Akko: Jewish residents call for boycott on Arab businesses
Ahiya Raved
Published: 11.10.08, 09:00
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1. perfectly reasonable
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.11.08)
when arabs willingly harm their own interests by act so foolishly, then whatever economic ramifications come as a result are, what's the word, deserved. stupid is as stupid does, ye reap what ye sow.
2. Not only this but also do not allow them to attend Mosques
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (10.11.08)
This is where Arabs get their most brainwashing with hatred. Islam drives its followers insane therefore the more they are prevented from being influenced by it the better it is.
3. We dont buy from Arab markets anymore
Eric... ,   Israel...   (10.11.08)
or eat in Arab restaurants.They put all kinds of stuff in the food,then when you eat it they stand in the back and laugh.True story.
4. Boycott! They must pay for their on-going hatred of Jews
David ,   USA   (10.11.08)
5. Akko Municipality canceled its annual theater festival
observer   (10.11.08)
is Akko Municipality Arab? Cancellation of festival will cost 4 million NIS. Then, they are certainly Arabs to think that selling 15,000 square meters will pay for the damage.
6. No need for SMS. Been doing this since the Oct 2000 treason
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.11.08)
7. Boycott, why only now?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.11.08)
I have been boycotting Arab businesses, restaurants and the like since the 2000 Intifada which started on the 28 September 2000 after Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount. Arabs in the North of Israel began their Intifada on the 30th September 2000 which just happened to be 1st Day Rosh HaShana. Israel's Arabs have FULL citizenship, have all the rights that all Israelis have, Child Allowances, Social Security and National Health Insurance. Many work in the Government Sector and hold many senior positions. Arabs do not serve in the IDF, with a few exceptions, and thus their youth have the opportunity to go to university or college before their "Zionist" counterparts and hold high positions in many areas of the elite “professions” - doctors, lawyers, accountants and so on. Most Arabs support their own political parties although many support Labor and Meretz and some even support Likud and Kadimah! In some universities there is even “Affirmative Action" in favor of the Arabs. So, they have all this and they turn on the hand that feeds! This is disgusting and I am sure that this the behavior by Israeli Arabs that we have seen over the last couple of months would result in a severe backlash in many other countries had it occurred there. The Israeli Arab population must NOW decide whether they are Israelis or whether they are Palestinians. I am sure that those who have a modicum of common sense which is not blinded by Islamic Fundamentalism do not want to be citizens of Palestine or another Arab country where democracy is merely a name. The ball is in their court and an a boycott by "Israeli" Israelis would help them come to the right decision. This might be viewed by some, including the Editor of YnetNews, as not being “politically correct, but is it the survival of our country that is at stake and unlike the Arabs, we don’t have anywhere else to go to!
8. Cant see why they avoid IDF service?
...maybe they are not wanted anyway...not loyal to the country? If so, why the hell do they get all this favorable treatment - this is lunacy. Dont call it democracy - its damn well not. There is enough of these "citizens" carrying these sentiments to be considered an 'enemy within'. In any external conflict they are a huge security threat. I don't know how you can get them out but this cancer must be excised somehow.
9. Shame on Jewish politicians
Bhaskr ,   Edmonton, Canada   (10.11.08)
Think of Jews misbehaving in Any Arabian country. They would be tortured and killed. Here, Israeli leaders are pampering Arabs. What a shame!
10. Boycott your idiotic anti-Jewish government
USA   (10.11.08)
You'll have one of these Arabs running for PM soon enough.
11. I would drive them to jordan or gaza
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (10.11.08)
by VIP busses
12. Reminds me of 1936
PB ,   herzlia   (10.11.08)
Boycotting somebody on the basis of race,religion etc is WRONG
13. Arabs rioters in Acre
The Viking ,   Sweden   (10.11.08)
expell the rioters to the west bank or gaza. Don't harbor terrorists, don't harbor hooligans. If they can't respect the basic laws of good neighberhood in a civilized state, let them try barbrity in Gaza, perhaps that regime would be better suite dfor them. But, by no way appease the beast. A ennemy is and will always remain a ennemy. If he move against you, strike first and decisvely !
14. # 12 The Arabs boycott Israel. Why go back to 1936?
15. To # 12 Are you crazy or what?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.11.08)
The Jews were not rioting in germany in 1936. The Jews were not burning german shops and cars. The Jews were not screaming ,death to the germans. Or are you comparing the Jews of Akko to the nazis? There is nothing wrong with boycotting people who hate you and want to see your country destroyed.There is nothing wrong with boycotting those that do not give honor to your religion.
16. Acre/Acco Riots
Roxy ,   K.Haim   (10.11.08)
Calm down everyone this situation is out of hand...stop now before someone dies. What happened to the harmony that we had in Acco , where Jews, Muslims, Christians live side by side, shop in each other's stores, eat in restaurants together? Are we going to get a bunch of Houligans destroy what we had? I say no... it is time to come together and stop the violence!
17. #12 you are completely wrong
Boaz ,   Haifa   (10.11.08)
Jews in Germany did not go around vandalizing German others' property or commiting suicide bombings. This boycotting is what we need, Quit wiping they Arab's *** and show them we wont take any more of this! I am sick of seeing innocent Jewish Israeli citizens getting harrassed in their own country!!!
18. Good idea, but I've got news for you
Gordon ,   USA   (10.11.08)
Boycotts were used by US Blacks in the 1950s because they were a powerless MINORITY. Go ahead and boycott indefinitely, because that's what you should have been doing all along: not buying from them, not hiring them, etc. But you are acting like a scared minority instead of as masters in YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Wake up already! Demand police protection. Demand a change in the laws so that perpetrators of violence against Jews are considered enemies of the state and dealt with accordingly. Defending yourselves by hiding inside your homes and boybotting? Ridiculous. You are not in exile anymore! Demand a government that represent Jews, not one that acts as an Arab-disguised-as Jew government.
19. It does not matter what Jews do or don't do
Eric ,   USA   (10.11.08)
Despite the Arab provocation and lies the the world will defend the Arabs. Therefore, seeking justice is useless and looking for fairness is wasting time. Just boycott their businesses now, tomorrow and years from now is the only avenue the Jews have to punish the haters. They will never respect the Jewish laws and traditions. They built their temple in Jerusalem on the same place where the Jewish temple stood to demonstrate superiority of their faith.. They only want your capital because you are there. They want your land only because you have turned it into a prosperous oasis.. When they control a territory it looks like Gaza. They will always blame the Jews regardless what you do and don't do.
20. Does the Israeli government expect the US Jews settle in
Shame on Kadima ,   USA   (10.11.08)
Israel when the Israeli Beilinist traitors and Kadima spit at Jews, blame the Jews but cater to the Arab adversaries?
21. #16 face reality now or suffer consequences later
David ,   USA   (10.11.08)
They detest the Jews. They have a virus. There is no cure for it.
22. #21
Roxy ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
I go to Acco a few times a month to shop, the butcher I go to is Arab and he greets me like a famliy member, extends me credit if I dont have enough money to cover the bill, I also eat in the restaurants there without fear and even share tables with the arabs. There is no fear and most of them welcome the Jewish people... So unless you have been there dont comment.
23. #22 your Arab butcher is smiling at you..
andy ,   orlando,u.s   (10.11.08)
because he is secretly spitting in and contaminating your food,you fool! I have spent time in Akko and the Arabs there resent any Jewish presence in Israel.Don't be so naive! If they had a chance they would stab you in the back!
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.11.08)
The arab financial losses will be covered by foreign aid. Shame on the Israeli government for not supporting their own citizens. These Jews represent the few who have the kajones to fight back. They should be rewarded, not punished.
25. Not "forgiving" arabs just doesn't hurt them enough.
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.11.08)
When I was in Jerusalem, walking through the stench (really-the arabs defecate down the walls and throw garbage on the Jewish quarter) of the arab quarter ( no choice, was with a group), I BOUGHT NOTHING! When we sat at a cafe, I made sure it was Jewish. But when I asked our trip leader which stores were Christian, she said "Who knows? Probably all arab." G-d is definitely in Israeal, but satan is in Old Jerusalem.
26. something to think about
shmulke ,   w coast, USA   (10.11.08)
most all the rioting & stone-throwing was by young arab hooligans, not respectable business owners. Don't punish all for the acts of a few. Catch the perps & send 'em to Gaza where they belong.
27. "not caused by enemy activity" They must be kidding
Moshe   (10.11.08)
28. 7
Rosie ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
You couldn't be more right.
29. 8
Gloriya ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
Agree 100%
30. 9
Rosie ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
Correct!!! Shame, shame, shame, shame, lunacy!!!
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