Put the heat on Hamas
Boaz Ganor
Published: 06.10.08, 17:48
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1. urge
colin   (10.06.08)
Nobody is urgeing the government to find a way to release Shalit.The cowards who make the decisions know that thier time is close to the end and prefer to be known as yellow cowards than sae a Israeli Soldier.They want to give killers in exchange.Hamas ;aughs at the cringing coeards.
2. shalit
marcel   (10.06.08)
Yyou want him back,start eliminating hamas top one by one. Then they will trade him. under the gutless pathetic coward olmert, all this was not possible. Do it and you'll get him back.
3. put the heat on Hamas
bear ,   zefat   (10.06.08)
A very good article. there's only one small problem: our so called "leaders" don't have that much brains!
4. Psychological pressure
a lady from Germany   (10.06.08)
Putting pressure on Hamas by publishing the names of the terrorists that Israel is willing to release is a reasonable suggestion. I had the same idea long ago. But then I said to myself: "Oh no, you are just an ordinary citizen from Europe, Israeli policiticians and Shin Bet are much more intelligent than you, they know better what to do". Now, after 3 years of Shalit's capitivity, I really wonder why Israli decision-makers didn't even try to use the methods of psychological warfare which Mr. Ganor mentioned in his article. Maybe because it's to simple?
5. Spring Shalit&help Hamas return home to Egypt
sam ,   USA   (10.07.08)
Genesis 10-13&14
6. Recovering Gilad Shalit
Jewish mother ,   Israel   (10.07.08)
Since Gilad Shalit has been held incommunicado for so long, without even the basic right of a visit from the Red Cross rep - or stretch a point - one of the large number of UN officials in Gaza, we have to take our own measures to show Hamas and their people that there are consequences. From now on, in light of Hamas intransigence, we must stop all Red Cross or other rights officials from visiting Arab terrorist prisoners we hold. Stop all family visits to them. Stop all and any use of the telephone by the prisoners we hold, and restrict their diet to (the perfectly adequate) standard prison rations. We can go on to impounding their personal radios, and the other home comforts they are allowed to have in our prisons. If is true that Gilad Shalit is not allowed out in the daylight to exercise, this privilege should be denied to terrorist prisoners we hold. If Hamas officials and their people really do care about their relatives, this should focus the minds of the "negotiators" who control Gilad's long imprisonment. If these moves produce no positive result by advancing the release deal, then we should progressively withdraw all supplies to Gaza, who despite the wobbly cease fire currently agreed on, are our sworn enemies. They are not just unpleasant neighbours who we have to get along with over the garden fence, but a carefully controlled group, financed from overseas, who are constantly stockpiling weapons to use against us and brainwashing generations of kids to hate and attack Israel. The kidnap of Gilad Shalit is part of a war, not a sporting event, no prizes should be awarded and no PC attitudes to the community which holds him captive are valid.
7. Israelis Must Protest Against Kadima To Stop All Visits To
Joseph.E ,   Givatyim-Israel   (10.07.08)
ArabPals prisoners till Shalit is released . This would pressure the ArabPal street to demand Shalit release .
8. the real "heat" on hamas
yariv   (10.08.08)
Restrictions on their own prisoners: no red-cross visits, no family and phone, no radio, no studies, standard prison food etc. Let them press their own government
9. shifting the pressure from Israel to Hamas
AVIV VIDA ,   Portland, Oregon US   (10.08.08)
Boaz Ganor seems to have a firm grasp on the political psychology of the mid-east. Great stuff.
10. how to release him
Andrew ,   Swan Hill, Australia   (10.08.08)
send a messge to Hamas that we will start assassinating you one by one starting with Haniyah until he is released
11. heat on hamas
alan ,   texas   (10.08.08)
seal the borders until Shalit comes home.
12. Gilad Shalit
Helena Abram ,   London UK   (10.08.08)
Sadly Gilad's situation today was totally predictable as soon as the Israeli Cabinet agreed on the prisoner swap with Hizbollah. Of course Hamas is upping their demands. If anything happens to Gilad, it will be the Israeli Government that has his blood on their hands. What they did is unforgiveable. Helena Abram
13. heat on hamas
elliot ,   usa   (10.13.08)
you are changing governments--maybe a tough [or weak] message at this time will shape the future
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