Haniyeh: American Empire is collapsing
Associated Press
Published: 11.10.08, 17:19
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1. Are Hahas saying that Allah is "shorting" on the NYSE
Alan ,   Sa   (10.11.08)
2. United States of America Listen !
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Singapore   (10.11.08)
Hashem stands with you. All these bickering Pals are America's opponents , but they are a school of crows on the lamp post.The whole word knows the wickedness of these TERRORIST Hamas ! There no retribution on the USA, when the USA is FIGHTING GLOBAL EXTREMIST TERRORIST WHO GO ABOUT BOMBING INNOCENT PEOPLE.The Pals are such an ingrates who have short memory, they want foreign aids from the UN but they dont remember, that it is the USA and Israel that champions the food,money and all forms of foreign aids.It is the Pals that have collapsed all these years and they know it is their very own failure of their nation building, their current status quo. The Lrd G-d of Yisrael and the blessings always full for the USA. Opponents Hamas or their terrorist brothers are the cursed because the hamas leaders have been draging the simpleton in Pals to further powerty.It seems like their Allah is also abused by these bunch of Islamic, Extremist Terrorist.
3. so how does haniyeh explain gaza's squalor?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (10.11.08)
by his own reasoning, hamas and his other islamo-fascist brothers are in a continual state of punishment by allah, with little obvious hope for prosperity. america is unbelievably blessed, even if he markets collapse completely, compared to the islamic hellholes.
4. funny
Veronica ,   Lebanon   (10.11.08)
I've read on 2 different sites the following comments about the financial crisis 1- Haniyeh: G'd punishing the US 2- Hamas blames Jews for global crisis my 7 years old daughter sometime sit on my lap when I read the news (she read the titles) and she said is Jews are G'd
5. allah punishes america
elliot ,   usa   (10.11.08)
and who are allah's agents?the hahas will love obama and see him too as punishment on america...for sure they will not believe he is a crusader...he does not look like other presidents an a dollar bill as he puts it-he looks like a brother!
6. moslem brotherhood
alexi   (10.11.08)
A friend of mine peter once said you cannot kill an idea. Wel the moslem brotherhood has been around egypt and elsewhere for almost 100 years and other variations of them spread in gaza, lebanon, syria and iran(shiite). Remember assad in syria killed some 15,000 of them when they killed some naval cadets. Gen Eisencott recently said israel will exterminate village by village from which hezbollah is firing.He was justified totally as hezbollah is committing war crimes by firing into civilian areas and israel has now given the warning and has a right to protect its citizens. it could not do so with when it simply targetted hezbollah and not the villages. The lawyer who argued otherwise can go to hell with his bleeding heart talk.Such talk and that of Olmert to concede everthing in advance will lead to the destruction of the state. Under any circumstances, any circumstances should israel return the golan which originally was not syrian anyhow. Barak was a lousy defeatist negotiator, as was peres, and olmert who is the worst of the lost, a blight on israel.
7. Shiites shouldn't rejoice so quick..
Septimus ,   Rome   (10.11.08)
These dumb criminals should either remember than in history, economical crisises are always the preamble of a war that utterly will restore the economy, and what would be the natural target of such a war.. the Shiite entity and its peripherous metastasis, in gaza or in occupied Lebanon. But as always Shiites show their real face: they are laughing at other problems. My advice, be quick to laugh guys, very soon your laughs will be changed in tears !
8. After all, the Arab economy is certainly "booming"...
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
Literally speaking. ;-)
9. The U.S.A. has to close the door to all investment in Iran.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.11.08)
In order to put an end to Iran’s nuclear program, the U.S.A. has to close the door to investment in the Iran oil sector, loans to the government from the World Bank and from corporations around the world. Only then, it will be possible to negotiate with strength. There is a rumor that the United States is already doing all it can [on Iran] – it is not true.The United States does’nt put sufficient economic pressure on Iran. In the economic area they have been very unwilling to take the steps that have to be taken. Iran is still collecting the physical material needed for nuclear weapons. Iran is using the development of civilian energy infrastructure to assist its nuclear program. If Iran will have the bomb, it will not hesitate to use its nuclear power against the West as explained at :
10. The price of oil is below $80 ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.11.08)
So Allah is evidently punishing Iran as well. The West will weather the economic crisis. But if the price of oil continues to drop, Iran will be in economic free-fall. They will eat up their foreign currency reserves in no time. And since oil represents about 90% of their export earnings, they will be in big trouble. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people ......
11. Be careful what you wish for, Mahmood
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.11.08)
In spite of our economic woes, Iran takes center stage for escalating inflation, unemployment, poverty, corruption and a sense of hopelessness pervasive among the people in Iran. The price of oil is dropping like a lead balloon and pistashio nut crops, Iran's second largest export product, have been a bust with American growers taking over the market. As for Haniyeh, the Palestinians have no economy to speak of. So I say to the ill intentioned cousins, take care of your own people who suffer under your failed leadership.
12. More iranian boomerang spin....
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (10.11.08)
LOL. Read further, i'madinnerjacket. Iran will be destroyed completely. IT IS WRITTEN.
13. Israel's Chief Idol
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.11.08)
Instead of seeking Hashem, Israel runs to the U.S .for a fake peace which endangers her survival. Whta would Israel do if America were to disappear ? This reveals who her faith is truly in. Israel has put President Bush and his Road map to hell above God and His word . Of course the Holy one of Israel will remove the idol that keeps His people enslaved to the new Egypt.
14. well, it depends
Yitzhak Tzaodok ,   Lusaka,   (10.11.08)
Well, a lot of events shall be witnessed and the world shall no longer be the same. However, America shall suffer untold misery up to actual slavery to arabs, but that shall will change before Mashiach returns. It can also turn if America repents, and then of course the arabs shall have a terrible time themselves.
15. Temporary blips for the US vs. Iran's constant suffering
Global Citizen ,   Israel & SUA   (10.11.08)
What have you to say about Allah's view of you?
16. Answered "prayers"
5th generation ,   Israel   (10.11.08)
Do these folks ever pray for anything good to happen? To anyone, ever? From our view, they celebrate only destruction, including their own self-destruction.
17. #4 Hamas: Jews are divine
yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.08)
Logics is a jewish conspiracy against islam LOL
18. the stupid, revengeful Middle Easterners
That is who they r ,   USA   (10.11.08)
Even their hatred makes no sense. As long as their opponent loses an eye they would go blind.
19. G-d is pulling the west strings
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (10.11.08)
as the only solution to the financial crisis is for the US to tell Israel to attack Iran this will cause the Iranians ,Hezbolloh and Palestinians to retaliate and then Israel and the US will wipe out all the middle Eastern states and then the US AND Israel will control the Sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Kuwait and the Gulf States and this will solve the financial crisis and bring peace to the middle east
21. with crude oil at $50, Iran will implode
Charles   (10.11.08)
22. The stock prices have nothing to do with the people.
Persian CAT   (10.12.08)
Those who delve in the stock market are the elites who keep their money in NY, London and off-shore havens. So the ordinary people in the ME are not going to feel sorry for these "royal" gangsters.
23. Septimus, may I offer you a tissue?
Persian CAT   (10.12.08)
You're foaming at the mouth as usual. Don't worry, the medical science may find a cure for your condition soon.
24. US blues vs Iran's woes
Yitzhak Taodoq, ,   Lusaka, Zambia   (10.12.08)
#15 simply. 'Allah' has no view. Hashem is in control.
25. Bush claimed that G-d always talking to him !!!
it's seams that they are not talking these days !!!!!!!!! looooool what a big liar .
26. Persian CAT
27. Absolutely .
28. Ah yes that old canard
Mr. Fixit   (10.12.08)
Well, let's exterminate all Iranians everywhere. Let's obliterate them from the pages of history.
29. he-he i told you
muhamad   (10.12.08)
30. When they have direct discussions with Allah
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (10.12.08)
why they want to fight, kill people and be in bad books with Allah? Allah himself will destroy eveil on this earth, Muslim folks relax and pray 5 times regularly; one day you will see Allah has taken care of the things you wanted to destroy.
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