A show for the judges
Uri Orbach
Published: 07.10.08, 01:43
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1. olmert and sternhell cut form same cloth
Arie ,   BaGolan   (10.07.08)
Sell their souls for self-aggrandizement and creating situations to suit their narcissistic desires. They are both prepared to destroy the State for a footnote in history. Our 21st century kapos. hitler would be proud
2. and while you're mentioning Olmert,
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (10.07.08)
don't forget Livni. Both of them were once strong, realistic Israelis. They both swung way over to Yossi Sarid-Yossi Beilin positions and neither of them shows any evidence of having engaged in deep thought or undergone a genuine change of thinking. Indeed, in today's reality with all the land concessions having reaped such dire results, it's impossible to undergo such a transition on a rational, empirical basis. Olmert and Livni turned out to be weak Israelis-Jews who want to be loved by the world and lauded by the Israeli elites. The huge problem is that they're dragging us down with them. Livni is now turning for security "advice" to Ephraim Halevy, a nutcase who thinks Iran isn't a threat.
3. olmert is irrelevant
Moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (10.07.08)
olmert was the worst failure of ALL Israeli PM ...including Barak. olmert's last gasp manipulations, what olmert says ..is IRRELEVANT ...shouldn't attract the attention of the press ...( unless Ynet has its own motives---who knows ? ) olmert accused of thievery, ex -Minister of Treasury hirschson the same, ex-Defense Minister (ig) peretz probably honest....but ig (ignorant) Moshe
4. How much $$$ did he get to pronunce his give away?
sam ,   USA   (10.07.08)
5. Has anyone seen Olmert not look ludicrous in a Photo?
meir elazar   (10.07.08)
Every photo I have every seen of Omert he looks like a clown or a "mentally challenged" person (no offense to the "mentally challenged")
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