Olmert to offer Sergey's Courtyard in J'lem as 'reconciliation gift' to Russia
Roni Sofer
Published: 05.10.08, 07:28
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1. building in the heart of occupied Jerusalem to Russia
at least, give a similar one to USA to have its embassy moved in.
2. Hmm, very tempting
Damir ,   Russia   (10.05.08)
The money can be found in many other places while this building is not. Also the ministry could do with a new modern office.
3. Smuggled weapons
Damir ,   Russia   (10.05.08)
Ukraine is making similar arms using the same ex-Soviet designs. The Ukrainian Rada currently is investigating the whole arms business.
4. Actually it the ownership is to English monarchy
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.05.08)
It never belonged to the USSR, it belonged to a member of the Russian aristocracy of which the closest living relative is Prince Phillip
5. Two-fold Foothold for Russian interests
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (10.05.08)
After acquiring a Dead Sea shore area for a hotel (Sic), now will get the Compound area in Jerusalem . It reminds us of the Ottoman era capitulations in Jerusalem. Olmert should stay away from trading land for money. When will the next Israeli government stop this land-giver Olmert from acting?
6. This is blackmail, give me the yard or face missiles
They'll probably sell them after they get it.
7. improved S-300
observer   (10.05.08)
so now the upgraded one is immune against a repeat Israeli raid?
8. And Russia will laugh in stupid Olmert's face
Laura ,   Israel   (10.05.08)
and continue to arm Syria to the teeth and build Iran's nuclear sites. In any case, a Russian four-ship squadron led by the Peter the Great nuclear missile cruiser will dock at Syrian port of Tartus on Yom Kippur eve on their way to Venezuela. Clinically insane Olmert is going to give Russia a big chance to install a spy and anti-Israel operations base right in the heart of Jerusalem. Putin (well, Medvedev's controller), A-jad and (T)Hugo Chavez will have a good, hearty laugh at Olmert's idiocy. If the traitor Olmert goes hat in hand to Putin, he should stay there - permanently.
9. Olmert & Russia
sam ,   Jerusalem   (10.05.08)
Olmert is stupid, sick, deluded and dangerous. He has absolutely no right - legal, moral or anything else - to "transfer" anything in Israel or Jerusalem to any other state and if we let him get away with this, then God help us.
10. Naaaaah...backwards as usual.
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (10.05.08)
Keep the Courtyard. Give them Olmert.
11. Leftism and Russia
Brod ,   USA   (10.05.08)
Why should Israel reward Russia for arming Syria and Iran with heavy hight armaments such missiles and nuke tech? Is this the policy of the balless Leftists who cow, appease and grovel?
12. Olmert is so generous with land that does not belong to him!
13. Israel: Your country's goin' down the toilet!
USA   (10.05.08)
Get rid of the Gang of Olmert already! The USA is in such dire straits because of incompetant leaders. We've learned the hard way, and we're throwing the bums out in November. You'd better learn from our example. You're running out of time!
14. Russia another bully nothing but bullys RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (10.05.08)
I realize bullys nothing but bullys J*wish bullys talking to Russian bullys never cheating each other bullys that refuse to fight a war but science bullys Iran nothing but science bullys Syria nothing but science bullys Livni nothing but another science bully like Olmert who refuses to form a co altion RIGHT///
15. russian building in jerusalem
elliot ,   usa   (10.14.08)
the only basis for transferring this property to russia is that it belongs to them...bundling it as a gift or gesture only shows weakness.your courts can rule on who owns it instead of interfering in security matters.also this government should face elections and not do too much before that,even if it will embarrass more to act later.
16. gift?!
Yosef ,   Baltimore USA   (10.18.08)
This reminds me of my son, who, being 5 years oild opened my wallet and took out a $ 20 bill to "BUY" friendship in his kindergarten. What is cute and forgivable to a child may be a criminal offence for an adult who behaves like one - this is to be punished. And these are small potatoes compared to Olmert's true crimes against the Jewish state and nation
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