McCain, Obama would toughen sanctions on Iran
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Published: 08.10.08, 07:02
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1. We are running out of time.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.08.08)
The Iranian regime is motivated by a messianic ideology with a strong apocalyptic component. This renders useless the threat of mutually assured destruction. It is clear that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it will be impossible to confront Syria or Hamas who will operate under Iran’s nuclear umbrella. Iran today at :
2. Sanctions won't work, Strikes will !
Septimus ,   Rome   (10.08.08)
3. My toughts
Septimus ,   Rome   (10.08.08)
In yesterday's debate between the 2 US presidential candidates, I picked a sentence said by John Mac Cain regarding the iraqi situation: “Sen. Obama would have brought our troops home in defeat,” McCain said. “I will bring them home with victory and honor.” I like very much this sort of sentence. It is there the speech of a real Roman. If I where wavering among the two mens. this would have decided my choice; But,as I have expressed here before, I already supported Mac Cain, who will lead the US in its war gain terror, and to the destruction of the Shiite entity regime.
4. More sanctions rubbish - Iran
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.08.08)
Talking is a big waste of time but only politicians think otherwise. All that is left to be done if Iran is to be set back is a major military strike
5. I wonder when God is going to talk to President Bush again!
Bush always claimed that God talking to him.I wonder why he is not asking God as how to solve this economic crisis . Big liar !!
6. McCain vs Obama Simplified
emanon ,   USA   (10.08.08)
The siple differnece between the two candidates policies: McCain: War is good for business. Invest your children, have them sent home in boxes. The more Americans that get killed, the less energy we will consume and the fewer will reach the age to collect Social Security or need medical benefits. Obama: Invest in the future. Bring our children home alive, develop new energy programs, develop new assistance programs and work together to fix America. Vote your choice in November.
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