
8.  Lebanon targets israeli civilians IDF must target civilians
9. Where the Blame Belongs
NYC Girl   (09.30.08)
Hezbollah and the other terrorists are ultimately responsible for civilian deaths and injuries because they use these people as human shields. And when did it become acceptable to place weapons in schools, hospitals, and apartment buildings? Only since Israel's enemies started using this tactic, most likely. One can only wonder how effective this tactic would be if, for example, Chechen rebels used women and children to shield themselves from the Russian military?
10. So Norwegian People's Aid conducted weapon tests?
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (09.30.08)
How do they come up with the 10% dud rate? Must be that something in the air told them like out of thin air.
11. Yankee-made CBU
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (09.30.08)
US-made Cluster Bomb Units(CBU) are not the origins of wartime problems but rather it is the cruelty of the IDF including the IAF.Israel certainly remembers that its IAF chased the retreating Egyptian armed forces in Sinai in the 1967 Six-Day War and destroyed most of them with Napalm bombs that burnt Egyptian soldiers and turned them into terribly-charred and carbonized corpses. Right? The IAF also used much-less sophisticated bombs that included delayed-action bombs to destroy Egyptian civilian targets during the March1968-August1970 War of Attrition.Some of the Egyptian civilan targets that were struck by the IAF included "Bahr Baqar " school , & "Abu Za'bal " factory in "Hilwan" suburb just outside Cairo itself. Israel retaliated for the loss of its destroyer "Eilat " (H.M.S. Zealous) in October 1967 by using artillery to bombard Egyptional oil storage tanks in the city of Suez at the southernmost part of the Suez Canal. Do you, veteran Israelis, still remember that???
12. #11, a little CONTEXT would be helpful
Jake   (10.01.08)
Having read your diatribe, I am unable to verify the authencity of most of your statements. Suffice it to say that even this things did take place, they would have come on the heels of Arab armies and terror groups specifically targetting Israeli civilians. I should add that the Jewish Zionist position toward relentless Arab attacks against civilians was 'havlagah', or restraint and static defense, until 1937. 20 years of being on the receiving end of murderous violence taught them to stop turning the other cheek.
13. #6..but you hate everyone!..
Edithann, USA   (10.01.08)
Does that mean all those you hate have to die? Look at this comment's all hate!!! They hate us so they must die..what the hell kind of logic is that? TATA
14. NYC GIRL and #11
PatriotUSA ,   Redmond, Oregon   (10.01.08)
NYC GIRL is exactly correct. You islamofacist cowards hide behind women and children all the time, wow that is really brave. Don't talk to us about terror as you arabs are the ones who started it. Remember the Achille Lauro incident?? Who did that?? The islamofacits did it. MURDERED a disabled Jew, Leon Klinghoffer if I recall correctly. Correct me if I am in error. Israel should use the cluster bombs and whatever it takes to rid the earth of cancer that you islamofcists are. You muslims cannot even get along with yourselves. You have been killing each other and millions of innocents for what, going back to the 12th century. You morons are still stuck there.Religion of peace, right!
15. There are 1.3 billion Muslim cluster bomblets
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.01.08)
terrorizing the world today based on an evil Nazi like Manual written by uneducated barbarians 1300 years ago. They must be vanquished too to give humanity Peace again.
16. #11 useless comments ! go sleep boy!
LOL : "Israel certainly remembers that its IAF chased the retreating Egyptian armed forces in Sinai in the 1967 Six-Day War and destroyed most of them with Napalm bombs that burnt Egyptian soldiers and turned them into terribly-charred and carbonized corpses" ====> So what ??????? really it is war boy! you want israeli to bomb them with roses !? you are so funny it is a war and in every war, an army is bombing another army with all the means at its disposal (everywhere in the world including arabs and israelis) you are sooooooooooo funnny really! for the rest this is pathetic but you have to open your eyes ...arabs bombs civilians and israelis bomb civilians and french and american and swedish and finnish (if there were in a war) and everybody bombs civilians this is it. So pls stop being a child and stop posting so useless comments that are counterproductive!
17. #11 We Remember Gamal Abdel Nasser and his threats!
Tony ,   New York, NY   (10.01.08)
I especially liked the quote Nasser made about Egyptian bayonets killing Israeli babies. Hmm, Nasser kicked the UN peacekeepers out of the Sinai Peninsula and moved his armies in to attack Israel. So what don’t you understand about violent Arabs dying? The IDF first had to crush the combined air force of three Arab countries before it could chase the vaunted Jew killing Egyptian army that was preparing to invade Israel. It seems revisionist history is an arab mainstay when they get their butts handed to them on a platter. In order for an army to retreat they had to advance and Nasser made no bones about the fact his army was going to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. Charred dead Egyptians? Not enough of them died because they came back six years later in 1973 for a repeat. You want sympathy when your father uses your shoes for a toilet?
18. #11 well said
observer   (10.01.08)
19. No, it doesn't,but you cannot grasp no.6's
idea that those who hate us have been also terrorizing and killing us (civilian Jews and Israelis) for no reason whatsoever. That is why we have to defend our people and country to the best of our ability,Tata. Capisci ? And, besides, Invicta is a cynical hate-mongering blogger who disiminates his hate lines on Ynet instead of going home to AlJazera and other such places..
20. #18 Why am I not surprised of what kind of
Observer you are ? You must observe your islamo-fascist rules of terror,otherwise you wouldn't ask for more blood, I mean Jewish blood. But you do enjoy polluting on Ynet because your Arab nets already have thousands of your ilk, "much better" than you in acts of hatred and terror.
21. No. 11 Patriot USA
NYC Girl   (10.02.08)
You're exactly right about Leon Klinghoffer. He was an elderly American Jew who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists and then thrown overboard in his wheelchair. It was such an unspeakably despicable act that it captured the world's attention for its utter depravity. But, unfortunately, it was a precursor to a lot more savagery against innocent civilians.
22. uninhibited warfare kills all
Marc Villa ,   Houston Tx.   (10.03.08)
The use of cluster bombs in civilian areas or fleeing civilian as such was done to fleeing southern Lebanese families is uninhibited warfare - it is monstrous as some IDF soldiers have declared, no distinction between combatant and civilian, this seems to be the trend of modern warfare. Then you have the residual deaths occurring from unexploded bomblets, usually kids becoming the victims.
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