We never had coexistence
Zoher Bahalul
Published: 11.10.08, 12:21
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1. the winning formula for coexistence is
cordier   (10.11.08)
Arabs accepting israel as a jewish state and not a state where jews are dhimmis who must work for the pleasure of arabs, arabs accepting laws and order and not the law of the clans and the best armed and do some positives works to have money... it is very simple...
2. triuh is that israel has turned its back on
JL ,   israel   (10.11.08)
both jews and arabs...we the simple citizens do not count...unless a political party can make capital from us we are worthless to them...our children slide into crime...our neighborhoods decayed...our elderly ignored..our poor and sick cast aside...akko is just the beginning
3. not so, mr.bahalul!
oded   (10.11.08)
crying discrimination and other excuses for the behavior of the arab minority gets old, and simply won't do. the arab community must decide soon if it wants to REALLY be part of israel or to be negotiated out in ome near future land and population exchange. can't eat the cake and still have it. just imagine what would be the outcome if an israeli would disrupt friday afternoon prayers at the local mosqus.....
4. This is all caused because of the leftists bogus dreams
Jayjay3 ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
The leftists are the ones that support the bogus notion of an Arab Palastinian people which is nothing but fantasy. They are the ones that supost the bogus contention that we are occupying the Arabs land! Isnt this what the Arabs of Acco are really supporting....the destruction of Israel, demise of Jews and creation of a fraudulent state?
5. The Arabs.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.08)
Since its establishment Israel has hidden its head in the sand, refusing to face the fact that a mighty enemy has been growing within it, threatening its very existence. The Arabs of Israel see themselves as part of the Arab world and more particularly as “Arabs in occupied Palestine.” They enjoy every benefit that a democratic state has to offer, but they, together with Israel’s enemies, share the hope that this Jewish state, in which they have achieved conditions no other Arabs in the Middle East enjoy, will cease to exist. When Saddam Husayn attacked Israel with missiles in 1991, many Arabs in Israel supported the Iraqi dictator and openly demonstrated their sympathy for him. “We, the Arabs in this country,” – said Tibi – “wish to see a strong Arab force… able to confront the axis of the USA and Israel.” And these are among the mildest pronouncements of these Arab members of the Israeli parliament who enjoy all the rights and privileges that the Jewish Democracy can offer as explained at : http://xrl.us/bi3hx
6. The leftist Jews (Beiliists) is Israel's cancer
Frank ,   USA   (10.11.08)
The Arab attitude is not a surprise. The winning formula is separation and a fence..
7. To Mr. Bahalul
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.11.08)
Dear Mr. Bahalul, You for sure got one point clear and it is that this is not coexistence but a lot of lies. Anywhere in the world you go, France, Italy, US and Saudi you are supposed to follow the laws of the country and use the language of the country, you cannot expect to get along with French if you cry that you hate them and talk just arabic. So, this is the land of the Jews, and however it is not clear for some politicians in Israel, you cannot hold a lie, however pretty it sounds for ever. This is not a bi national state, this is Israel! You don't like it? Doors are wide open, you need help to go away? just ask, it will be provided.
8. Poverty is a poor excuse
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.11.08)
Does poverty justify running through the streets and destroying Jewish businesses while shouting "Kill the Jews"? I'm sure the pogromists in Kishniev would have thought of that excuse already.
9. UNLESS the Arabs serve in the IDF...
andy ,   orlando   (10.11.08)
then kick them out into Jordan along with their families.If they do not serve in the IDF then they are not worthy of citizenship and display NO loyalty.
10. "Co-exist"??? LOL-It Only Hurts When I Laugh
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.11.08)
"Co-exist" is a euphemism for "be quiet". The arab muslim occupiers don't "co-exist". It's ALL of Israel for them and they tell this to the world every day. What part of "We will kill all Jews and Christians and take their land" don't people understand?
11. Integration
Sobieski ,   Germany   (10.11.08)
Islam aims for dominance, there will never be an integration of muslim population in Israel
12. If this is indeed your country, why
Aure   (10.11.08)
do you merely complain? Why don't you do something productive to improve things? Because t's easy to sob and claim, and more difficult to build?
13. Us Here And You There (Jordan and/or Egypt)
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (10.11.08)
THAT is the formula for coexistence with you.
14. how convenient- world-views semantics...
A G ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.08)
Mr. Bahalul, you ask 'why wasn't the violent mob pushed back?' You mean the 500 men carrying knifes and other makeshift weapons ranting "itbach al-yahood" (kill the jews)? At 3am, while daring the residents to step out of their homes? You say the writing was on the wall? Perhaps the one by which you'll say anything, do anything and excuse yourself for anything. Because sure enough, you had to draw in the Or Commission but if you truly want to surprise us, take full responsibility for the mob and their actions, for once.
15. Arab countries need to give back the land and billions taken
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.08)
from jews kicked out of the Arab countries ......land on which they were living way before Islam was invented ......
16. riots
psychopaths   (10.12.08)
The world is ruled by psychopaths who have the energy competence and ruthlessness to crush the good natured who are adverse to violent mayhem . Adjustments must be made in particular to israels military defense forces .
17. Akko
Darin Weiss ,   USA   (10.12.08)
Unfortunately, Mr. Bahalul's comments reflect what he and other Arabs have pushed on the world for years until the masses have bought in to this rhetoric. The Jews of Israel have done everything they can, time and again to have peace with its Arab neighbors. They have provided more rights to the Arabs in Israel than these people would receive in most of the 22 countries in the All-but-one, Arab Middle East. Time and again Israel has surrendered their land in an attempt for peace and every time it has only resulted in more bloodshed. Let's get the facts straight. An Arab driver, with radio blasting, circumvents a roadblock on the holiest day of the year and comes barreling through a Jewish neighborhood. What are these Jewish residents supposed to think with all of the recent Israeli Arab attacks on citizens? Had this been a Jew in Gaza he would have been torn to pieces! The Arabs quickly get on their mosque PA and encouraged Arabs to attack the Jews. They proceed to torch cars and vandalize homes and throw rocks at Jews who return rocks of their own. I suppose Mr. Bahalul expected the Jews to throw flowers in return? And they were supposed to thank the Arabs for torching their vehicles and throwing rocks through their windows? You are right, sir. There has never been long-term peaceful co-existence. However, check your history books (the ones that have not yet been altered) and you will see the cause for this time and again. When will the Arabs allow the Jews to peacefully exist in their own Jewish country? Most Arab countries do not even allow Jewish residents! WAKE-UP EVERYONE!
18. Those damn Akko Settlers!!
Avi Shomrini ,   Providence, USA   (10.12.08)
Riots, violence against Arabs- those settlers must be cleared out of Akko. Maybe these Settlers need to be forced from Yaffo and Tel Ashraf (Herzlia) where Arab villages and Mosques stand for hundreds of years. But no, Shcem and and Holy Jewish places are not so important to the Israeli govt! Give Arabs what they deserve, a taste of their own medicine! Keep fighting Jewish Patriots!!!
19. My pathetic racist countrymen
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.12.08)
Oy. Here we go again with the talkbacks dominated by a minority group of roshei katan (Hebrew for pinheads). Fortunately, both they and Bahalul are wrong. Arabs do belong in this country, and they do have rights. Yes, this is a blow to Acco and to co-existence, but it is not a "grave" blow. It shows that there is a lot of work to do in this country to improve on its democracy. The first step obviously has to be education - I am one "settler" who is fed up with my racist neighbors and is willing to speak out against them. Any Jew who feels so weak that they have to beat up on the minorities of this country is an embarrassment to themselves.
20. Coexistence never was
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.12.08)
and never will be. This is not because Israel and Israelis do not want it. This is simply because a man named Mohammad some 1300 years ago thought up a new ideology which to this day is practiced by billions and which in itself is non campatible with other ideologies. I do not assume here to denounce one ideology against another or decide which one is correct and which one is wrong, but simply to say the basic tenets of Islam do not permit it to coexist. Permit me to give one very simple every day example.The loud shouting and sometimes screaming of the moazin or his disc in the mosque at 4 o'clock in the morning to the disturbance and distress of the others in the population. The followers of Islam demand that this be so every morning no matter what it entails or causes. This is not congenial to coexistence. This is a simple example, a very basic one, all the rest can be extrapolated from this.
21. olive trees and Arab riots
Arab activists were found today destroying olive trees belonging to another Arab. Politicians and journalists who usually condemn olive tree damaging are silent because Jews cannot be blamed. Extremist Arabs are encouraged when they see such a double standard.
22. Coexistence Never Existed - And Never Will
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (10.12.08)
This is not a dour, pessimistic prediction. It is fact. Jews are descend from Isaac, the Arabs, in part, are descend from Ishmael. They were separated in youth because, like oil and water, they cannot mix. It is physically impossible. They may meet and talk and do business but, in the end, they cannot live together. This is a law of Nature. Nothing, but G-d Himself, can change it.
23. K A H A N E
Edu Lobo ,   Minas Gerais, Brasil   (10.12.08)
24. Thanks Bahloul
Hashem ,   Akko   (10.12.08)
Dear Zoheir, Majority of the comments are negative, but they tell how ignorantt he writers are. The writers are singleminded, do not listen and see an enemy in whoever does not accept their view of life. They do not even care to google you, see who you are and where you come from. Zuhair my frtiends is not an anti Israeli. He is the son of the Israeli establishment. He has worked for decades for the Israeli establishment's mouthpiece: the israli radioand TV authority! Still, you jumped to rejecting his statements outright! Poor guys, you humiliate the guys whosupported you for ages! But I still think Zuhair is telling you the truth: Arabs here are not like Aranbs or Jews in Spain or PAris! they are not foreigners in a foreign land, but an endignour population in its own land, in which the state of Israel was established. when it was established, it committed itself to upholdingt he rights of the Arab population, who because of the atrocities commited were turned intoa minority. Clear or you need more! Hashem
Avruml ,   Acco, Israel   (10.13.08)
Much money for you there. Get away from impoverished Acco & the rest of Land of Israel. When Jews will rise, there will be no mercy!!!
26. The crux of the matter
Paul ,   Tuval Israel   (10.13.08)
The crux of the matter is reciprocal religious tolerance. The hypocrisy on the part of the Muslims, who riot every time they perceive even the mildest slight against Mohammed or their religion, claiming religious intolerance, while showing absolutely no respect for our religion and our religious sensitivities make my blood boil. Too often we Jews have chosen to let it slide when the Arabs have flaunted and violated the days important to our religion, for the sake of peace and quiet. And when at last, on the holiest day on our calendar someone stands up and demands respect for our holy day, "someone" deliberately spreads a rumour that an Arab man is being lynched by a fanatic Jewish mob. You want mutual respect? Take the first step and make it MUTUAL, especially on the part of the Muslims!
27. not quite true!!!
nani ,   jerusalem   (10.13.08)
It appears that Arabs and Jews were never able to find the winning formula and were never able to bridge the immense gaps, which leave both sides close but far; neighboring but suspicious. -->> did you ever hear of neve shalom / wahat al salaam, mr. bahalul?????
28. The problem is neither Arab or economics
John ,   Raleigh   (10.13.08)
This is NOT a problem of Jews and Arabs nor a problem of economics. This is Judaism and Islam clashing. Islam is a problem wherever and whenever it seems to touch non-Islam. Islam is NOT a peaceful religion. There is war (Jihad) wherever it is. The only thing that changes is the target in the end they will target themselves.
29. re The Islamic Move of No. Israel
Yardena   (10.13.08)
Visiting Acre last summer, you could see posters from The Islamic Movement of Northern Israel plastered throughout Acre which called on Israeli Arab Moslems to rise in rebellion against the government and state of Israel, with his call for Islamization of Jerusalem. Since the latest Israeli census showed that there are more than one million Israeli Moslem Arabs – representing 14% of Israel’s population, the Israeli security establishment has expressed cause for concern over the actions of The Islamic Movement of Northern Israel. Last month, Israeli security forces raided the offices of the Islamic Movement in Umm al-Fahm under suspicions that it was aiding the Hamas terrorist organization. Dozens of police entered the offices of the Al Aqsa Heritage Institute, the new name of Mr. Salah's organization. They confiscated documents, computers, and close to $100,000 held in a safe. Last Wednesday night and Thursday, during the 25 hours of the holiest day of the Jewish calendar – Yom Kippur – Mr. Salah’s incitement came to fruition. After an Arab sped his car through a Jewish neighborhood in Acre on Yom Kippur, something that is generally not done on the one day of the year that no traffic occurs in most Jewish neighborhoods, angry Jewish worshippers attacked the Arab driver. [Yom Kippur is one of a few Jewish holidays whose prohibitions are observed in public by virtually all Jews and even secular Israelis refrain from desecrating the holiness of the day in public.] After police vehicles rushed to the scene of the altercation with sirens blaring, a rumor spread in a contiguous Arab neighborhood that Jews had “lynched and murdered an Arab driver.” Arab witnesses to the events told the Bulletin that hundred of Acre residents then went on a rampage, ransacking Jewish businesses in downtown Acre that were closed down for Yom Kippur. Israeli Police reported that more than 100 Jewish owned cars suffered smashed windows and flat tires as the Arab riots spread in Acre during Yom Kippur as Arabs shouted "Death to the Jews," "Allah hu Akbar [God is Great in Arabic]" and threatening to kill Jews "if you dare leave your houses." A Jewish witness told the Israeli media that the Arab driver who had sparked the clashes in the first place was driving threateningly near several girls sitting in a park. After the girls started screaming, he reportedly challenged the Jewish youths who came to see what had happened when he told them "you don't know what's coming for you." The witness told Israel radio that Jewish residents were afraid to leave their houses or even to go to synagogue. He told of "400-meter rows of cars, each and every one with smashed windows." He said the devastation seen in the streets was worse than after Katyusha rockets fell in the city in the Second Lebanon War during the summer of 2006. This week, the International Acre Cultural festival is scheduled to take place, with tourists from Israel and from around the world scheduled to make their annual pilgrimage to this ancient city, where a variety of plays, open air concerts, movies and theatre presentations occur every year. Members of Acre’s city council appealed for calm on Israeli radio stations with calls of reassurance to tourists “that all will be OK for those who plan to visit the International Acre Cultural festival next week.” Time will tell if their reassurance holds any weight.
30. the riots in acko
albert b ,   usa   (10.20.08)
i m responding to mr. bahlul i think that you are confused to talk about the poverty of the arabs as far as i see in israel all the arab vilages are very well off than the jews al over israel compare this arabs to any other arab contry living standarts and i m sure you will rewrite your story at least tell the thruth wich arab governement gives social banefits to its citizens like israel for example monies for each child each month?
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