Hundreds of Jews, Arabs clash with police in Akko
Ayiha Raved
Published: 09.10.08, 21:39
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31. #28 so much utter nonsense.
Tahl ,   Israle   (10.10.08)
You either are a severe case of a leftist lunatic, or simply extremely ignorant. The rioters in Akko were Israeli-Arabs, as in - citizens of Israel, who enjoy complete civil rights. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, voting, relatively high incomes, receiving social security payments, advanced schooling, social services and excellent medical care. All in all, they enjoy much better life than in any other Arab country! Therefore, these citizens are anything but "occupied". Actually, they could've had their own Arab state, had they accepted the Partition Plan in 1947 - but they chose instead to wage war on the Jews, and lost big time. As happens in wars, the losers get a tough break, some were killed, some had to go. But overall, the Jews were pretty merciful with the Arabs. I wonder what would've happened had the Arabs won that war - would they have likewise spared the Jews, or massacred all of them? You can probably guess the answer yourself. Anyway, so now they live under an Israeli rule, but with pretty darn good conditions. Such great conditions, that every time a suggestion comes up to unite them with their Palestinian "brothers" by annexing their towns to the future Palestinian state, they vehemently reject it. So apparently they do like it here... And yet, they have their own representatives in the Knesset, inciting against Israel, and expressing sympathy with enemy countries. They routinely aid Palestinian terrorists, or perform terror attacks themselves. In this case now, they simply wanted to provoke the Jews, so in the holiest day of the year, drove a car with loud music, tried to run over people, and cursed out the Jews. There is absolutely nothing in this brutal behavior which you can call "fighting back"! In all normal countries, they would be either deported or severely punished. Not in Israel. And then what ultimately happens? When faraway, ignorant hicks like you read these news, you don't bother to check the facts and automatically take their side. My post should put things in perspective for you.
32. A man of vision
observer   (10.10.08)
to take such a great risk of challenging Jewish youth, driving speedily with loud music. But one thing is lacking he is really a man vision to figure that Jewish youth who are supposed to be in the synagogues are crowded on the road anticipating the moment he arrives. He is certainly a man of vision to stop his car and allow his own son to step down giving the golden chance to the Jewish youth to practice their Yom Kippur. He, Taufik Jamal, is not an ordinary man.
33. Re: Unfortunate
Anonymous ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
According to some sources, the driver was blaring loud music in his car.
34. Jews returned unharmed with their cars
Edithann, USA   (10.10.08)
Weren't there a few instances recently when Jews wandered into Arab neighborhoods and were returned unharmed? Why did the Jews create this riot? TATA
35. "Can't we all just get along?"
Rodney King ,   Watts, Los Angeles   (10.10.08)
36. 32 observer egain you write a scheiss
HANS ,   STUTTGART   (10.10.08)
37. RE: #31
Thundercloud65 ,   Oklahoma City USA   (10.11.08)
I like you Tahl. At least you are spirited, but unfortunately you resort to the same strategy I see in my own nation: if anyone disagrees with you, you begin the dialogue with an attack on their intelligence. As for being a "hick, " I've lived in 5 countries and have visited 26. I grew up in Los Angeles and yet, find Oklahoma a pleasant place to be. I will take the open and fair people of Oklahoma over narrow minded people like you any day of the week. So as for your rant about "educating" this "hick," you claim Israel is "merciful" on its Arab population and that they have "better conditions" than other Arabs in Arab nations. Hmmm, I'm old enough to remember these statements from the former government of South Africa regarding their black population. Also, anyone that applies a little research can find that your Arab population suffers discrimination in jobs, education, and just try to build a new house. That is not freedom. That is occupation. Expect them to live like 2nd class citizens and you have no right to complain when they act up. Do I agree with terrorism? Hell no, but until people sit and talk and stop throwing stones or firing bullets nothing will change and both Jews and Arabs deserve that change that means peace.
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