Iranian boy to undergo surgery in Israel
Nurit Felter
Published: 08.10.08, 12:32
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1. comments, anyone?
fish ,   tel-aviv   (10.08.08)
Well, this will go unnoticed by Amnesty, and similar do-gooders around the world. The Western meida is sitting and waiting to write - a Pal teenager killed in Gaza by Israeli fire ( gleeing all over no doubt).
2. "we are the light of the nations"
jl ,   israel   (10.08.08)
what a joke....does anyone believe that anymore?
3. This article makes me proud to be Israeli
Talula ,   Israel   (10.08.08)
4. Few hours before Yom Hadin
Jean-Pierre ,   Holon, Israel   (10.08.08)
It is so heart warming to read such a news. You can be pessimistic Mr #1 or sarcastic Mr #2. The facts are layed down in bet hadin shelema'ala. He will judge us and frankly, today I am proud and serein. Now let us get into the solemnity of the day and think about our actions and our way to really become a light upon ourselves. Well over the Fast. G'mar Hatimah Tova
5. Would the same hapen in return ? Lets send someone
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (10.08.08)
6. nr 2
Caroline ,   London   (10.08.08)
Actually yes. I doubt that tehran would operate on an israeli yes the light does shine on Israel and i agree with comment nr.1 -I am sure that will not be mentioned in the BBC.
7. Memo to #2: Yes, we do.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.08.08)
jl writes, "what a joke... does anyone believe that anymore?" Those of us who aren't cynical self-haters do. How many nations have emergency relief/rescue planes standing by loaded and fueled? How many send relief teams even into lands with whom they have no diplomatic relations? Israelis share their expertise in agriculture, clean water, desert sciences and health care with everyone, and have saved more lives than you know.
8. ...only to be executed when he goes back to Iran.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.08.08)
9. Congratulations
eric ,   jerusalem   (10.08.08)
certain contributors to this talkback. you have managed once again to show your bitterness and contempt at every opportunity, making yourselves sound like a big sulking children. This is one positive story I have heard in a maelstrom of doom and gloom and you are trying to ruin it with your "oh they wouldnt do the same for us" and "the Western media wont report this". Who cares? is the only reason we do good deeds because we want the praise of others? because we want something in return? no, or at least I would like to think that it isn't. Dont turn it on its head by politicising it. Simply say "that is a good deed and I'm glad we did it, regardless of context".
10. commendable
the fact that this boy had to go to israel than any other muslim and arab state and medical facility speaks volumesnot only for israel's humanity, but also for the superior knowledge, standard, advancement and the multiple humane gifts jews give to humanity. shame on the arab states that in 60 years of israeli ecistence, they cannot manage to treat a cancer patient with the most advanced medicine. shame! but they are good at terror, suicide bomb belt making, assassinations, vile rhetoric and unspeakable detestable propaganda and the various terror they export worldwide. shame on arabs and muslims that in this day and age they still can't do didly squat, nothing, to advance humanity and human life.
11. this speaks volumes!!!!
if it wasn't for arab stupidity, pride, jealousy, hate, anti semitisim, stupid honor mentality, they could all come into israel and benefit from a modern state with the highest standard of living and medicine in the region of the middle east. amazing, but someone says that they invented the numbers and algebra in days gone by and i agree. except that they stopped at the number 10 and never went forward. while israel advanced in all areas and became a technological and medical superpower like the usa and cilicon valley, the arabs still wollow in their misery and backwardness, fed hate, fed propaganda and fed vile religion.
12. Talula , i agree 100 %
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.08.08)
Wich other country will allow this ? Only Israel . Great !
13. another ping pong or pistachio dimplomacy.
14. #7
jl ,   israel   (10.08.08)
i love it...those of "us" who are not live in washington dc...and the other one lives in london...i am quite sure you both contribute greatly to israel by living away from all the hardships faced by people here everytday...oh...and after all...who pays for these favours renderded in the name of light of the nations? not those living lives in comfort in other countries
15. Eric, 9. YNet Talkbackers are a particularly, unique mix...
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (10.08.08)
Many are hobbyist, OpEd, wanna be writers just happy to see their ideas in print. Others think they are satirical comidians desparately looking for a public venue. Some are hate spewing Muslims and antisemites that don't seem to realize that this is really an Israeli newspaper, and that the Jews and Christians that even bother to click on their comments couldn't give two hoots about what they wrote. On the whole, there are enough decent contributors that one gets to read and discuss more sides of the issue than the submitting journalist could have ever hoped to cover in any one article. By the way, I agree with your comment whole heartedly.
16. Citizens of of an enemy state...
Persian CAT   (10.10.08)
are banned from entering Israel! Are you sure? In that case, how do you explain the fact the Iranian Jews travel back and forth to Israel legally and openly all the time??? Older Iranians used to go to Israel for medical treatments including my family members. They all had excellent experience due to the high quality professional services they got. Once the relationships are restored I am sure a lot of Muslim Iranians will flood Israeli medical facilities and universities. But first we need peace in the ME.
17. Iranian boy to undergo surgery in Israel
Millicent ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
If you save one life you save the world! I wish this boy a quick recovery, and I pray that this will be the start of more assistance between the people of both countries. I just hope that these people don't have trouble when they return home, and that they will tell others how well they were treated here and that we aren't the enemy like their leaders say we are!
18. Beautiful Story
Racheli ,   Brooklyn, NY USA   (10.10.08)
This really is an inspring story. The sad part is that Jews are being vilified for the financial crisis here. (read: What's worse is that anti-Israel op-eds that would never have shown up before this are all over the newspapers - even the ones that are usually pro-Israel. The anti-semitism in the US is a HUGE problem and with clowns like Ahmedinejad speaking like Hitler, the problem worsens. SOMEthing needs to be done before "vigilanties" start bombing Jewish businesses and killing innocent Jews in the streets. This is NOT in the news...
19. Eye problem
Alawi ,   Bahrain   (10.11.08)
I should highly grateful if you would kindly provide me with the contact address such as EMail of Sheba Medical Centre. Many thanks
20. Why????
moshe ,   israel   (10.11.08)
We should not lift a finger to help anyone from an enemy country unless and until our kidnapped soldiers Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev are safely returned to their families.
21. the light
yocheved ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.12.08)
There are many of us who still believe we are a light unto the nations. Our motivation is not to get a good write up in the BBC (impossible), or to have Amnesty International approve of us, or to change the hearts and minds of dictators. Our motivation to help is because we can- and it is was and always will be the Jewish way. I also agree we must stay focused on helping ourselves first. If our own children aren't receiving care then helping soemone from another country is a farce. To my dear cynical Israeli brothers and sisters- we have one of the best national health systems in the world. We, as a nation are a miracle.
22. Alawi - try this mate:
Daniel ,   Jeruaslem   (10.12.08) hope it helps.
23. to moshe 20 were you sleeeping in the last year?
nava   (10.15.08)
Moshe, Ehud Golswasser and Eldad Regev may their soul rest in peace were returned. About Shalit our poor boy. You have to assume that the Iranian government cares enough about their poor boy, to give some information about Shalit in order to make a deal.. Well... they don't. Our Shalit will stay in the hand of Hamas until the Israeli government will declare to the heads of Hamas that they have seven days to bring him back alive, or they will be ALL on the target list. Instead the Israeli government is just waiting and letting them arm themselves so they will be ready to attack after the next "Oslo war" declared.
24. Makes me proud to be a Jew ---
Susan ,   DC USA   (10.19.08)
--- & I am also proud of the Israelis - THIS is the way for them to show their moral superiority, NOT giving land to terrorists - THIS can NEVER hurt them, or any Jew (& makes our collective enemies look like the evil creatures they are). Yasher koach, Israel!!
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