'I found Allah in my mango'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 04.10.08, 17:35
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1. She cut the next mango opened & it told her to kill herself.
Signed by allah, the ,   god of death.!!!!!!!   (10.04.08)
2. did she eat allah ?
3. Many see "Allah u Akbar" on rocket propelled grenades also
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.04.08)
4. The power of the muslim good shown inside a mango
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.04.08)
'Nuff said?
6. MUslims in Scandinavia : the end of the white people
7. ever notice something; you cannot cut a mango in half!?
er der   (10.04.08)
There's the little problem of the VERY SOLID MIDDLE! (give us a break, or a least, a real 'story')
8. Finally, some real news from Yanet
Buba ,   LA, USA   (10.04.08)
9. maybe it was allah the ahbar(mouse)
10. what about if she fined god
hisham ,   palestine   (10.04.08)
what you guys will say if she fined the word god wich means the same , what your sick comments will be #1 to 9
11. #7 it was the halves of that HARD MIDDLE
12. lucky there was no image
jerome ,   basalt co.   (10.04.08)
thank god she didn't see Mo's image in the mango! there would have been riots and many innocent mangos beheaded!
13. allah
ed ,   holland   (10.04.08)
this morning i unloaded yesterdays dinner and guess what i saw when i looked down?
14. ynetnews is out of news!
Bhaskar ,   Canada   (10.04.08)
Such stupid things, may be 'created' are part of such stupid news!
15. NÂȘ 7 Seedless mangoes is an israeli tech.
Holy mangoes Inc.   (10.04.08)
16. I opened my mango and found 100$,it
Eric.... ,   Israel....   (10.04.08)
must have been GOD.Now all the muslims will say that mango is a holy fruit and you cant eat it anymore.
17. #10 hishammy
jerome ,   basalt co.   (10.04.08)
maybe these comments are well warranted?!?!?!?
18. #10 Hisham
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.04.08)
It doesn't matter what it says, it's a mango! Fruit is not a messenger from allah or anything else. The story is probably a hoax anyway.
19. Lucky it wasn't an image of Mohamed
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.04.08)
If it was surely blame would lie squarely on those rotten infidels that grew the fruit.
20. Are these news?
Phoenix ,   Israel   (10.04.08)
ynet it's a joke not a news intitution. You love to publish all sort of garbage like this or mesianic goim news. You disgust me.
21. Incredible!
Thomas ,   Cleveland, USA   (10.04.08)
I ate breakfast today, is that going to make international news too?
22. water mellon is next...
Natan   (10.04.08)
With the word MORON inside
23. Its always in the last place you look for it...
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (10.04.08)
24. Found Similar Message in Melon
Larry ,   Zefat Israel   (10.04.08)
It was from Elvis,says he is alive and well and working in Burger King in San Francisco.He has been prompted and now makes the French Fries.
25. Mangoooooooooh Aqbar!
AJ ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.08)
26. intelligence defect
Thunder   (10.04.08)
It's so dumb that it proves, if necessary, the total irrationality of our ennemies
27. #11 - so what she use to halve it, a band-saw , a laser . .?
luvtaknow   (10.04.08)
diamond-tiped saw, tungsten....??? do tell . . . .
28. To poster #7
Sharon ,   Singapore   (10.04.08)
Wow what a keen observation. You're absolutely right! Mangoes can't be cut into half! The seed blocks the knife from slicing right through! Haha!
29. silly
yacov ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.08)
so silly indeed Islam was built on the destruction of others why Moslems choose to built their mosque on the land of the Temple? this shows their hatred and hostility
30. my stool had corn in it!!....but didnt eat any corn!!!!
ari   (10.04.08)
i must be jesus
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