Israel warns Hizbullah war would invite destruction
Published: 03.10.08, 20:56
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1. Finally a Jew with backbone
Ken Jurist   (10.03.08)
Its terrible hearing every day how Olmert and his leftist crowd are trying to give away Israel. Finally someone with backbone speaks.
HAL TRIPP ,   LA PAZ, BOLIVIA   (10.03.08)
3. now you are talking sense!
remember to walk the walk and talk the talk. no more hands tied behind back, no more paying attention to a crying fouad saniora in the un since he made a pact recently with hizbullah giving it legitimacy as ruler in lebanon, no more usa or un trying to play political correctness with jewish lives, no more let's go, let's not go instructions to the army. winning and creating a retaliatory fear so grave and damaging that they will never again imagine sending one single missile our way. if they dare, just go full out and don't look back, don't feel guilty and don't ask for anyone's approval because you, not they are in the line of fire. no more loosing. start winning!
4. Excellent. Put it out there. They are forewarned.
American ,   Florida   (10.03.08)
Maybe this will prevent another Hezbollah misadventure.
5. Iran will have nukes
Matts   (10.03.08)
do you have any doubt?
6. good for you, General
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.08)
This kind of tough talk is known as deterrence. It's also fully justified. Lebanon and Hizballah are now hardly distinct entities as far as Israel is concerned.
7. Finally some sense from Israeli leaders
Maurice ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.03.08)
This should have been done in the last Lebanese war as well. Hezbollah and collaborating Lebanese government and army must understand clearly that Israel is untouchable.
8. At last
Ricksmol ,   L.A USA / Hertzlia/I   (10.03.08)
Somebody that talks clearlt, without equivocations and goes to the root of what war is about. Destruction of the enemy.
9. Lets pray he is in charge and means it when war comes.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.03.08)
10. I will fly to israel and assist, IF HE MEANS IT
BRAVO ,   ..............DACON9   (10.03.08)
11. If Lebanese villages fire on us.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.03.08)
bomb their faces off. Reduce them and the surrounding areas to rubble. I don't give a good goddamn what the UN, Amnesty or any other asshole has to say about it. Kol Hakavod Eisenkot.
12. Great words,
leah ,   s.o. ca usa   (10.03.08)
now don't allow the leftist govt to dictate to the IDF..It's the soldiers & citizens of Israel whose life is on the line.. G-D Bless
13. Lots of Words, Few Actions
Walid ,   Riyadh   (10.03.08)
14. Eisenkot makes it very obvious;
observer   (10.03.08)
Israel can't handle two at the same time: assumed eminent Israeli attack on Iran & retaliation by Hezbullah.
15. Kol Hakavod Eisenkot
Neal ,   Los Angeles   (10.03.08)
Finally A jew with Backbone, Sharon would be proud of him. Perhaps he should run for Prime minister and get rid of of the money grubbing, thieves, and spineless losers. King David and King Soloman would support that im sure.
16. thank you!!!
yossi ,   NYC   (10.03.08)
17. Another Empty Threat ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.03.08)
Fo too long we have had the empty suits Barak Olmert,Livni and those before them threaten to act if red lines were crossed. They were crossed and Israel did nothing but prove it's words wer empty. So what has changed ? We know that all it took before was a phone call from Washington and Israel backtracked immediately. Is there finally someone alive in Israel who can say no to the Emperor ?
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (10.03.08)
19. This is also a message for Suleiman...
Enzo ,   London,UK   (10.03.08)
I really hope that Lebanese President Michel Suleiman is reading this!!! He has not been nice lately...!
20. good ! do that ! destroy Lebanon , Syria, Iran and Gaza
21. It is time for Israel to use its nukes.
Mark ,   Boston   (10.03.08)
Israel tried to play softball in Lebanon in 2006. Now it is time to play hardball.
22. What we are seeing is a dramatic failure
Arie ,   BaGolan   (10.03.08)
The failure of the left wingers and the 1%ers to destroy the Sovereign State of Israel. What we are seeing is a resurgence of the TRUE Israelis that put our security first.
23. #14 Correct. It means all out conflict. Massive force
Australian Guy   (10.04.08)
Israel will have NO CHOICE but to unleash what she has. Visiting this forum I see your type are keen to describe Israel's demise. But stupid enough NOT to factor in at what cost putting Israel's back to wall will bring on the enemy. It will be horrendous. I'd be bet on a very unpleasant "end game" for all participants. Its lunacy. Why not just accept Israel and live with them?
24. Spineless Leaders
Dan ,   USA   (10.04.08)
The Maj. Gen. may want to do so,but the spineless civilian leaders will stop him.
25. Thank God someone understands the threat
Michael ,   USA   (10.04.08)
The use of disproportionate force is exactly what is needed in any future conflict with Israel's enemies. I would love to see an encircling maneuver by the IDF, cutting off all possible means of escape for Hizbullah, and then a ruthless and systematic destruction of the enemy, carried out rapidly and without letup.
26. This guy could donate a few nuts to Kadima!
Ariel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.04.08)
27. #21 are you insane? nuke Lebanon?
Aharon   (10.04.08)
Tell me, do you know how close Lebanon is to Israel? Do you want us all to die?
28. RE#14
LARRY ,   USA   (10.04.08)
you are either young or forget that Israel can if it wishes hadle five Arab armies at a time .Lebanon will be a nation at war with Israel not as in 2006. Jewish blood will not come cheap next round .will be a rude wake up call for Gaza and Iran if they dare get involved
29. Hallaluyah
Adon Emett ,   Sydney Australia   (10.04.08)
At last, a little clarity! This principle now needs to be extended to Iran and the Arab antagonists
30. Finally Strong Words From a Stong Israeli
Edward ,   New York   (10.04.08)
May this General create in Israel the minions that Israel needs to overwhelm its enemies. Israel needs to remake its image and its reality into the invincible State of the past. This will bring real peace. Not the handwringing, wimpering of the left begging for "peace" at any price.
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