MK Eitam slams 'anti-Semitic pogrom in heart of Israel'
Amnon Meranda
Published: 09.10.08, 21:17
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1. Police should make public the pictures &names of the Arabs
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.09.08)
...who started and participated in this provocation and pogrom so that everybody knows who they are: their employees, their customers, their neighbors and their freinds. We've had enough of these snakes. In our face they are all honey but behind our backs they spit on us and also stick a knife in our backs at the first occasion. We want to know who they are so that we know which of the Arabs NOT to boycott - to avoid what the suicidal Islamo-Leftists call "collective punishment". We don't want to collectively boycott all the Arab businesses, but if these names and pictures are not made public, we have no choice but to boycott all the Arabs. Sorry - no choice! We won't feed the snakes who bite us!
2. Surreal
Uri ,   Israel   (10.09.08)
Didn't Jewish thugs start this by throwing a rocks an Arab motorist?
3. Obviously they don't like living with jews.
Marty ,   USA   (10.09.08)
4. Shut it down!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (10.09.08)
The police should identify the arab progromists, whom we call all rest assured have never engaged in any form of national service, and make sure they do not receive any welfare funds from the Jewish State. They're good at rioting, and then demanding we compensate them for their violence!
5. Religious hatred and stupidity
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (10.09.08)
Must Jews demand the Arabs follow their religious precepts? It's bad enough to have modesty patrol thugs, but this is pure hatred and stupidity pressed by the rebbunim. We know of arab terrorism and have no compunction of returning fire with fire. Now we act as if we are the Arabs. What a way to begin the new year.
6. Jewish residents of Akko need right to keep and bear arms
Former Resident of ,   Akko   (10.09.08)
to defend themselves from the Arab inhabitants.
7. #2 Surreal indeed!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.09.08)
... didn't the Arab thugs provoke the Jews on their HOLIEST holiday?
8. # 2 Were you there?
Wright burke ,   Tiberias Israel   (10.09.08)
Unless you were personally there when riots began,how do you know that "jewish thugs" started it? you are ASSUMING and when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.I don't know all the facts so I reserve judgement.Oh,I suppose jews started it on yom kippur 35 tears ago too?
9. Wasn't it sparked by jews stoning arab's cars?
Moshe   (10.09.08)
Even if we put aside a fact that NO ONE's cars should be stoned (even jews' that do not observe Yom Kippur), the Arabs do not HAVE to observe Yom Kippur. I mean if my car is being stoned I will seek some kind of protection, and the police did not offer the protection to arabs that were being stoned, so how can you write that this was an act of antisemitism and pogrom? The definition of anti-semitism is "hatred solely based on [jewish] racial origin". This incident was a reaction to unprovoked aggressive action taken by fanatics.
10. #5, you miss the point
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (10.09.08)
This is not about Arabs obeying Jewish law. This is about Arabs rioting... a disproportionate response to throwing a stone. It's a disproportionate response to learning about a murder as well - and that turned out to be a rumor (i.e. blood libel).
11. #9 Is it forbidden to eat a barbecue in midday Ramadan?
HS   (10.09.08)
But if a Jew will try to do it in the central park of an Arabic town won't be wise (maybe provocative) and he'll risk his life
12. Religious fanatics
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (10.09.08)
The Israeli police gave the information how the problem began.Perhaps it's time you read the facts and stop acting like innocent kids. Israeli religious fanatics started this, Israeli religious fanatics need to have their leadership cut down to size. Then the stone throwers will spend time in the IDF instead of faking yeshivah study.
13. To Ben #5 and Moshe #9
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.09.08)
Hi Ben, let me understand you, first you say that ALL the "rebunim"(un respective term) is crap and then you say nice way to start the year? Doesn't the year for you start with the Silvester celebration? Moshe, obviously you don't live in Israel and also obviously you are 100% "giloni", for your info, Israel is a Jewish country and people of different faiths are supposed to respect Jewish national celebrations, try to open a shop on Christmas eve and explain to your employees you are an "Yidd"!
14. Unbelievable
Stephanie ,   Israel   (10.09.08)
that Arabs can drive into a Jewish area on our holiest day playing laud music and smoking, yet if Jews were to do the same thing in an Arab area on their holiday they would be lynched. It is about time the Arabs went home to Jordan. Jordan is Palestine.
15. To #11 and #13
Moshe   (10.10.08)
HS, yes and that would be arab mob that would bear responsibility, the same as in this case religious fanatics bear the responsibility for this outbreak. Ricardo, you are correct, I do not live in israel currently, but I did for 7 years, and also was in the army for 3 years, so I know what's going on there. And for your info, you will not be STONED for openeing a shop on Christmas eve. I'm appaled to read that you find it reasonable to defend such a medieval practice as STONING because someone has a different belief, and your opinion sharply drops in my eyes.
16. To Ricardo #13
Moshe   (10.10.08)
By the way for 10 years of my life I was orthodox religious and studied halacha among other sacred books. Until I've found God inside myself and did not need an external authority to tell me what to do and whom to give the money, so I can connect to God. Did you know that by stoning during holiday you break at least several halachot, not including the obvious disregard of the direct meaning of the holiday, which is FORGIVENESS? How sadly hypocritic and a LIE of you to tell everybody that you forgive them and ask for forgiveness, and at the same time to STONE others just because they believe different things than you do?? I mean, if you don't see the BS behind all of this, there's no way I could explain. Hamevin yavin.
17. Akko Jews deserve a real police chief and officers.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.10.08)
Yakov   (10.10.08)
19. #2, #5, #9, #12
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.10.08)
The incident started when an Arab went Jew-baiting. Perhaps stones were thrown at his car. A law-abiding citizen would have gone to the police who would have arrested the criminals. Maybe his family would have held a silent vigil against the violence. What you guys are justifying, however, is that the Arabs of Acco came out in masses screaming "slaughter the Jews" while they destroyed Jewish property.
20. Arabs like Jamal should return to Jordan
Great White North ,   Canada   (10.10.08)
Clearly Jamal does not wish to live among the Jews in a respectful way, as such he should return to Jordan and live among his own.
21. What A Sad Country
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.10.08)
I can't imagine why anyone would choose to live in Israel. The hate is palpable. With the high levels of stress in your society children will grow even more neurotic than their parents. Why don't you European Ashkenazim move back to your true homeland, the Khazar area of southern Russia? You would be much better off. You are not a semitic people. The Palestinians are the rightful semitic heirs to Palestine. If truth be known they are the true Jews who never left Palestine and later converted to Christianity and Islam.
22. God bless religious tolerance.
Uri ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
To #7: Yes, I suppose the Arab motorist was being provocative for believing that there was freedom of religion in Israel. Silly Arab, doesn't he know his place as a second-class citizen? To #8: What is there to assume? It's all over the news. Furthermore, you claim to live in Israel: Do you really not know what happens to Arab motorists on Yom Kippur? Next, you'll be shocked by reports of Haredim stoning cars on Shabbat!
23. If a religious nutter stones me, I will shoot him.
Laryy Kushner ,   Camdentown   (10.10.08)
Im sick and tired of the religious going ape whenever they want. I will pay you back plus tax if you cross me.
24. To #10 : wasn't 2006 war disproportionate too?
Toni ,   Beirut Lebanon   (10.10.08)
"...a disproportionate response to throwing a stone".
25. Out of Control
Talula ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
This entire incident needs to be kept in perspective for crying out aloud!!! Both Jews and Arabs live in Akko and have done for many many years. Peacefully and quietly. One incident of a stupid thoughtless ass Moron must not spark off an entire chain of resignations and blame. There is no pogrom, there is no failure and there was no intelligence because, I'm sure, it wasn't planned. It's all down to the actions of one stupid ass that did not show respect to his neighbours. That's all. The only person who should resign, however, is MK Ahmad Tibi - he should actually be kicked out of the Knesset - he has displayed, several times, inherently warped views when it comes to protecting his own. Even when HE KNOWS they are to blame. The Idiot needs to know that an Arab started this by thoughtlessness. That's all.
26. Stupid Politicians
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.10.08)
Rather than finding a peaceful solution to the Arab rioting, they are fueling this volatile situation with inciteful and provocative remarks. They responses are irresponsible.
27. @2
daniel   (10.10.08)
To be provoked is not a Jewish right. We can provoke -by our very existance, or by taking a walk, or by having children- but we cannot be provoked as we are not really human beings, let alone an independant nation. After all we are Jews. Think about this: If everybody agrees that roadblocks radicalise Palestinians, how come nobody ever worries that Palestinian terrorism radicalises Israeli's? Because Israeli's are Jews (most of them, at least) and Jews are supposed to suffer.
28. anti-semetic mumbo jumbo
jerusalem   (10.10.08)
soon it will be anti-semetic to breathe the wrong way. beware anti-semetics. that "death to jews" comment can be redirected at him with the same activity that he is condemning, the mob was clearly yelling '"death to arabs" the property damage shouldnt happen though. harassed? by driving by in a car? in a public street? if that is true then i dont think the arabs liked hearing the loud, you can cay deliberately loud speakers of surrounding jewish songs during their prayers around the dome of the rock, playing the same song over and over again for about an hour for one particular day in the recently passed ramadan(who ever were the people doing that had to be real losers lol). there were, i can say 2 more instances where there was loud music could be heard all the way to the dome of the rock from where ever it was coming from on the recently passed ramadan; i didnt see any arabs causing trouble.
29. Why is riding a bike on Yom Kippur considered holy?
gal   (10.10.08)
What a 'dafuk' sense of warped values we have. A five year old on a bike on the 'holiest day of the year' ( that's funny, no?) . Sending little kids out alone 'hefker' on bikes because it's our 'holiest day" is sick. Yom Kippur in Israel= Bikes, whoopee do. We really are sick, folks. The arabs involved are disgusting and for sure did it on purpose. Surprise surprise. They know what to do, it's time we did.
30. # 25 well said ,I agree
Wright Burke ,   zefat Israel   (10.10.08)
This has been blown out of proportion,serious though it is.Ahmad Tibi is a disgrace ,throwing more fuel on to the fire and should be kicked out of Knesset.People in acco have lived fairly peacefully ,albeit a sometimes uneasy peace.All the morons blaming"The Religious" can shut up,they were not there ,do not know what happened to spark things off and are too quick to pass judgement.
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