Arab motorist: I narrowly escaped lynch in Akko
Sharon Roffe-Ophir
Published: 09.10.08, 23:13
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31. Salary of provocation.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.10.08)
If the arabs living in Israel will go on with their opposition to the Jewish State, they, and they alone, will be the ones to be blamed if a Israeli government in the future will consider them as a fifth column and treat them as one. If they accept Israel as their home, compared to all the other Arab countries, Israel will continue to be a blessing to them as explained at :
32. # 15 Don't jump to conclusions
Realist ,   zefat Israel   (10.10.08)
You write from London I see.That is roughly 2000 miles away from Acre,scene of todays riots.I live only about 20 miles away ,maybe less,and I do not even know what sparked things off and why.I just assume that Israeli jews have better things to do yom kippur than throw stones as you put it.This riot must have started for a reason.If you lived here ,which you do not,you would know that arabs often look to provoke trouble and this appears to be the case here.Reports suggest that the driver Tawfik Jamal broke through a barrier ,played very loud music after midnight and was abusive to passer bys,also apparently drunk.We remember yom kippur of 1973 when arab armies attacked on our holiest day.Do you not think it presumptious of you to judge us from afar from the safety of your London home when you do not have the facts? I do not condone violence but remember.there are 3 sides to every story ,that of the arabs ,the jews and the truth,
33. To Jamal and everyone posting
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (10.10.08)
Can i suggest you all actually read what he wrote, he obviously made a mistake but i would go and pick up my son as well than let him walk along dark roads at night. He is asking for tolerance and understanding, and he has it from me. Not all Israeli's are evil, not all of us are monsters saying death to arabs. I have been to Akko many times and i love seeing how people can live together. Let us not lose that or we are all lost to bigotry.
34. # 15 Since when? Always
Bill ,   US   (10.10.08)
If you drive into certain communities during Shaabat they will stone your car regardless of who you are. I didn't think Akko was that kind of community though. Jamal didn't either apparently.
35. So readily available for violence!
David Grinner (Jew) ,   New York   (10.10.08)
Amazing how jews are so readily available to lynch a man and kids on Yom Kippur! Besides, jews drive on this day in USA and rabbis allow it to happen and accept them to shul. The guy wasnt jewish, so where is democracy?
36. Next time he'll know not to drive past blocked roads on YK.
Michael Berg ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.10.08)
Secondly, why is ynet serving as a mouthpiece for this guy, he could be making much of it up. This article counts for less than the average article in a tabloid.
37. he got away with his life... lucky fool!
stude ham   (10.10.08)
38. According to the police he played loud music,
robin ,   israel   (10.10.08)
according to him he went to pick up his daughter at night, something any of us would do. What he says sounds more credible. As much as I abhor the reactions of the Jewish community, if one thinks again, it is understandable considering that many suicide bombings have taken place in our holiest cities on our holiest holidays in our synagogues in fact! To be fair, maybe the sanest people go insane in light of unbelievable circumstances.
39. Jewish sensitivity on Thrusday at 2:05 pm
observer   (10.10.08)
it was not supposed to be on Wednesday at 11 pm.
40. Why?
Avi   (10.10.08)
I really don't see any problem with someone driving through the neighborhood on Yom Kippur. This whole thing happened for nothing. While I'd minimize any movement I make during the holiday, I certainly don't expect a goy to know about or let alone follow our customs.
41. Elchonon , didf'nt you tell us you were
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.10.08)
handicaped some time ago ? So regarding fighting .....
42. To # 15
Leah ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
I think you are getting a little muddled up. it is the Arabs who are ALWAY stoning Jewish cars and even shooting at them. Arabs freely walk around all Jewish cities with absolute no fear something a Jew can not do in an Arab city as he would get lynched. The Arab had no respect on the most holiest day in the Jewish calendar with his driving on an empty street with loud music playing and smoking. You dont seem like you have much respect either.
43. He is a liar!
JAyjay ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
He claims he was picking up his daughter that was helping making cakes for a wedding. BUt thaSt a dont make cakes a week before a wedding! He also claims he wasnt playing loud music even though numerous people witnessed that he did. Not to mention he went through a closed road block, its obvious this idiot was only out to start trouble!
44. the arab is fithy Liar
noah ,   kibbutz ramat hashof   (10.10.08)
The guy was looking to make trouble on Yom Kippur. Even if you're an apologist for arab terror doesn't mean that you have to be stupid
45. Arab version of events
Jackie ,   Florida   (10.10.08)
I am curious as to why we accept the Arab's version of what happened. He was, according to other newspapers, driving his vehicle at high speed toward a group of Jews headed to services. If he stopped in time not to kill them, that was a blessing, but they could not know what he was planning. There are several cases already on record of Arabs using vehicles as weapons.
46. Observer says
Jackie ,   Florida   (10.10.08)
Observer claims that the man was riving at 11 pm on Wednesday and that it was not Yom Kippur until Thursday, thus blaming the Jews even more. Some knowlege of Judaism would indicate that they were probably going home from Kol Nidre services Wednesday evening. I know I did not get home until after 11 Wednesday evening.
47. #9 thundercloud 69-oklahoma
mr ,   israel   (10.10.08)
You are naive. This Arab did not screw up - he probably wanted to incite the Jews on their holiest of holy days.
48. #46 what Yom Kippur war has to do with Judaism?
observer   (10.10.08)
49. #47 that arab knows Yom Kippur as it has been always
observer   (10.10.08)
had he wanted incitement he would have waited for Jews to come out of the synagogue. But, maybe he does know that Jews are Dynamic in their religion and they can change it to allow them conspiring on the road on the very holiest day which no-one expect so from them.
50. Wait a second
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.10.08)
Both are wrong. Stoning cars is wrong and I for one am tired of the Haridim doing that. Driving into a Jewish neighborhood on Yom Kippur is bad behavior, especially after all the murders and attempted murders by Arabs in vehicles. But a lynching, give me a break. Exactly how many people have Israelis 'lynched'. Last time I looked the count was zero. It has NEVER happened. So Jamal is a liar.
51.  49 observer ,egain you write a scheiss (End)
hans ,   stuttgart germany   (10.10.08)
52. the level of hatred and intolerance....
Eric ,   US   (10.10.08)
in these postings is unfathomable. Are we not all humans and children of God, do we not all make mistakes? Who are you all to say he is lying and say his story is false and he was asking for this kind of reaction? Were you there? Do you all really think your God condones this kind of behaviour? The Jewish thugs in this neighbourhood should be ashamed of themselves and ask God for forgiveness. They are all hatelful religious zealots and will be judged accordingly.
53. These Jews Do Hilil Hashem
Glenn Tamir ,   The Galil, Israel   (10.10.08)
The Jews who did this committed Hilul Hashem and have desecrated Yom Kippur AND their names and families. This is disgusting behavior and I praise Mr. Jamal for his words of reconciliation and tolerance. These fanatics do not understand the meaning of the word tolerance. They should all be prosecuted and the mayor should resign.
54. 5
Rosie ,   Israel   (10.10.08)
You are right
55. An answer for Observer
Jackie ,   Florida   (10.11.08)
You ask what the Yom Kippur war has to do with Judaism. Maybe you should learn some history. The war was started by Jordan, Egypt and Syria, all of whom launched attacks against Israel, knowing that the IDF would have been almost disbanded with soldiers attending services on that most holy of days for Jews. I suppose that is the connection, a stab in the back at a nation when almost all of its citizens would be praying. Or is that Islam's way of fighting?
56. #55
observer   (10.11.08)
were those Jews were observing their Judaism when they executing with Napalm retreating 11,500 Egyptian soldiers in 1967. Were those soldiers of 1973 who were sitting in their fortification with their hands on the faucets of Napalm on the Suez Canal On Yom Kippur observing the holiest day? Poor Naive! during the preceding months Sadat send tens clear message that Egypt is going to retrieve Sinai which is 2X+ Israel's size. would Sadat say that Egypt ran out of leaflet to be dropped minutes before striking Israel's infrastructure with al-Kaher & al-Zafer rockets which Egypt refrained from using. The untold story is that Egypt, through a double agent, leaked information about the beginning of the war 10 hours before the 73 war and Israel was so arrogant that it made Partial call of the army reserve. Poor Naive!
57. @fadi
Zubaida ,   Ramallah,Palestine   (10.11.08)
lol your right! they're being racist yet complaining of racism!
58. Shame on you both!!!!
Kara ,   Akko   (10.11.08)
I am an American living in Israel and I personally am beyond disgusted with what I have witnessed in the past 17 months of living here. The Jews pass blame on the Arabs and the Arabs pass blame on the Jews. Neither one of you are any better than the other. You're both in the wrong. I believe that the Jews are God's "CHOSEN PEOPLE!" but you certainly don't act it in any sense of the word. It does NOT make you superior over the Arabs, or give you the right to treat them like their any less than a human being, which you do! You treat them like dogs! And the Arabs are so full of bitterness and spite they can not see past it!! And for you to think that God is watching from above beaming with pride, you could not be more mistaken. I would run and hide, and ask God to forgive the hate you have for one another. Sometimes, I honestly sit and shake my head because it deeply saddens my heart. God gave his covenant to both Isaac and Ishmel, he had a purpose for the both of them. And I can almost guarantee that it was not so one could wipe out the other. He gave you a test and boy, did you both fail miserably... The world has had no choice but to just sit back and pray for a miracle that God would transform your hearts and that things would change for the better, but that cannot happen until man changes his heart. My country, so far from perfect, I am the first to admit that, but we as Americans wouldn't be who we are if their was only one race of people in our country. I grew up with Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians and Indians Jews, and Arabs in my classroom. I learned to except that God created us all for a purpose and I would not have had it any other way. I wish you would see that as well. Until then, if ever shame on you, and remember most importantly, history always has a way of repeating it's self!!!!
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