The Dahiya strategy
Yaron London
Published: 06.10.08, 11:04
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1. The problem is this requires strong political leaders
Danny   (10.06.08)
which we don't have. The fact of the matter is that after the first bomb is dropped, everyone will start squealing and Israel will cease and desist - another empty threat exposed.
2. Mazel Tov ... We FINALLY get it!
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (10.06.08)
3. absolutely right!
rpc ,   modiin, israel   (10.06.08)
4. mazal tov-u finally got it...unless yomkip
svietka   (10.06.08)
and guilty consience r giving u a clear brain for only coming few days, and right after u will be back into promoting all of yo old left agendas. i really wonder....
5. Certainly took you long enough .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.06.08)
So, Mr London, when did you & others of your liberal inclinations finally wake up? No offense, but only total morons see this conflict any other way. Where were you for 20 years? Actually, where have you been all your life since this conflict is actually over 100 years old. And nothing has changed in that 100 years except that our strategic situation has been steadily deteriorating since Oslo. Are you finally afraid that your comfortable life is threatened? You could ignore all the threats up to now. Did it finally sink in that our Arab neighbors really want to destroy our country, you included? That the Arabs will not distinguish between "good Jews"like you & the rest of us "Zionists"? People like you have been peddling left-wing rubbish since Oslo with such enormous intellectual dishonesty it boggles the mind. So I guess reality finally came knocking at your door & punched you in the face. Mazel tov.
6. Was this a parody?
daniel   (10.06.08)
I mean, it's Yaron London and it makes sense. What's up?
7. Yaron London,
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.06.08)
is it really you! Unbelievable! I am proud of you for finally seeing the light!!!
8. Mr. London
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.06.08)
For the first time, since I listen to your commentaries I do agree with you! Believe me there is just one slight point that's not 100% correct, arabs don't think we Jews are all the same, they hate more the leftists that come to their homes every Friday to promote riots. With us, settlers, they say that at least they know our real face!
9. Yes, he's right
Yoel ,   Ra'nana   (10.06.08)
We must restore our deterrence, and this means No restrain during war with cowards. Don't forget Hezb' did not hesitate while sending missiles. They did not apologize when Train Company workers were killed in Haifa
10. I have always disagreed with
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.06.08)
the liberal cum leftist views of Yaron but I have always held him in high regard as a very decent human being and a highly intelligent person. Glad he proved me right. There are only two possible solutions to any conflict. Either one side backs down or one side is totally vanquished. Israel will not back down and guess what. we will not be vanquished in war because that would not be " time out " but rather " end of game ".
11. A miracle,the blind got their eyesight back.
YSL ,   Jerusalem   (10.06.08)
jewish doctor ,   SC   (10.06.08)
FINALLY, THE REALIZATION! It's about time the enemy is recogized for what they are...THE ENEMY, supported by the arab people, for the arab people shall perish from the earth...
13. It's The Only Real Deterrent
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (10.06.08)
Lebanon and Hezbollah must be made aware that their next attack on Israel will bring about the complete destruction of Lebanon. That's the price this once-glorious country must pay for embracing the cancer known as fundamentalist Islam which always leaves death, despair and misery wherever it spreads.
14. phalanx and vulcan gun
alexi   (10.06.08)
Barak, get these systems out of storage for protectioin of the south against kassems. They are ready. Deploy them and stop pissing around. You've been gutless since being PM. What is it with you! The comptoller supports my assertions!!!
15. There is no civil authority in Lebanon now.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.06.08)
The events of the past few months in Lebanon have not worsened the situation, but merely reveal to all the current situation. Nasrallah simply did us all a favor by revealing to all that the Lebanese government is just one of several forces operating in Lebanon - and not the most important of them. It is now clear to everyone that Hizbullah is running a state within a state, and that the Seniora government is serving Hizbullah and Iran by giving them a cover of international legitimacy. That is why Hizbullah did not complete its takeover of Lebanon. More about Lebanon and Hizbullah at : http://xrl.us/bkivy
16. What took you so long??????
H N Bialik ,   Tel Aviv   (10.06.08)
17. The Dahiya strategy
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.06.08)
Yes, great but Israel "talks the talk but never walks the walk" when it needs to be tough and always gives in to an anti Israel world especially the U.N. In addition to this ban all the press in the next war except perhaps Fox who are at least "fair and balanced ". The Govt we have now will never back Eisenkot
18. Dangerous, slippery slop
Abdel ,   Nablus   (10.06.08)
Mr. London, The same logic could be used to justify attacks against Israeli civilians, since they are collectively responsible for the actions of their leaders and military, and also vote for them .... ??!!!! No, Mr London, the distinction between civilians and combatants should always be there. YES, I KNOW that my side is guilty of not making this distinction, but your army is also as guilty, since they have collectively punished us since the beginning of the first intifada, look where we are now?? ..... A civilian should always be a civilian, even if they vote for extreme parties or groups....the 'masses' are for the most-part, easily manipulated especially in times of crises, and when the pain is so wide-spread... they might vote or support a dumb, illogical choice, just because that choice says what they would like to hear, mix in religion with this, and the rights and wrongs don't make any sense any more!!!! they way out of this mess we are all in is an understanding of the realities, and ditching hollow slogans, or simplistic black and white visions ....throwing in more military might will only satisfy the immediate desire for revenge...., on the long run.... it will only mean more and more body-bags, and more and more Arab and Jewish kids dead..... we have all been down that path before, and i think we know how painful it is .........
19. Smashing termites
Djoo Finkelstein ,   Bavaria   (10.06.08)
Hezzie will smash the termites of israel. Again . No silly proclamation will change that. You better start praying to your shekels!
20. The litmus test
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (10.06.08)
When Israel actually shows the guts to implement this morally justified strategy, and when they declare the same strategy against Palestinians for their perverse behavior and Islamic obsession to remove the Holy Land from Jewish hands, I will know the Jews finally understand what they are up against.
21. sof kol sof
gybor ,   ANTWERP   (10.06.08)
Finaly some common sense.
22. Wrong again
Doron   (10.07.08)
This is the wrong strategy, once again big words, once again using the air force to fight a ground war. The right strategy is to go into lebanon with soldiers and fight hezbollah until they are forced out the country. YES it will cost lives. YES it will be messy. The longer that hezbollah sits in lebanon, the harder it will be to clean them out. but they MUST be destroyed. Hezbollah is the lynchpin of the islamic fundamentalist movement, and as long as it exists, this movement is undefeated. Bombing lebanon to the ground will not do anything. This is a big mistake and another failed 'strategy' by generals who think that they can fight a war against an enemy that THEY let fester there from the air without any israeli casualties. Another mistake from people who think that they can have the easy way out. wrong wrong wrong.
23. some wise words at last!!!!
mira ,   israel   (10.07.08)
when there is no effective united nations to protect israel from evil nations, israel should do what ever it see feet to survive.
24. The ten righteous
Messangers   (10.07.08)
What if there are ten righteous in those shia villages . War crimes must be avoided find ways .
25. Add to that the "Hezbollah Strategy" and we have a solution!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.07.08)
When Hezbollah took control of Sout Lebanon after Israel left, they took hostage the families of the South Lebanon Army officers and threatened their lives unless the Christian and Sunni officers return from Israel return and surrender. They also did this during the war, forcing SLA military to leave their positions in order to protect their homes. This is a very effective tactic and Hezbollah should know that now it applies not only to their leaders, but also to the Hezbollah "in-field" terrorists. Israel should improve the Dahyia strategy with the "Hezbollah tactics" and also destroy their families' homes and assets. There should be no hesitation in doing so since there is no hesitation on Hezbollah's part when it deliberately bombs Israel civilians with rockets. Hezbollah wants to destroy Israel, then let the Lebanese know that if they accepted Hezbollah, Iran and Syria to dictate their military and politicla decision, thay should also accept the fact that Lebanon will be destroyed in ANY future encounter with ANY of these elements.
26. no ...mr.london
shamma ,   ..........   (10.07.08)
arabs do not fear their leaders more than fear of israil .and itisnot respect to theircorrupt leaders .itis the ediology .. not more that butnasrallais respected becouseof its honestyto his ediology . so acceptit ordenyitwill not affect the israili or the arabi
27. Time for an aggressive reassertion of Israeli sovereignty...
Rob ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.08.08)
God bless Israel and may God guide her in the dark days that fast approach. I sincerely hope that Benjamin Netanyahu is elected PM and pray that this Dahiya strategy is implemented as fast as possible. The ongoing onslaught of missiles from Lebanon is truly despicable. It is high time for Israel to bring justice to Hezbollah terrorists. Lebanon herself must be brought to justice and may God bring swift vengeance to all her inhabitants. I pray for the protection of the innocent women and children there, but all those in Lebanon must know that Israel's God is an angry, jealous God, and will never tolerate abuse of His chosen people. Lord hasten the day of your return and bring peace to Jerusalem.
28. #22 Doron, its definately the right strategy!
Jayjay3 ,   Israel   (10.08.08)
After the whole of southern Lebanon is carpet bombed, then Israel can send in troops to drive the few Hezbollah and Syrian scum out.
29. "We need to make the fear we sow among them greater."
mowaten ,   lebanon   (07.11.14)
there you go, it's called terrorism
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