American technology stopping Hamas?
Alex Fishman
Published: 02.10.08, 17:13
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1. it's not technology, it's called TRYING
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.02.08)
amazing what you can do if you actually get off your lazy rear end and put in the least amount of effort, isn't it? i'm sure the egyptians are going to need a few months' rest to recover from having to actually work. they deserve a coffee.
2. Proud of the technology from the good ole US of A!!!!!
Zionist ,   America   (10.02.08)
3. Keep Up The Good Work
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (10.02.08)
The more the merrier.
4. Mike, it is effort *plus* technology
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.02.08)
It's obvious Egypt wasn't really trying before. Not only did many in Egypt see it in their interest to "keep the pot boiling", but many on the Egyptian side were making money in the smuggling. But the technology was required as well. How often did we hear that Israel had "no technical solution" to the problem. Well, it's clear that we Yanks, not just Israelis, can be a pretty creative bunch. Israel will benefit from this technology the next time they have to go into Gaza as it will need to find those hidden bunkers Hamas and Hizbullah have been building.
5. idiots elected ham-ass, now they get the result.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.02.08)
6. American tech
Bluster Buster ,   Chicago,Haifa   (10.02.08)
What about Egyptian technology?? Or should we not talk about this. For years Egypt has done nothing to stop weapons tunnels dug from their soil to Gaza. How many innocent Jews were slaughtered for that?? (ok, I will be fair, every now and again Egypt blows up a tunnel of literally thousands) The bonus for Egypt for doing NOTHING is being called a good friend and ally of the US by George Bush war on terror president. How much sense does that make? ..And the real kicker here is Mubarak is said to be hosting Annapolis 2 this November on American soil. (well at least this great leader and good friend of the US and ally in the war on terror will step on American Soil cause he sure refuses to step on ISRAELI SOIL!!!) If this were not all so insane it would be a joke. No one is laughing however, just lighting Yartziet candles for their loved ones who were killed by weapons smuggled from Egypt.....
7. We give Egypt the Sinai, they give us terror
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (10.02.08)
Egypt has always supported the terrorists of Gaza, if they didn’t Hamass would have no weapons at all! We also know Jordan’s king supports Hamass also. The only ones who believe this charade are our Israeli leftist government. The Israeli politicians are the real terrorists for allowing Arabs to kill Jews and allowing these despicable arab countries to support terror.
8. to #7
Bluster Buster ,   Chicago, Haifa   (10.02.08)
So right on target! Again, I do not for the life of me understand the Bush mentality of calling Mubarak a ''good friend of the U.S and 'ally in the war on terror' when he (Bush) knew darn well Mubarak did nothing to stop those tunnels. (from #6 "ok, I will be fair, every now and again Egypt blows up a tunnel of literally thousands") Of course Putin 'was' a good friend as well until it didn't meet U.S satisfaction...again all the while this current administration knowing what he (Putin) was up to no good! As for the Israeli leftist government you are so right on that one but again I blame much of this on Bush who upon leaving Israel the last time proclaimed: "Take good care of Olmert." Olmert the idiot was the Bush puppet so Bush could push through his Palestinian state...knowing full well of the Fatah charter and their knowingly upfront mantra of ALL OF ISRAEL, PALESTINE. Made no difference to Bush want Abbas is part of. Bush called him "A MAN OF PEACE." Even after Abbas made his little trip to Lebanon to visit the newly released child killer Samir Kuntar Bush met with Abbas in the White House lavishing all kinds of false praise upon Abbas. So in the end all the idiot Olmert could think of was a pipe dream of his legacy of giving the not so peaceful Palestinians statehood under his watch or a inNoble Peace Prize or something like that all at a great cost to his country. Oh yah, right on the heels of when Olmert made that comment "Greater Israel is No More" the U.S offered Israel bunker busters but then they (U.S) refused selling long range aircraft so we could do the job the US lost their appetites for. No to the long range aircraft must have been a ramadan present to Abbas and the greater ME to which Abbas is part of. So there you have it, a marriage between a supposed conservative and a completely left winger all in the name of a phony peace plan which for some misguided reason was thought to bring peace to all of the middle east. As long as there are Palestinians the whole of the ME will use them to spew their venom against Israel. The West will continue to be co-dependents to Palestinian terror all the while speaking out against terror and nothing will change....except as I wrote in #6 Israelis will be lighting Yartziet candles for their loved ones. (slaughtered at the hands of those who wish to destroy us) ALL OF PALESTINE, ISRAEL.
9. Do you know the bad news?
hamuda ,   Gaza   (10.02.08)
Is that tens of new tunnels are created daily in Rafah.
10. Thanks for breaking the news
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.02.08)
Fortunately terrorists never read newspapers. Thanks for putting the lives of the American soldiers in danger. And thanks for putting the state of Israel in danger.
11. You gotta love the thanks the Israelis give the US soldiers
USA   (10.02.08)
12. #9 Bad news can turn on good news
Mickey Mouse ,   Hz, IL   (10.02.08)
Dig you can fall in your own hole!!!! If you can learn to do something alone, without help. Go ahead you are in the right way.
13. #9 hamuda
not really. the bad news is that all the ones created in such a short time will be bombed shortly too. we know where you are and what you are doing and we'll be there before you know it. oh, and by the way, if the palestinians invested as much time and energy in actually building homes, sewage systems (which are dismantled by you people to make katyushas), hospitals and universities as they are digging useless tunnels, your situation would be much better, no? the fact is that hate and terror will never win. you people are investing yourselves in the wrong direction, in the wrong path to creating your nation. yes, i agree with the palestinians having a nation, but i disagree with wither hamas or fateh having control over this nation. also, once you have your nation, can we israelis get rid of you. say, throw away the key, no trade, no correspondence, no relations on an economic and trade basis? can you survive? after all, all these arab brothers of yours promise you the moon. let's see how well they come through with their promises once you have a nation. do you really think once you have it that egypt will open its gates to you? i doubt it. you see, your arab brothers do not gove a damn about you and constantly use you as pawns to eradicate israel. you have been duped and lied to. you have been used by corrupt leaders who were only too happy to steal your aid money, to send your sons to their death as martyrs (but not their sons, ha?), to use your women and children to send a message to israel by strapping them with suicide belts. and you fell for this sham and scum because your hate is much much bigger than your love of life and your need to create a viable palestinian state in peace with the rest of the region. shame on you. you lie to yourself and you try to lie to us. admit the fact that you are basically barbarians that are constantly indoctrinated in the terror mode and a lousy mosque education that can give you niether a future nor an independent state, but, you are so blind with hate and jealousy, you won't admit it. the only thing you are resisting with your resistance is a future palestinian state. maybe you don't want one after all. maybe you just want to destroy ours??? that won't happen. we than god that our enemies are so very stupid. stupid enough to never be able to win or to build for the future. so, continue to hate, to follow hamas. continue to stretch your arm like a beggar for all european countries to feed and give you candies for free. continue to never build and never even try to modernize yourselves. continue to depend on world charity because you are 100% unable to care for yourselves and continue to insist on israel giving you goodies for free across the border. we all know that you guys are experts at trade...through the tunnels, of course. so, why don't you export/import food, medicine, technology for your dying, shabby and filthy hospitals, your education, books (not the elders of zion, of course) and basic needs??? ha? why don't you people use the tunnels which you claim are so efficient and are built so fast for importing the things that help your society rather than arms that try to destroy another?
14. #9
Zion ,   Israel   (10.02.08)
REally, tens of new tunnels a day? wow u guys are fast diggers, maybe if u guys stopped digging for a second u would realize that these tunnels aint bringing u any closer to peace or a homeland just a hard life and denial. Maybe put down the shovels and talk like a human being... but no thats to easy.
15. no talk with you.
to 14   (10.02.08)
We'll only talk to you in the language you understand and your US. Live your miserable life, and we'll live dignified, strong, resilient, proud, courageous, brave, defiant, free, and faithful. Of course none of these values you heard of! .. you only live for money and swimming pools. too little for us!
16. To Hamas, from America, with love.
Jared ,   New York, USA   (10.02.08)
17. #15 if your way of life is so ideal then why do you
all want to kill yourselves and everybody around you? Only a Palestinian would think that life can be redeemed through murder. Is that your example of a dignified life?
18. #15 You "people" cant even sweep your streets.
Australian Guy   (10.02.08)
And you rant on about "dignity" and having "values". You have no idea. Crazed. I guarantee Israel could be no more and your "people" would be out of there (because you cant support yourselves) banging on the door of the Arab countries from where you came from in the first place - wanting "your land back" or a "Palestinian homeland" elsewhere. Just a bunch of murdering , whinging ,useless troublemakers. There's your "values" I'm so glad we don't have "neighbors" like you people. Unbelievable.
19. just more lies
Jalal ,   Gaza   (10.03.08)
i still can have the egyptian cheese in same price before
20. The American Secret Revealed
Tom ,   OKC USA   (10.03.08)
The technique used is gradiometry, which measures deviations in the Earth's gravitational forces to detect underground voids. Gradiometry is also coupled with ground-penetrating radar and seismic techniques. It can find a rabbit's ear hole from 80 feet down.
21. To #9 & #15
Ali Caca ,   Marseille, France   (10.02.08)
By digging so many holes, you'll end up digging your own grave.
22. If they don't stop digging, Gaza might become a big sinkhole
Barbara ,   USA   (10.03.08)
23. " Hamas controls all underground activity in Gaza. "?????
Give us a BREAK! The ayatollahs control the tunnels. The ayatollahs control Sinai...All this thanks to Livni's BRILLIANT negotiations with the Egyptians, Palestinians and UN on the Rafah border . Kol Hakavosd again Tzipi!!!
24. 42 down, 456 to go
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.03.08)
That amounts to 8% of the tunnels. There is a long ways to go before declaring victory.
25. You have only yourselves to blame, #15.
Cameron ,   USA   (10.03.08)
Who knows, maybe you'll have a desperate, but proud moment in one of those tunnels?
26. Don't be too optimistic
shrinkDave ,   mia usa   (10.03.08)
The light you see at the end of the tunnel, may be another train.
27. such "friends"!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.03.08)
the americans are doing this "incognito" - why? is it because they don't want to embarrass olmert by being seen to be doing more to protect israeli civilians than he is? or is it because they don't want to embarrass mubarak by actually implementing something resembling peaceful cooperation with israel? or perhaps they are embarrassed at hamas' levels of arms smuggling, in violation of the supposed ceasefire that they helped broker? they were smuggling ten tons of arms a month BEFORE the ceasefire, so who only know how much more these friendly, peaceful terrorists are smuggling now? but apart from all the embarrassment, why aren't the americans willing to share this new tunnel detection technology? something that works in the sands of gaza won't help them in the hills of afganistan, so it isn't because of operational security concerns. and there isn't much commercial potential in such a device. so why not sell it to israel and save all this cloak and dagger silliness? perhaps because they intend to use this technology to pressure israel in future negotiations?. oy, where did israel find such "friends"?!
28. #15
but admit it. you would love to have the brains that we do to make that money....of course it is made through very hard work and sweat unlike the arab work ethics when they spend more time drinking coffee, smoking the nargilla and beating their wives on a daily basis from noon to dark. this all while israeli jews work their ass off to make money, to succeed and to modernize and accomplish excellence. of course you want our pools too and also our standard of living in israel and our sucess in exports and imports and our incredible national gross product (10 times higher than all 22 arabs nations put together). of course you want our pools. but are you willing to work and sweat for them and all the above like the jews and israelis do? you are not. this is why you live in squalor and cry "give me give me" to all of europe and world powers. we all gave you so much and you all pissed it off on violence that no one here thinks you deserve anything anymore. quqit complaining and start working for a living. start taking care of your families' needs and start acting like civilized people....maybe then the world community will think you deserve to complain. until then, shut up and start working like everyone else. you think the grass is greener on israel's side? yes it is! you know how it got green? the words hard exaustive work, idealism, working to build a nation, working together for the same purpose, innovative and dedicated brilliant minds put together to create a future. no one took anything from you people. you could have built yous own nation side by side with the israelis, but you chose to hate and terrorise. live in your filth, but stop the complaining.
29. #9 and #15
i truly thank our one lord, the lord of the universe, that he has made palestinians and arabs so very stupid. god knows what damage they could have brought civilization were they as brilliant as their so called number one enemy...the jews! does anyone out there even wonder why they have not managed to have a state, much less a civilized dignified society except for clans murdering other thug clans....and their leadership is the prime example of thugs and mafia roaming free on the streets and governing other palestinian thugs and murderers that may threaten their rule and power. if palestinians are an example of dignity and civility together with mashaal and haniyeh as well as abas, i am sure you palestinians are doomed to begin with. you are just too stupid to realize it and israel is benefitting from your ever great stupidity. honor, values and dignity, my ass! you are a bunch of uncivilized barbarian sheep herds following a murderous islamic ideology, blinded by fanaticism and hate, but mostly by jealousy and a profound incapacity to govern yourselves, build for the future and have a peaceful vision. you all need major major reeducation, education in general and a heavy dose of reality your leaders lied about and twisted as to the history of the jews and your dismal history in the land of israel.
30. #21
they are already living in a grave of their own making. they are just too stupid to realize it considering their leaders continue to feed them lies and promises about things that will never materialize. they buy it because they have never been exposed to anything but lies, violence and incivility.
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