Akko riots resume, mayor demands firmer police hand
Ahiya Raved
Published: 12.10.08, 00:17
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1. A City, A Country Lost
Dan ,   USA   (10.11.08)
By the time Israel wakes up from it's far left thinking not only will this city be lost, but the entire country will be lost. It is now happening in the United States too. Language, boarders and culture mean nothing anymore. And it will get worse in the next four years.
2. withdraw
observer ,   Melbourne   (10.11.08)
Israel should withdraw from Akko.
Akko Resident ,   Akko   (10.11.08)
This is getting rediculous already. When is the city going to put a curfew up and number restricted crowd control???
4. breaking bones
motti ,   bet shemesh   (10.11.08)
when there are protests by orthodox Jews regarding Jewsih issues, the police march in looking to break bones and skuls, they beat women and minors and the left feel good for a day. When its Arabs or non chareidim not just protesting, but rioting, the police show restraint.
5. Sorry, you can't throw the blame in one direction
Amy ,   off rt 40   (10.11.08)
The driver was wrong. So were the jerks who threw rocks at him (what were they doing throwing rocks on Y'K instead of davening). The leadership of both sides of the city should sit down together. NOW. And calm their people down. As they know they can.
6. repenting rioters
observer   (10.11.08)
Saturday early morning, Jewish rioters set fire to 2 Arab houses and vandalized 8 other houses. Isn't there a remedy for that Shabbat morning fever?
7. If the Arab hadn't instigated this problem
Bill ,   US   (10.11.08)
his community leaders wouldn't be looking to reconcile. I'm convinced more than ever, this guy Jamal was looking to cause a commotion. Like Lebanon, he just didn't expect the reaction he got. He should be a man, admit that he's a racist who was looking to stir up trouble and call for peace.
8. to #2 in melbourne
Dan ,   Sydney   (10.12.08)
In case you didn't know, Acco is within the 1948 borders, on the shore of the sea. If you don't think Jews have the right to live there, then please arrange australian immigration visas for 50,000 israelis who got nowhere else to go.
9. No7: careful your racism and hypocrisy is showing...
Kim ,   Australia   (10.12.08)
So Bill are you telling us that if an Jew drove thru Muslim neighbour during Ramadan that you would think it was perfectly acceptable for the Jewish peron to be attacked and almost lynched? That it would also be acceptable then for Jewish homes to be torched and attacked... My bet is you would say it was appalling and should not be allowed, but Zionists like you of course think its perfectly accept for Arabs and Palestinians to be treated this way (thinking this sort of indiscriminate behaviour against a particular ethnic group is called racism by the way) The man who drove the car denies he was playing loud music and even if he was that does not give Jewish citizens the right to become vigilantes and to terrorise the rest of the Arab (both Christian and Muslim) population? No it doesn't and if it had been the other way around, I have no doubt you would be calling for the arrest of the perpetrators and not making excuses for them but i guess its okay because its Palestinians and Arabs under attack ...
10. how can you compare the USA to Israel that's ridiculous !!!!
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.08)
11. #6 I think you are missing your KKK meeting
rachel ,   usa   (10.12.08)
while writing nonsense on Ynet
12. The Israeli liberalism (Beilinist traitors) will destroy
Beilinists=enemies ,   USA   (10.12.08)
13. Police and the "broken window" principle
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.12.08)
It's a now established principle that when small infractions are tolerated, a community will spiral into decline and violence. Such was New York City years ago. Then the police began enforcing even small infractions. That included even the famous "squeegee men" who would dart into waiting traffic to "wash" one's windshield, then demand payment. With law and security reestablished, people and investment returned and the city was reborn. Respect for law in Israel is falling due to a politicized police that engages in selective enforcement. Not only do they ignore the "small stuff", but they hesitate to take strong action when called for, thinking they must avoid "inflaming" the situation. In the case of a minority Arab population that wants any excuse to "vent", police inaction will only encourage more aggression. There can be no tolerance for mobs screaming "Alla akbar" and "Kill the Jews".
14. Akko riots
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.12.08)
I'm with Lankry The police are too soft and they are just a reflection of the Liberal Left Govt and judiciary.
15. stop crying
concern ,   israel   (10.12.08)
Before two days Ynet published a poll that only 63% of jews is fasting in yum kipur, In this day I ended my work in tel aviv at 16:50 as yum kipur will start 16:54, and start my way back to ramla, it was amazing that their was a lot of cars in the way, also friend is telling me that their were a lot of people moving in cars all the night to the north tlv beaches, what I am saying here is why you are looking to arab, while a lot of jews is breaking yum kippur, again what is happening in akko is something was ready to happen either in yum kippur or in any other day, stop cryingand solve your social descrimination problem before these problem get worse.
16. The Arab minority in Israel is close to Hamas.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.12.08)
The Arab minority in Israel, which amount to over one million souls ( 20% of the total population) has been undergoing a process of islamization and “Palestinization” in the past few years which has brought it much closer to Fatah and Hamas positions in their conflict with Israel. Lately, the leadership of the arabs in Israel has submitted a list of demands that if adopted, would put an end to the Jewish nature of the state. More about the enemy within at :
17. #11 missing the sense?
observer   (10.12.08)
yes!, because another Arab house was set ablaze on Shabbat's evening
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