Barak: Russia destabilizing Middle East
Roni Sofer
Published: 05.10.08, 14:38
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1. controversial statement
Russia Today   (10.05.08)
to make Russia play positive role.
2. Time to cut the balls of the bear
Frank ,   Canada   (10.05.08)
It's time to cut the balls of this rogue Russian bear. Israel must cooperate with other Western countries to destroy all Russian oil fields. The Russian goal is to destabilize ME to raise oil prices. They must be punished on oil.
3. Barak, who put on Israel "golden cufs", may "shev by sheket"
Bob ,   Moscow   (10.05.08)
4. So Olmert the Idiot with reward them with a present
Laura ,   Israel   (10.05.08)
If the Russians are such a destabilizing power in the Middle East, does it make sense for Olmert to reward the Russians with "Sergei's Courtyard" in the heart of Jerusalem? How much more evidence do we need of a government that can't even put 2 and 2 together? Failure to connect the dots is precisely why no lessons were learned during the Oslo fiasco, or when Barak fled Lebanon like a frightened chicken in 2000 and brought on the Intifada and when Sharon yanked Jewish citizens from their homes in 2005 so that Hamas could shoot 4000 rockets at more Israelis in their homes and schools. This failure is why Olmert, Livni and Barak continue this madness to increase enemy terror on innocent Israeli civilians with their immoral - and illegal - offers of "land for peace" with those who smile and take the land and then spit Israel's eye with missiles, terror and genocidal threats.
5. Russia destabilizing Middle East !!
and the USA is not !! ????? USA must cease the sales of all advanced weapons to Israel NOW and play positive role in regional peace process. What kind of BS is this!!!?
6. #2-declare this U need to be live on the Moon. Or Canada...
Russian   (10.05.08)
7. playing domestic politics?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.05.08)
hezbollah's rearmament is very old news indeed! they are so rearmed that even nasrallah has dared to poke his nose out of the bunker lately. so why is minister barak "asking for french help" for something that is already over and finished? and why ask the french, when it was the french that threatened to shoot down iaf reconnaissance flights over lebanon, and effectively provided anti-aircraft cover for hezbollah's rearmament? is this just a cheap shot at the french, or is he trying to embarrass olmert on the eve of his last dance in moscow?
8. Ezekiel and Daniel saw Russia destabilizing the
Rivkah   (10.05.08)
Middle East long ago. Ezekiel (ch. 38) spoke of Gog of Magog (Russia) and Daniel spoke of the bear that devours much flesh and three ribs (nations). T. Chase at her English Bible Codes webside found codes that indicate Vladimir Putin is Gog of Magog in prophecy. Vladimir means son of a wild dog. A wolf is a wild dog and is a symbol of the devil. There are some who think Putin is a biological son or grandson of the devil, as was Alexander the Great whose biological father was Ra of Egypt who was a son of the devil.
9. 6# Not just need enough nuclear weapons.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.05.08)
I'm pretty sure they have them too. Wait till the nuts in Chechnya get well as the Persians and Arabs. You have fun in Russia.....yah hear. They'll use them on you.
10. Asking Russia to stop
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.05.08)
weapons sales is like asking an Alcoholic to stop drinking ,the chances are slim.
11. russia 's middle east
elliot ,   usa   (10.05.08)
the soviets voted to create israel to foment conflict and gain influence in the moslem countries and leverage against the west..why would their objectives change ? As importantly,why would anyone be suprised in the least by this.
12. Rivkah: you have QUITE an imagination
SA ,   USA   (10.05.08)
Your talkbacks always sound like the plot of a low-budget horror film. Do you expect even religious people to believe these fictions you make up?
13. Hey Baraky, I already knew this
Zion   (10.05.08)
Why did you get rid of visas for Israel-Russia travellers.
14. Weapons and other weapons
Damir ,   Russia   (10.05.08)
No shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles should be sold, although the mobile and stationary SAMs are acceptable. No raw explosives, too. I think anti-tank weapons also not to be supplied.
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