Russia's Jerusalem land claim worries Israelis
Associated Press
Published: 07.10.08, 11:07
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1. This huge, huge Land of Israel
yehudi ,   palestine   (10.07.08)
Olmert & Co are hurry up to give up the country by pieces. Sure, Israel is soooo big. Not as Russia that holding German, Japanese etc. territories since WW2 and just recently annexed Caucasian lands.
2. Jerusalem dangers..
judyinjerusalem ,   jerusalem   (10.07.08)
Go to the Jerusalem Center for Public affairs website for a very informative article about the challenges facing Jerusalem. Must reading for anyone concerned about the future of the holy city.
3. Actually the land belongs to the Tzar's family!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.07.08)
Actually, so they will have title. I don't think it will be going anywhere and it might increase tourism. In any case Jerusalem is so divided as it is so what's a little more division? Just another source for a million or so talkbacks. Maybe Gaydmak should persuade his friends Putin and Puppy Medvedev to take the Meya Sha'arim instead!
4. Olmerts political...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (10.07.08)
... time is over, so I wonder why he's still deciding such sensible issues. He should drink a cup of tea, decide only what is definetely necessary, wait for Mrs. Livni to enter office – and leave ALL important decisions to his successors... Apart from this it is clear that Russian imperialism is grabbing land wherever possible. Take a look at the world map...
5. Another goodwill gesture from Tsar Olmert
zionist forever   (10.07.08)
This is another one of Olmerts good will gestures and as usual it involves the belief that all of Israel is his private property to do with as he wishes. Of course this will set a precident by every other country and religious institution wanting some of these goodwill gestures and taking all Jerusalem from Israel. Can anybody see Putin giving Israel part of Moscow as a goodwill gesture? Jerusalem belongs to Israel when its not being used anymore for the purposes of a foreign embassy etc then the land automaticly goes back to being soverign territory of the country whose land thats part of. You dont give soverignty over bits of land to other countries as goodwill gestutures. The Russians dont care about this compound and getting it certainly wont soften the support their give to Iran & Syria and if Iran wants to buy billions of dollars worth of Russian weapons Olmert offering him a stupid little courtyard in Jerusalem wont change anything there. This is Tsar Olmert and his belif that all Israel belongs to him and he is the undisputed ruler for life of all Israelis. Right now Olmert is supposed to be head of a caretaker government untill a new one is formed either through Livni inheriting the premiership through 431 Kadima votes or through the prefereable general election. As a caretaker Olmert has no right to make any major decisions in the country without permision from the courts. Giving away part of Jerusalem as a goodwill gesture is a big decision and to big for any cartaker PM to make. When Olmert is ready to give the Russians his house in Jerusalem as a goodwill gesture then I will back his decision to give away this compound but not before then We all know that he inherited the premiership from Sharon same way Livni has inherited it from him .... Kadima dont belive in electing PM's The real question though is how did this man ever end up mayor of Jerusalem.
6. get used to it ..
Fadi ,   Lobnan   (10.07.08)
i hope you are realizing that taking someone's land ...hurts .
7. what the hell? it was paid
what the hell do u mean returned? if they accepted the payment for it-in oranges or dates or camels-it was paid for! i m not even goin to go into the other problematic reprucussions this idiocy will create later on... israelis r idiots who dont know whos ass to lick first
8. Dayenu
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.07.08)
It is enough for us.As a goodwill gesture,a box of Chocolates or bunch of Flowers will suffice,Jerusalem is not Mr.Olmerts' personal property to give away.Feeling generous? want to give away Land? please give some to me.
9. Another slimy under-handed deal
Larry ,   zefat Israell   (10.07.08)
These Israelis are really spmething.
10. My land.
David ,   USA   (10.07.08)
Actually my forefathers, the tribe of Dan owned the Golan Heights! I want it back Olmert! I want it back NOW! Get the paperwork together and make me first class reservations on El Al for tomorrow. I am coming home. If you fail me Olmert, I will tell the prosecutor all I know.
11. Who said the Jews were smart? The smart people don't give
Frank ,   USA   (10.07.08)
away their land.
12. The only reason there is no Kurdish state is because
Bill ,   USA   (10.07.08)
unfortunately for the Kurds they have to deal with the Arabs and Turks instead of Jews. Had the Kurds dealt with the Jews they would have had their state 3 generations ago.
13. how about getting JEWISH land back?
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.07.08)
There is 100 times the size of Israel land stolen by Arabs. When will the Arabs give this land back to the Jews? Start making the list and bring them to international court!!!!
14. #6, Fadi, get used to giving land BACK to Jews
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.07.08)
After all, fair is fair. Arabs owe BILLIONS to Jews from theft over the year. Get used to it. Its going to happen. Its not a 1 way streak.
15. Russia Land Claims
robertsgt40 ,   San Antonio--Texas-U   (10.07.08)
"set a precedent for other land claims"? Would that include the Palestinians per chance? This is histerical
16. #6 And that is why Assad refuses to recognize the Lebanon
Jake   (10.07.08)
He claims it was an imperialist creation of the French, carved out of Syrian territory. Get used to it.
17. Truth: Georgia struck first!
Vox Veritatis ,   New York, NY   (10.08.08)
C'mon already. Tell the truth. Georgia invaded South Ossetia, an invasion which included an unprovoked artillery attack on a Russian compound. Russia responded, which was it's right. Please STOP making Russia look like the bad guy in this ridiculously botched bit of "strategy" by Georgia and it's Israeli provocateurs.
18. For crying out loud, stop giving away land!!!
daniel   (10.14.08)
this is just nuts!
19. A one million $ (or more) question !!
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (10.14.08)
How many barrels of oil, will Olmert be compensated for this "gesture" ?
20. Evil Empire Russia
G-Funk   (10.15.08)
#17 - you forgot to mention that Georgia struck first in South Ossetia, which was at the time, at least nominally, part of Georgia, in order to protect its territorial integrity. Then foreign outsider Russia comes in and invades sovereign Georgia using S. Ossetia as a pretext for regime change in Georgia and to divide and conquer the ancient country. Check your facts Vox.
21. russian courtyard
leib ,   madison wisconsin us   (10.21.08)
22. Dividing Jerusalem
arcticblueice ,   USA   (03.23.11)
Woe unto the government of Israel for dividing Jerusalem. The Lord God has commanded that the land in Israel is not ever to be given away. Giving land in Jerusalem to the Russians is an act of rebellion towards the Lord our God. Has the leadership in Israel lost their fear of the LORD? Leviticus 25:23 The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine; for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.
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